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Natasha Andersen dies of an ecstasy overdose in March 1996, the first death in the programme.

A complete list of deaths in Hollyoaks, on-screen and off-screen. Hollyoaks is specially known for its very frequent deaths. Causes include overdoses, crashes, falls and murders.

There have been a total of 207 deaths on Hollyoaks: 153 on-screen deaths and 43 off-screen deaths. There have also been 27 fake deaths, 6 historical deaths and 5 deaths that have been mentioned to have taken place (off-screen) prior to the show's first episode on 23rd October 1995.

The totals also count deaths aired in late night specials and spin-offs. This list only contains deaths for which a year or date is known. For a list of all deceased characters seen or mentioned in Hollyoaks, see Category:Deceased characters.


On-screen deaths

A list of deaths seen on screen during an episode of Hollyoaks. This list includes on-screen deaths of characters that appeared only in flashback scenes, such as Dale Greer. In such case, The death is listed under the episode transmission date, as opposed to the date of the flashback.

# Character Cause Of Death Date
Natasha Andersen Ecstasy overdose from a drink spiked by Dermot Ashton and Rob Hawthorn 18th March 1996
Dermot Ashton Drowned after crashing into River Dee 11th November 1996
Michael St. John Thomas Pushed off a roof by Jude Cunningham 3rd March 1997
Lee Stanley Injuries sustained in car accident 7th October 1997
Ollie Benson Injuries sustained in car accident
Dawn Cunningham Leukaemia 22nd December 1997
Clare Heroin overdose 12th April 1999
Lady Molly Natural causes 6th September 1999
Rob Hawthorn Bus explosion caused by himself 28th December 1999
(set on 31st December 1999)
Jill Osborne Brain tumour 5th October 2000
Lewis Richardson Suicide by paracetamol overdose 15th October 2001
Theo Sankofa Fell off a cliff during a van accident 14th November 2002
Jamie Nash Injuries sustained in a van accident 22nd November 2002
Roxy Maguire Bludgeoned with a spanner by Toby Mills 22nd April 2003
Linda Mills Pushed down a flight of stairs by Toby Mills 10th June 2003
Toby Mills Pushed off a roof by Dan Hunter 5th November 2003
Gordon Cunningham Heart attack following a car accident 16th February 2004
Helen Cunningham Injuries sustained in a car accident 20th February 2004
Dan Hunter Car explosion 24th December 2004
Stephen Mackintosh Stabbed with a knife by Ali Taylor in self-defence 19th August 2005
Ali Taylor Hit by a car
Andy Holt Impaled on a sharp pole 16th February 2006
Grace Hutchinson Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 11th May 2006
Diane Valentine Hit by a van driven by Jake Dean 20th July 2006
Mel Burton Blast injury from The Dog in the Pond explosion caused by Sam Owen 8th September 2006
Sam Owen Crushed by rubble in The Dog in the Pond explosion
Joe Spencer Burned to death after being engulfed in a second explosion
Olivia Johnson Burned to death after being engulfed in a second explosion
Sophie Burton Smoke inhalation from The Dog in the Pond explosion caused by Sam Owen
Ben Davies Accidentally shot by Lisa Hunter 18th December 2006
Polly Clarke Suicide by drug overdose
Becca Dean Stabbed by Fran Hathaway 15th February 2007
Melissa Hurst Heart attack caused by anorexia 5th September 2007
Sean Kennedy Beaten with a baseball bat by Warren Fox 16th October 2007
(set on 15th March 2007)
Beth Clements Head-on collision with a lorry 18th April 2008
Max Cunningham Struck by a car driven by Niall Rafferty 27th June 2008
Eamon Fisher Alcohol poisoning 16th July 2008
Kieron Hobbs Poisoned by Niall Rafferty 5th September 2008
Tina Reilly Crushed by rubble in church explosion caused by Niall Rafferty 17th October 2008
Niall Rafferty Suicide by jumping off a cliff 27th November 2008
Louise Summers Suffocated with a pillow by Warren Fox 26th December 2008
Sarah Barnes Fell to her death whilst skydiving after her parachute was tampered with by Lydia Hart 1st October 2009
Calvin Valentine Shot by Theresa McQueen 24th May 2010
Nathan McAllister Impaled on a spike after being pushed off a roof in self-defence by Seth Costello 29th October 2010
Steph Roach Suicide by burning to death in Il Gnosh fire 10th November 2010
Malachy Fisher Head injuries sustained from Il Gnosh explosion - died when his life support machine was turned off 18th November 2010
Dale Greer Stabbed by Warren Fox 1st December 2010
(set on 29th May 2009)
India Longford Strangled with a rope by Silas Blissett 23rd December 2010
Danny Houston Beaten to death with a hammer by Brendan Brady 28th December 2010
Kyle Ryder Shot by Warren Fox 10th February 2011
Rebecca Massey Strangled with a rope by Silas Blissett 26th April 2011
Rae Wilson Hit with a brick and strangled with a rope by Silas Blissett 9th September 2011
Heidi Costello Hit with a brick and strangled by Silas Blissett 31st October 2011
Nan Heart attack 13th April 2012
Lynsey Nolan Strangled with a scarf by Paul Browning 29th June 2012
Cameron Walker Pneumonia caused by urinary tract infection 14th September 2012
Mick Cornus Suffocated with plastic by Simon Walker 19th September 2012
Flo Brady Suffocated in a bear hug by Brendan Brady 21st September 2012
Riley Costello Shot during a scuffle between Simon Walker and Brendan Brady 3rd October 2012
Neil Cooper Bus explosion 15th November 2012
Maddie Morrison Hit by a bus door after explosion
Rhys Ashworth Crushed by a steel beam in the bus crash
Martin Johnson Injuries sustained in the bus crash 16th November 2012
Simon Walker Pushed in front of an oncoming train by Brendan Brady 19th March 2013
Seamus Brady Shot by Cheryl Brady in defence of Brendan Brady 20th March 2013
Texas Longford Injuries sustained after being pushed out of a church steeple window by Will Savage 10th May 2013
Richie Trent Shot by Trevor Royle 31st July 2013
Pauline Hay Suicide assisted by Ste Hay 5th August 2013
Anna Blake Drowned in a bathtub by Will Savage 16th September 2013
Wes Anderson Stabbed with a knife by Jade Hedy 10th October 2013
Callum Kane Stabbed with a samurai sword by Jade Hedy
Jade Hedy Accidentally stabbed herself during a fight with Tilly Evans 11th October 2013
Clare Devine Hit by a car driven by Paul Browning 16th October 2013
Paul Browning Struck with a shovel by Mercedes McQueen
Ash Kane Injuries from the bomb explosion caused by Clare Devine
Doug Carter Injuries from the bomb explosion caused by Clare Devine
Leanne Holiday Brain bleed caused by Clare Devine's bomb explosion 21st October 2013
Jim McGinn Stabbed by Fraser Black 29th January 2014
Superintendent Marlow Drowned in a pond by Fraser Black 21st April 2014
Fraser Black Shot by Freddie Roscoe 22nd April 2014
Danny Lomax Car crash purposely caused by Cameron Campbell 5th August 2014
Sam Lomax Car crash purposely caused by Cameron Campbell
Big Bob Shot during a scuffle with Cameron Campbell 9th October 2014
Sonny Valentine Blast injury from the train explosion 12th November 2014
Carmel Valentine Injuries sustained in the train explosion
Rick Spencer Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 2nd January 2015
Will Savage Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 4th February 2015
Mariam Andrews Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 12th May 2015
Phoebe McQueen Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 16th June 2015
Carly Bradley Hit in the head with a paperweight by Nico Blake 4th August 2015
Dylan Jenkins Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 26th August 2015
Derek Clough Heart attack 23rd September 2015
Ashley Davidson Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 19th October 2015
Charles S'Avage Cardiac arrest caused by The Gloved Hand Killer 20th October 2015
Ziggy Roscoe Injuries sustained in a house explosion caused by Cameron Campbell 24th December 2015
(set on 25th December 2015)
Patrick Blake Suffocated with a pillow by Nico Blake 5th January 2016
Rachel Hardy Car explosion caused by Holly Cunningham 29th March 2016
Lindsey Roscoe Strangled by Silas Blissett 18th May 2016
Trevor Royle Stabbed by Nico Blake 25th May 2016
Janet Cardsley Alzheimer's disease 5th August 2016
Billy Brodie Heart failure 21st September 2016
Jade Albright Liver failure caused by cancer 21st October 2016
Joe Roscoe Fell from a Ferris Wheel - died when his life support machine was turned off 2nd November 2016
Celine McQueen Strangled with a rope by Cameron Campbell 5th December 2016
Callum Alexander Beaten to death by Jack Osborne and Billy Brodie 30th December 2016
(set on 31st December 1968)
Eva Falco Shot by Grace Black 17th January 2017
Katy Fox Heroin overdose 1st February 2017
(video; set on 22nd February 2014)
Nathan Nightingale Pushed through a window and over scaffolding by Mac Nightingale 15th February 2017
Amy Barnes Strangled by Ryan Knight 29th March 2017
Roberta Shaw Heart attack 2nd May 2017
Tracey Donovan Drowned after being pushed off Lisa's Love Boat by Darcy Wilde 21st September 2017
Neeta Kaur Dropped through the floor by Mac Nightingale following Hollyoaks High School explosion - died when her life support machine was switched off 1st November 2017
Frankie Osborne Stroke
Gavin Armstrong Electrocuted after being entangled in Christmas lights and drenched with water by Milo Entwistle 22nd December 2017
Maggie Kinsella Pneumonia caused by cervical cancer 26th January 2018
Trigger Beaten with a crowbar by Glenn Donovan 8th March 2018
Geoff Thorpe Strangled by Ryan Knight 27th March 2018
Dean Hypothermia 19th April 2018
Ryan Knight Drowned after falling into a river during a fight with Harry Thompson 7th May 2018
Adam Donovan Shot by Glenn Donovan 23rd May 2018
Nico Blake Hit in the head with a door wedge by Sienna Blake 21st June 2018
Carl Costello Struck in the head with a rock by Breda McQueen 11th July 2018
Fran Hathaway Cardiac arrest caused by unknown illness 12th July 2018
Dirk Savage Electrocuted after being pushed into a pool with faulty lights by Milo Entwistle 25th July 2018
Jay Johnson Shot by Liam Donovan 15th October 2018
Glenn Donovan Poisoned by Breda McQueen 17th October 2018
Tegan Lomax Injuries sustained after being crushed by a tree branch 25th October 2018
Russ Owen Struck in the head with a wooden mallet by Breda McQueen 16th November 2018
Wes Struck with an angel ornament by Breda McQueen 21st December 2018
(set on 25th December 1986)
Louis Loveday Struck in the head with a telephone by Breda McQueen 22nd January 2019
Mac Nightingale Poisoned by Breda McQueen 21st March 2019
Lily McQueen Sepsis caused by self-harming 11th April 2019
Vinnie Murdered by Breda McQueen 3rd July 2019
(set in 2000)
Harry Thompson Stabbed with a chisel by Breda McQueen 23rd July 2019
Laurie Shelby Cardiac arrest from head injuries sustained in police van accident 8th August 2019
Stuart Sumner Pushed off a cliff by Sid Sumner in the defence of Ste Hay 18th November 2019
Breda McQueen Stabbed in the head with her knitting needles by Sylver McQueen in the defence of Mercedes McQueen 7th January 2020
Jesse Donovan Cardiac arrest caused by alcohol poisoning 22nd January 2020
Liam Donovan Pushed down a flight of stairs by Grace Black in the defence of Mercedes McQueen 26th March 2020
Kyle Kelly Suicide 9th June 2020
Lisa Loveday Beaten with a fireplace poker by Toby Faroe 9th September 2020
(set on 22nd July 2020)
Edward Hutchinson Brain hemorrhage after accidentally poisoning himself 23rd December 2020
(set on 25th December 2020)
Jordan Price Stabbed by Ella Richardson 29th December 2020
(set on 31st December 2020)
George Kiss Struck with a bookend by Sally St. Claire in the defence of Theresa McQueen 23rd April 2021
Sue Morgan Heart failure 6th July 2021
Brody Hudson Hit by a car driven by Warren Fox 16th September 2021
Timmy Simons Shot by Fergus Collins 13th October 2021
Fergus Collins Struck with a champagne bottle by Maxine Minniver in the defence of Trish Minniver 23rd November 2021
Maya Harkwell Shot during a struggle by Ethan Williams 10th January 2022
(set on 12th January 2022)
Celeste Faroe Crushed by rubble in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion 12th January 2022
Sylver McQueen Injuries sustained in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion
Marnie Nightingale Head injury sustained in the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion 13th January 2022
Asher Jones Shot by Norma Crow 2nd May 2022

Off-screen deaths

A list of characters revealed to have died, with the death not taking place during a scene of Hollyoaks. This could be due to a character receiving news of the death by phone call, because the character had resided elsewhere, or the death took place after the end of one episode and prior to the beginning of another.

Family members of existing characters who have died off-screen are added to this list, regardless as to if they have been mentioned before their death, such as Diane Hutchinson's sister Babs Drinkwell.

No. Character Cause Of Death Date
Mr. Harrison Cardiac arrest 17th March 1997
Aunt Rose Unknown 1999
Unknown man Hit by a jet ski 9th September 1999
Caitlin Unknown 1999
Jane Packer Murdered by Toby Mills 2nd July 2002
Charlotte Mandelson Murdered by Toby Mills 23rd December 2002
Louise Davies Murdered by Toby Mills 20th January 2003
Michelle Reid Murdered by Toby Mills 6th July 2003
Rachel Gilbert Murdered by Toby Mills 27th October 2003
Paula Jones Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Jennifer Daley Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Unknown woman Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Unknown woman Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Unknown woman Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Unknown woman Murdered by Toby Mills 2003
Dennis Richardson Liver cancer December 2003
Sandra Burke Unknown July 2004
Diane Reilly Illness 2005
Daisy Complications of premature birth November 2005
Charles Hayton Heart attack 29th March 2006
Kay Price Strangled on Stella Grey's orders 21st August 2006
Mickey Price Shot by Thommo 9th October 2006
Noel Ashworth Liver cancer 18th October 2007
Caleb Ramsey Bomb explosion whilst serving in Afghanistan 11th April 2010
Joan McQueen Unknown 2010
Alistair Longford Fell off the Alps 2011
Rina Suicide 10th September 2012
Sam Cocaine overdose 4th February 2013
Margaret Hayton Car accident 5th June 2013
Gita Rahj Cardiac arrest 2nd August 2013
Ray McCormick Stabbed by Grace Black 21st March 2014
DS Sykes Hit in the head with a car boot door by Fraser Black 31st March 2014
Katy O'Connor Cardiomyopathy 1st April 2014
Leon Harris Heart attack 27th February 2015
Gabriel McQueen Stillborn 5th November 2015
Lockie Campbell Murdered by Cameron Campbell 19th January 2016
Unknown woman Fire started by Cameron Campbell 2nd November 2016
Babs Drinkwell Cancer 2nd January 2017
Bart McQueen Beaten to death by Warren Fox 13th April 2017
Cormac Ranger Injuries sustained in a beating by Warren Fox 24th February 2021
Peter Complications of frontotemporal dementia August 2021
Tom Whitworth Unknown March 2022
Raphael Loftus Murdered by Jeremy Fanning 28th March 2022

Historical deaths

A historical death is when a character is mentioned to be dead prior to the first appearance of any family members or any mention of the character. This list also contains characters who have appeared in flashbacks in which the character was not killed, which were not transmitted before the character's death, such as Kashif Maalik.

No. Character Cause Of Death Date
Steven Banks Hit by a car driven by Dan Sanders 1999
Michael Burton Suicide 2001
Eli Suicide by hanging 25th October 2002
Louis McQueen Shot whilst serving in Iraq 2007
Ally Gorman IED explosion in Afghanistan 17th January 2011
Kashif Maalik Suicide 8th January 2013

Pre-Hollyoaks deaths

A list of deaths which took place prior to the first episode on 23rd October 1995. These deaths have been revealed in storylines, prior to October 1995. Any death revealed in a flashback (such as Callum Alexander) is listed under either On-screen deaths or Off-screen deaths.

Number Character Cause Of Death Date
Breda McQueen's Father Shot in the head with a bolt gun by Breda McQueen 1970s
Martin Brownlow Stabbed by a prison inmate August 1980
Laura Burns Drowned 1992
Susan Clarke Car accident 21st August 1992
Sydney Royle Murdered by Fraser Black 27th November 1992

Fake deaths

A list of character deaths revealed to have been faked by the "victim". These range from being worded dead and returning to the Hollyoaks Village, or even a character receiving an on-screen death, and making a shock return.

Number Character Cause Of "death" Date of "death" Date of revelation
Mandy Richardson Faked her suicide in order to escape from her abusive father, Dennis Richardson after being raped by him. Mandy was later found in a hospital in London by her brother, Lewis. 27th August 1998 13th October 1998
Rob Hawthorn Fell off a boat off the coast of France during a fight with Kurt Benson, and was presumed dead. However, a year later, Rob was revealed to be alive. 16th October 1998 13th September 1999
Kurt Benson Supposedly killed after being struck by a jet ski. Switched IDs and purposely incorrectly identified another mans dead body as him, because he couldn't face returning to the village. 9th September 1999 22nd October 2020
Dan Sanders Fell down a ski slope during an argument with Sam Smallwood. The search team failed to find a body, however, Nikki Sullivan found Dan's belongings missing and concluded that he must have survived and left. 12th April 2000 13th April 2000
Scott Anderson Set fire to The Loft whilst holding Darren Osborne captive inside. Darren pushed Scott over the balcony and left him to die, but when officers searched the building, they were unable to find a body. Scott later returned to the village and took Darren hostage. 10th June 2004 10th February 2005
Andy Holt Fell off a cliff during a fight with Sam Owen. Russ Owen managed to grab Sam but Andy fell to his supposed death. He later suddenly returned to the village in February 2006 for revenge. 8th December 2005 10th February 2006
Joe Spencer Faked his death with the help of Jeremy Peterson and Steph Dean to escape loan sharks. 25th May 2006 June 2006
Clare Devine Accidentally crashed into quarry full of water and is presumed dead when Max Cunningham failed to save her. Two days after her presumed death, Clare was revealed to have survived as she arrives in a first class departures lounge in an airport. 19th September 2007 21st September 2007
Jack Osborne Faked his suicide so his family could claim his life insurance, using Eamon Fisher's identity. 18th July 2008 8th August 2008
Nige Foster Struck in the head by Calvin Valentine. It was revealed a few months later that Warren Fox was paying Nige to pretend to be dead. 14th August 2008 21st November 2008
Warren Fox Supposedly died in The Loft fire when the mirror fell on him. However, it was revealed in October 2010 that Warren was still alive. The episode airing on 1st December 2010 revealed how Warren survived the fire. 29th May 2009 29th October 2010
George Smith (historical) Pretended to have jumped from a cliff to escape his family 8th July 2011 15th March 2012
Honey Beaten to death with an axe by Seth Costello, but this was revealed to have been a set-up by Warren Fox. 5th September 2011 7th September 2011
Darcy Wilde (historical) Pushed off a boat during a fight with Tracey Donovan, and was presumed dead until Maxine Minniver discovered that she was alive. 2011 13th March 2017
Myra McQueen Shot by Paul Browning but unknown to Paul, Myra was wearing a bullet proof vest and was working with Jim McGinn. 3rd September 2013 5th September 2013
Jade Hedy Fell off a cliff during a fight with Wes Anderson, but was revealed to have faked her death when she kidnapped Esther Bloom. 9th October 2013 10th October 2013
Joe Roscoe Shot in the leg by Grace Black and left to die in 28b Fern Street during the flat's demolishing. However, it was later revealed that Joe was in a coma in hospital. 16th January 2014 19th February 2014
Mercedes McQueen Stabbed by Grace Black, however this was later revealed in March 2015 to be a set up to get Freddie Roscoe sent to prison in revenge for Freddie killing Grace's father Fraser Black. 20th November 2014 18th February 2015
Freddie Roscoe Injected with potassium chloride by Lindsey Butterfield. She and her sister Kim Butterfield put him in Trevor Royle's car boot. When Trevor is pulled over by the police, Freddie is found alive and put into witness protection. 22nd October 2015 23rd October 2015
Nico Blake Supposedly burned to death in a fire intentionally caused by Cameron Campbell in an attempt to murder Nico. However, two years later, Nico made a shock return. 1st November 2016 15th May 2018
Shane Sweeney Pushed down a sand dune by Joel Dexter, causing him to hit his head on a rock. He was presumed dead by the police, as they believed his body was washed away by the sea. He was later revealed to be alive when he confronted Darren Osborne in the village. 23rd August 2017 29th December 2017
Sienna Blake Stabbed by Nico Blake and "died" in hospital, but she was later revealed to be alive and in witness protection. 16th May 2018 21st May 2018
Kyle Kelly Framed James for beating him to death with his cane. Sami Maalik had paid Kyle to fake his death and frame James to get revenge on him for the death of Kashif Maalik. 11th June 2018 3rd July 2018
Tony Hutchinson Stabbed with a screwdriver by Breda McQueen, but he was later revealed to be alive and kept hostage in Breda's farm. 29th August 2019 3rd September 2019
Sid Sumner Stabbed by Victor Brothers, but disappeared and returned to the village for Victor's arrest 3rd March 2021 18th March 2021
George Kiss Died at work after a call-out to a domestic, but later revealed to have asked P.C. Smith to fake his death for him to prove to John Paul McQueen how strong their relationship was. 21st April 2021 22nd April 2021
Toby Faroe Committed suicide after sending his mother a goodbye video, but it was later revealed that his parents were faking his death in order to have him escape being arrested for the murder of his cousin. 9th February 2022 9th February 2022
Sienna Blake It was presumed that she was stabbed by Ethan Williams when Ethan confessed he'd killed her to Ste Hay. However, she was later revealed to be alive and that it was a trick instigated by Sienna and Ethan to teach Ste a lesson. 10th March 2022 10th March 2022

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