Lisa Loveday is the daughter of Simone Loveday and Louis Loveday and sister to Zack Loveday. She is portrayed by Rachel Adedeji. She went missing in 2001 but reconciled with her parents in 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Lisa has been billed as "a loud and brassy party animal" and "is on a mission to claim back the family that is rightfully hers".



Lisa arrived in April 2016, when her abductor Margaret Smith was being attacked by Simone. Lisa asked what was happening, Margaret cowered, saying that she shouldn't be there. Simone and Louis were thrilled to have them back, but Lisa made it clear she didn't want to be with them. Margaret was arrested, and Zack Loveday and Sonia Albright convinced Lisa to stay.

2017 departureEdit

Lisa Loveday left Hollyoaks Village on 1st December 2017 to live in Sittingbourne, Kent. This is to give Rachel Adedeji a years Maternity Leave

Relationship with Nathan NightingaleEdit

Cleo McQueen sets Nathan and Lisa up. However, when Lisa saves a pig that Nathan is going to slaughter, their relationship falters. They end up back together, shortly after.

Affair with Mac Nightingale & Nathan's deathEdit

Mac and Lisa begin a full-blown affair behind Nathan and Marnie's backs, with them arranging to go away on luxury weekend breaks together. Nathan, meanwhile, comforts Cleo after Celine goes missing, unaware that she has actually been murdered by Cameron Campbell (Cameron Moore). While on a romantic getaway, Mac accidentally runs Cameron over, with Lisa attempting to help him. Mac orders Lisa to leave him, and the pair drive off. Cameron remembers Lisa trying to help him, and begins blackmailing the pair from prison. However, this soon stops, but Marnie and Nathan find blood on Mac's van, with Marnie taking the vehicle to be scrapped to save Mac. Nathan, however, finds one of Lisa's bras in the back, and confronts him about cheating on Marnie, unaware that the bra is Lisa's. On the day of Celine's funeral, Cleo finally decides to tell Nathan how she really feels, however Nathan has just gotten engaged to Lisa. At the engagement party, Mac and Lisa begin to have sex, but Nathan walks in on them. As Mac attempts to explain, Nathan stumbles backwards and falls out of the window, with Cleo watching in horror. As Cleo, Mac, Marnie, Lisa, Ellie, Alfie and Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) rush to help, Nathan manages to utter the word "dad" before dying from his injuries in Marnie's arms.

Introduction SequenceEdit

  • 2016: Lisa wears headphones and then takes them off as she dances.
  • 2016-2019: She dances with Scott in The Loft.
  • 2019-: Lisa sits down to dinner with her family.

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