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Lisa Loveday was the daughter of Simone and Louis Loveday, the sister of Zack Loveday and the half-sister of Daniel Lomax.



Lisa first appears in Hollyoaks at the police station when her kidnapper and adoptive mother, Margaret Smith, is arrested for kidnapping her. Her mother Simone Loveday and father Louis Loveday are stunned to see her. Louis and Simone later do a DNA test to see if she's really their daughter, and the results come back as positive. Lisa later confronts Sonia Albright after she discovered that she stole her life. Lisa then attacks Sonia for stealing her life, and Lisa's brother Zack Loveday breaks them up and separates them. Zack later takes Lisa back to his house and he and his parents show her objects and pictures from the past, which she remembers.

Disowning the Lovedays, Framing Sonia[]

Lisa later goes to the police station to confront Margaret, who she's angry with for kidnapping her and making her believe that her parents and brother were killed in a car crash. However, Margaret manipulates Lisa by saying she took her in because her parents didn't love her. She believes what she says and later disowns the Lovedays for having Margaret arrested. As a result of Margaret's manipulation, Lisa wrecks Price Slice. As soon as Simone and Louis walk in, she pours some sauce on Sonia's hair and blames her for all of the damage. Simone believes her, but Zack and Louis do not. After the incident, Louis sees Joanne Cardsley on the street and they talk about what had happened. Joanne reveals that nobody knows what Lisa is truly like, and therefore, Louis grows even more suspicious of Lisa afterwards. Eventually, Sonia pleads guilty to the wreckage with Joanne by her side at the police station, even though she didn't really do it. Joanne tells her that it would be better to plead not guilty, but Sonia objects to this idea.

Feud with Sonia, Making friends, Relationship with Jesse and Nathan[]

Lisa later begins a feud with Sonia, trying to separate her from Zack and ruin her life. Lisa persuades Simone to take the restaurant away from Sonia in which she does leaving Lisa the manager. Lisa forms friendships with Holly Cunningham, Ellie Nightingale and Cleo McQueen. When Sonia applies for a course at Hollyoaks University, Lisa ruins it revealing about Sonia imposing her. This leads to a fight between them, leading to Lisa hurting her ankle. In order to spite Sonia more, Lisa sets Holly with Zack however the plan does not work, leaving her furious. Lisa is furious when Simone and Louis accept his relationship with Sonia, so Lisa decides to begin a relationship with Jesse Donovan, leaving Simone angry. After a failed romance with Nathan Nightingale, Lisa's friend, Cleo, sets both Lisa and Nathan up. They begin a problematic relationship, but however, during a village blackout, they have sex.

Affair with Mac Nightingale & Nathan's death[]

Mac and Lisa begin a full-blown affair behind Nathan and Marnie's backs, with them arranging to go away on luxury weekend breaks together. Nathan, meanwhile, comforts Cleo after her sister Celine goes missing, unaware that she has actually been murdered by Cameron Campbell. While on a romantic getaway, Mac accidentally runs Cameron over, with Lisa attempting to help him. Mac orders Lisa to leave him, and the pair drive off. Cameron remembers Lisa trying to help him, and begins blackmailing the pair from prison. However, this soon stops, but Marnie and Nathan find blood on Mac's van, with Marnie taking the vehicle to be scrapped to save Mac. Nathan, however, finds one of Lisa's bras in the back, and confronts him about cheating on Marnie, unaware that the bra is Lisa's. On the day of Celine's funeral, Cleo finally decides to tell Nathan how she really feels, however Nathan has just gotten engaged to Lisa. At the engagement party, Mac and Lisa begin to have sex, but Nathan walks in on them. As Mac attempts to explain, Nathan stumbles backwards and falls out of the window, with Cleo watching in horror. As Cleo, Mac, Marnie, Lisa, Ellie, Alfie and Freddie Roscoe rush to help, Nathan manages to utter the word "dad" before dying from his injuries in Marnie's arms.

Attraction to Brody, Affair revealed & 2017 Departure[]

At Nathan's funeral, his mum Marnie Nightingale overhears Mac and Lisa discussing their affair and their involvement in Nathan's death. Marnie tells her son James and he believes her, but her daughter Ellie and adopted son Alfie don't after Mac lies about Lisa being the one he had an affair with. In November 2017, Lisa gets attracted to Brody Hudson and asks him out on a date. Brody, Ellie and Alfie witness Mac and Lisa in a compromising position together and Ellie and Alfie then realise that Marnie and James were telling the truth about the affair and Nathan's death. Ellie ends her friendship with Lisa and Brody leaves. Cleo is horrified to learn about Lisa and Mac's affair because she was in love with Nathan, but did the right thing and let him be with Lisa. As revenge, Cleo sleeps with Brody and sends a selfie of him and her to Lisa, which devastates her. Lisa decides that she needs to leave the village. Lisa leaves in December 2017, but not before her mum Simone confronts Cleo about her revenge scheme, which Brody is disgusted by and ends things with Cleo.

Lisa's death and Mitchell's wedding[]

We see Lisa getting ready with Martine, Toby, Felix, Celeste and of course Mitchell. In another episode, Felix asks Lisa to be his plus-1 at Mitchells's wedding. Felix and Lisa were in love but Felix was also in love with Martine. Lisa waited for Felix, but ended up going with Grace instead. They all waited in front of the Hutch waiting for Scott and Mitchell, who were having doubts about carrying the wedding on, to go to their wedding in the limo.

As Scott was about to announce to all his and Mitchell's friends and family that they were going to drop the wedding, Mitchell stopped this, whilst Lisa was standing next to Grace. Lisa, Grace and Scott and Mitchell's friends and family, watched as Scott and Mitchell got in the limo, ready for their wedding.

Whilst at the ceremony, Lisa finds out that Felix slept with Martine, after Martine reveals this when she thought Felix had ended things off with Lisa. Lisa and Martine get close to starting a fight with each other but Felix stops this. When at the ceremony, Mitchell and Scott find out that they have gotten Room 13, which Scott thinks to be unlucky, with Toby overhearing this. Off-screen however, Mitchell swaps rooms with Lisa, who was previously in Room 16, as he and Scott would not accept having Room 13. Toby is unaware of this. Later, Mitchell and Scott are pronounced husband and husband. Everyone then heads over to a bar to party. Lisa speaks with Toby near the bar, trying to lighten the mood as he is looking glum and questioning if his brother, Mitchell, deserves to have a big, happy wedding ceremony. Lisa says to Toby, "Some people party like there's no tomorrow, well I say we party like there's no yesterday,". Lisa then starts to feel tired and so she goes to her room. When Walter arrives at the wedding ceremony, Mitchell is thrilled to see him. However, Walter reveals that it was Toby who revealed that Mitchell and Scott were having a wedding, when they were telling everyone in the village that they were holding a charity fundraiser for asses and donkeys, to avoid Walter getting angry at the fact that his grandson was having a same-sex marriage, keeping in mind that Walter is a devoted Christian. Once Mitchell finds out that Toby has betrayed his trust by telling Walter about the marriage, Mitchell tells Toby to follow him outside. Celeste sees this and follows them. Mitchell and Toby then have an argument, with Toby telling Mitchell that he has everything, even insulting him because Mitchell was sick when he was a young baby, which is why Martine kept Mitchell and abandoned Toby and Celeste. After Mitchell declares that Toby is no longer part of his family and can never be part of a family, Toby insults him more which leads to Mitchell going to have a lie down to rest. After Toby dismisses Celeste, he grabs a master key and a fireplace poker and heads for Room 13, where he believes Mitchell is resting. Toby enters and locks Room 13 and afterwards, he furiously beats a person under the covers with the fireplace poker, not aware of who it actually is. The episode after, it is revealed that Mitchell swapped rooms with Lisa as he bumps into Scott and Damon who were looking for him. Celeste finds Toby horrified outside Room 13, and when she enters she is shocked to see that Lisa has been beaten to death by Toby, who thought he had beaten Mitchell to death.

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Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2016: Lisa wears headphones and then takes them off as she dances.
  • 2016-2019: She dances with Scott in The Loft.
  • 2019-2020: Lisa sits down to dinner with her family.

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