Loretta Jones played by Melissa Walton made her debut in November 2008 when she appeared in the second episode of the first season of Hollyoaks Later she then made her first appearance on the main show in February 2009, Lorretta departed a year later in July 2010.

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"She works as a stripper but is very quick to point out that it's not who she is, it's just her job, so I think what they've done is they've tried to have a massive contrast between who she is during the day, who they see her as in the village when she's with Dom, and who she turns into when she starts work at night."



Loretta first appears as a stripper who works in a lap-dancing club. During her job Loretta meets Dom. The pair like each other but she decides not to go out with him, she feels he is not yet over the death of his wife Tina.


Jake gets back together with Loretta to stop her from getting him put back into a mental health clinic. Nancy finds out the truth about Loretta from Adam, she confronts Loretta who pushes her over and Nancy is badly hurt. Jake saves Nancy and she agree's not to go to the police. Loretta reveals she did not lie when she was sexually abused and Jake asks her to get help and will stand by her. Loretta is last seen admitting herself into the hospital.

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  • In 2010 Loretta was axed from the series, along with 15 other characters, during a cast cull by executive producer Paul Marquess.

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