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|[[Helen Richardson]]
|[[Helen Richardson]]
|[[Gordon Cunningham]]
|[[Gordon Cunningham]]
|[[August 1999]]
|[[9th August 1999]]

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A list of weddings in Hollyoaks (or it's spin-offs); successful or unsuccessful.


Number Bride(s) Bridegroom(s) Date
Angela Cunningham Terry Williams 1996
Ruth Osborne Kurt Benson 1997
Jill Patrick Jack Osborne 1998
Helen Richardson Gordon Cunningham 9th August 1999
Nikki Sullivan Dan Sanders 12th April 2000
Victoria Hutchinson Rory Finnigan December 2000
Geri Hudson Jason Cunliffe 19th December 2001
Sue Morgan Andy Morgan 18th October 2002
Ellie Hunter Toby Mills 18th July 2003
Izzy Cornwell Ben Davies 18th December 2003
Liz Burton Richard Taylor 25th August 2004
Mandy Richardson Tony Hutchinson 11th February 2005
Michelle Johnno Dean July 2005
Frankie Dean Jack Osborne 25th August 2005
Becca Hayton Jake Dean
Clare Devine Max Cunningham 11th July 2006
Millie Andrews Adam Tyler 4th December 2006
Troy Precious 4th December 2006
Jacqui McQueen Aleksander Malota 23rd March 2007
Tina McQueen Dom Reilly 13th July 2007
Mercedes McQueen Russ Owen
Nancy Hayton Jake Dean 14th February 2008
Steph Dean Max Cunningham 27th June 2008
Carmel McQueen Calvin Valentine 16th September 2008
Mercedes McQueen Malachy Fisher 28th November 2008
Hannah Ashworth Darren Osborne 4th or 5th July 2009 (off-screen)
Cindy Cunningham Tony Hutchinson 2nd October 2009
Carmel McQueen Calvin Valentine 18th May 2010
Steph Cunningham Gilly Roach 24th September 2010
Cindy Cunningham Alistair Longford
Jacqui McQueen Rhys Ashworth 19th May 2011
Nancy Hayton Darren Osborne 15th February 2012
Cindy Cunningham Tony Hutchinson 14th November 2012
Ste Hay & Doug Carter 14th November 2012 (civil partnership)
Texas Longford Will Savage 9th May 2013
Mercedes McQueen Paul Browning 19th June 2013
Sandy Roscoe Fraser Black 26th December 2013
Sinead O'Connor Freddie Roscoe 15th January 2014
Maxine Minniver Patrick Blake 30th July 2014
Nancy Osborne Darren Osborne 29th August 2014
Porsche McQueen Lockie Campbell 11th November 2014
Diane O'Connor Tony Hutchinson 27th November 2014
Ste Hay & John Paul McQueen 24th December 2014
Leela Lomax Ziggy Roscoe 21st April 2015
Cindy Cunningham Dirk Savage 13th May 2015
Lindsey Butterfield Freddie Roscoe 18th May 2015
Reenie McQueen Pete Buchanan 10th November 2015
Holly Cunningham Jason Roscoe 23rd February 2016
Sienna Blake Ben Bradley 9th May 2016
Grace Black Trevor Royle 25th May 2016
Kim Butterfield & Esther Bloom 4th August 2016
Leela Roscoe Cameron Campbell 22nd December 2016
Amy Barnes Ryan Knight 27th March 2017
Maxine Blake Adam Donovan 10th May 2017
Cindy Savage Dirk Savage 9th November 2017
Mandy Richardson Luke Morgan 22nd January 2018
Lily Drinkwell Prince McQueen 5th March 2018
Darcy Wilde Jack Osborne 25th April 2018
Ste Hay & Harry Thompson 23rd October 2018
Mercedes McQueen Russ Owen 16th November 2018
Mercedes McQueen Sylver McQueen 26th March 2019
Maxine Minniver Damon Kinsella 30th July 2019
Courtney Campbell Jesse Donovan 20th January 2020

Failed weddingsEdit

Number Bride(s) Bridegroom(s) Date Reason
Julie Matthews Tony Hutchinson 11th August 1997 Julie had second thoughts and jilted Tony at the altar, to his delight as he also changed his mind.
Jude Cunningham Roger 26th November 1998 Jude and Roger prepared to marry in a ceremony in order to steal an expensive necklace owned by the owner of the wedding venue. However, Jude was caught attempting to switch the necklaces.
Chloe Bruce Matt Musgrove 1st August 2003 Matt was arrested for his part in Scott Anderson's counterfeit cash scam and Chloe jilted him upon discovering the truth.
Jenny Blackman Gareth Pullman 12th September 2005 Jenny discovered that Gareth had been unfaithful.
Louise Summers Warren Fox 26th December 2008 Warren discovered that Louise was planning to kill him on the wedding day and murdered Louise.
Emma Eddie 30th September 2009 Eddie disliked Emma's sudden wedding theme change to "Snow White", and Emma revealed that she has slept with Dom Reilly
Lanika Jamil Fadel 6th October 2010 Jamil and Lanika agreed that they did not want to marry each other.
Lee Hunter Leanne Holliday 13th January 2011 Lee jilted Leanne after discovering that Leanne wrote a break-up letter to Lee, supposedly from Amy Barnes.
Mercedes McQueen Riley Costello 17th October 2011 Riley discovered that Mercedes had slept with his father, Carl.
Lindsey Butterfield Joe Roscoe 22nd November 2013 Darren Osborne attacked Joe for having an affair with Nancy Osborne, which lead to Lindsey punching Joe before jilting him at the altar.
Diane O'Connor Tony Hutchinson 27th March 2014 Diane was arrested for possession of drugs,
Diane O'Connor Tony Hutchinson 26th November 2014 Diane discovered that Tony had been having an affair with her step-daughter Sinead O'Connor
Celine McQueen Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz 30th September 2016 Diego jilted Celine when Myra McQueen objected to the marriage, and revealed to his mother that the wedding was only to get her money.
Mercedes McQueen Joe Roscoe Joe discovered that Mercedes had lied about being arrested on drug related charges.
Sienna Blake Warren Fox 14th September 2017 Warren was stabbed by his mistress, Grace Black.
Holly Cunningham Damon Kinsella 25th July 2018 Holly discovered that Damon had slept with her mum, Cindy.
Cleo McQueen Joel Dexter 10th October 2018 Cleo suffered a heart attack at the altar caused by a bulimia relapse.
Leela Lomax Louis Loveday 28th December 2018 Louis was revealed to have cheated on Leela with both Simone Loveday and Martine Deveraux.
Myra McQueen & Sally St. Claire 26th March 2019 Sally discovered that Myra had been unfaithful.
Breda McQueen Jack Osborne 16th August 2019 Breda cancelled the wedding at the last minute after learning of Joel Dexter and Goldie McQueen's affair, and hunted for Joel.
Sinead Shelby Sami Maalik 18th November 2019 Sinead decided that she couldn't marry Sami and decided to stay in Spain.
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