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Lisa Loveday was the daughter of Simone and Louis Loveday, the sister of Zack Loveday and the half-sister of Daniel Lomax. Lisa was raised by Margaret Smith, who was talked into kidnapping Lisa by Joanne Cardsley in 2001. Lisa would not find her family until 2016.

Upon meeting her family, Lisa initially struggled to come to terms with having been lied to about her family, as well as having her identity stolen by Sonia Albright. After taking revenge by destroying Sonia's life in Hollyoaks, Lisa embarked on a brief relationship with Jesse Donovan before getting engaged to Nathan Nightingale. However, Nathan died after discovering that Lisa had been having an affair with his father Mac. The affair soon became public knowledge and Lisa left for Kent in December 2017.

Upon returning in November 2018, Lisa was faced by some dramatic family changes as her aunt Martine Deveraux, grandfather Walter Deveraux and cousin Mitchell Deveraux arrived in the village around the time of Louis's kidnap. Lisa decided to remain in the village whilst Simone moved to Jamaica and Zack to Paris, and was left alone to face the tragic news that her father had been murdered by serial killer Breda McQueen.

In 2020, Lisa's life took a turn for the worse as he discovered that Toby Faroe - a man who she had been having a fling with - was actually her cousin (as was Celeste Faroe; Celeste, Toby and Mitchell were all triplets). She also initiated a relationship with their father Felix Westwood, driving a rift between herself and Martine. Lisa was caught in the middle as Toby and Celeste exacted revenge on the Deveraux family and Lisa was beaten to death by Toby in a case of mistaken identity.


1995-2016: Early Life[]

Lisa was born to Simone and Louis Loveday in 1995. In 2001, Lisa was kidnapped by Margaret Smith on the orders of Joanne Cardsley, with Margaret having told Lisa that her parents and younger brother Zack were killed in a car accident. Margaret also ended up raising her nephew Saul Reeves, and the pair developed a close bond. In 2008, Lisa befriended Sonia Albright, who would later steal Lisa's identity after running away from home.

2016: Finding Her Family[]

In April 2016, Lisa arrived in Hollyoaks after Margaret was arrested and transported to Dee Valley Police Station. Whilst there, Lisa ended up reuniting with her biological parents and brother Zack, with Louis and Simone doing a DNA test which came back positive. Lisa discovered that Sonia had stolen her identity so that her boyfriend Wayne could receive the reward money, and attacked her - ultimately beginning a feud with Sonia.

Despite recalling many photographs and memorabilia, Lisa still found herself believing Margaret after Margaret manipulated her into believing that she kidnapped Lisa as Lisa's family did not love her. Lisa later trashed Price Slice and placed the blame on Sonia, but Louis struggled to believe Lisa - especially after speaking with Joanne. Lisa continued her revenge against Sonia by convincing her to replace Sonia as manager of Lisa's Love Boat, attempting to split Sonia and Zack, and publicly exposing Sonia after she enrolled for a course at Hollyoaks Community College.

Lisa later befriended Holly Cunningham, Ellie Nightingale and Cleo McQueen, and began a relationship with Jesse Donovan in an attempt to anger Simone in retaliation for her accepting Zack and Sonia's relationship. However, this relationship proved to be short-lived and Lisa ended up dating Nathan Nightingale after Cleo played matchmaker with the pair.

2016-2017: Affair With Mac Nightingale[]

Lisa ended up igniting an affair with Nathan's father Mac, despite Mac being married to Marnie Nightingale. In January 2017, the pair planned to go on a holiday but ended up accidentally running over serial killer Cameron Campbell whilst driving through the woods. Lisa attempted to help Cameron until Mac convinced her to leave him, which Cameron remembered and used to blackmail the pair. Marnie discovered blood on the front of the campervan and scrapped it to spare Mac from going to prison, and Nathan nearly discovered his affair with Lisa upon finding a bra in the back seat.

In February 2017, Lisa accepted Nathan's marriage proposal, but he discovered her affair with Mac after walking in on them kissing in the flat at their engagement party. During the confrontation, Mac ended up shoving Nathan who fell through the window and over scaffolding, later dying from his injuries. Marnie later realised that Mac had pushed Nathan and ordered Lisa to tell the police, but Lisa refused out of fear of Mac's reaction.

After Ellie was date-raped by Nick Savage, Freddie Roscoe convinced Lisa to make a false statement to the police, claiming to have witnessed Nick drugging Ellie. Lisa ended up retracting her statement, feeling guilty when the case fell through as a result. Lisa later supported Simone as she planned to become a councillor, and attempted to set up Zack and Cleo as the former had been single since Sonia left the village in October 2016.

In November 2017, Lisa met and was left smitten by Brody Hudson and the pair initiated a fling, but Mac and Lisa were later caught in a compromising position by Brody, Ellie and Alfie Nightingale. With the latter two realising that Lisa was cheating on Nathan with Mac, Ellie threw Lisa out and ended their friendship. With the affair becoming public knowledge, Cleo slept with Brody and sent a photograph to Lisa. Lisa then decided to leave for Kent.

2018-2020: Return[]

Lisa returned to the village from Kent in November 2018, visiting Jesse's brother Liam in prison as they had began a relationship whilst away from the village. She later attended Louis's wedding to Leela Lomax, where it was revealed that Louis had been having affairs with Simone and Simone's sister Martine Deveraux. Louis went missing afterwards and the Loveday family searched for him, to no avail. Simone decided to move to Jamaica and Zack left for Paris with Holly, whilst Lisa opted to stay in the village and live with the Deverauxes despite selling Lisa's Love Boat to Damon Kinsella. Lisa ended up getting along very well with Martine and cousin Mitchell Deveraux, and also befriended Scott Drinkwell.

With Scott upset over the death of his cousin Lily McQueen, Lisa and Martine ended up helping him develop a drag-queen identity to host the quiz at The Dog in the Pond - helping Scott decide on the name "Anita Tinkle". Lisa also attempted to help Liam after he began struggling, later discovering that he stole Harry Thompson's car and accidentally ran over Grace Black. A furious Lisa prepared to tell Grace the truth, but decided against doing so as she was still in love with him and the pair reconciled. Lisa later discovered that Liam had been having an affair with Mercedes McQueen and demanded that she was to receive his share of The Loft or else Grace would learn the truth about the hit-and-run. However, she changed her mind after talking with Martine and Walter Deveraux.

In August 2019, a body was found in the pond outside of The Dog in the Pond, and D.S. Gray informed Lisa that the body had been identified as Louis - a suspected victim of the serial killer. Jack Osborne comforted Lisa and Breda McQueen - worried that Lisa would spot Louis's ring on Jack's finger and realise that she killed him - paid for her to visit Simone in Jamaica. Lisa later spotted Louis's ring in Savage's Emporium, leaving to Goldie and Sylver McQueen realising that their mother Breda was Louis's killer. Breda was later killed after being stabbed through the skull, and her body was severely burned in a fire at Stone Mount Farm.

2020: Family Revelations & Death[]

After meeting supposedly-married couple Toby and Celeste Faroe, Lisa found herself attracted to Toby and attempted to seduce him. Toby ended up using Lisa so he could plant a photograph of Mitchell and Scott kissing in the flat. A wedge was driven in the family as Lisa was accepting of Mitchell's sexuality, unlike their homophobic grandfather Walter. Toby and Lisa continued their 'relationship', although it began to turn sour. Lisa was left stunned when Toby was revealed as Mitchell's long-lost twin brother, but she ended up empathising with him as she told him about being kidnapped. Lisa was dealt a further shock upon learning that Celeste was not Toby's wife, but the third triplet.

With the arrival of Mitchell, Toby and Celeste's father Felix Westwood, Lisa began to feel pushed out by the family and regularly clashed with Martine. Her rivalry with Martine reached a head after she slept with Felix, resulting in Martine disowning her and throwing her out of the flat. Lisa ended up beginning a relationship with Felix and also accepted Grace's job offer of working as a barmaid at The Loft.

On the day of Mitchell and Scott's wedding, Lisa discovered that Felix had been cheating on her with Martine and prepared to leave for Ibiza after the ceremony. Lisa agreed to switch rooms with Scott as he was left unnerved by receiving room 13 at the hotel. Whilst asleep in the bed, Toby entered the room with a fireplace poker and beat Lisa to death, believing that she was Mitchell.

2020-2021: Aftermath[]

Celeste and Toby initially buried Lisa's body on the grounds of Thornoak Hall, before removing her belongings and posting a fake status update claiming to be in Ibiza. Upon learning of the impending grounds renovations at Thornoak Hall, Celeste and Toby dug up Lisa's body and temporarily hid it inside a car at Warren's Wheels where Mitchell discovered Lisa's body. Celeste and Toby threatened to kill him if he did not leave of his own accord, so he left. Felix also ended up discovering the truth, but agreed to keep quiet. Toby and Celeste later buried her body at Croxford Woods

In September 2021, Saul arrived in the village and began his own investigation into Lisa's disappearance. He quickly realised that one of the Deverauxes was behind Lisa's disappearance, and Grace attempted to help him identify who. Felix later told Saul that Lisa took her own life at sea after their separation, but a search in Croxford Woods for Timmy Simons's body lead to the police finding Lisa's body instead.



Address Duration
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 2016 to 22nd July 2020

Employment History[]

Job Duration
Lisa's Love Boat manager 2016 to 20th February 2019
Donovan's Salon assistant 18th February 2020 to 26th March 2020
The Loft barmaid 13th July 2020 to 22nd July 2020

Background Information[]

  • In March 2016, it was announced that former X Factor star Rachel Adedeji was to portray Simone and Louis Loveday's long-lost daughter Lisa.
  • Lisa temporarily departed from the programme in 2017 and returned in 2018 as Adedeji went on maternity leave.
  • Adedeji quit the show in early 2020, with the news not being revealed publicly until June 2020. Adedeji later revealed that she had quit the show due to long-term racial abuse she had suffered behind-the-scenes on the programme. This led to several other black cast and crew members speaking against the programme and investigations by production company Lime Pictures.

Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2016: Lisa wears headphones and then takes them off as she dances.
  • 2016-2019: She dances with Scott in The Loft.
  • 2019-2020: Lisa sits down to dinner with her family.


Mum! Mum?
— First line, to Margaret Smith.

As soon as the champagne stops flowing, I'm heading to Ibiza. So now I'm going to head to my room and pack. Join me or not - it's totally up to you. But don't hang around y'know, because offers like this do not come around every day. And girls like me? Well... we're one in a million.
— Final line, to Felix Westwood.

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