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Lisa Hunter is the daughter of Sally and Les Hunter, the sister of Dan, Lee and Ellie, and the ex-girlfriend of Ben Davies, whom she shot dead upon mistaking him for one of Stella Grey's henchmen.



Lisa became popular at school, much to the dislike of jealous Steph Dean, who began to bully her. Sick of the bullying and some other family problems, Lisa turned to self-harming. Lisa kept her secret from everyone until Brian Drake found the cuts on her arms and legs and assumed she was being abused, and called a social worker. Lisa then admitted to self harming. She began to see a counsellor and her life slowly returned to normal. Lisa began a relationship with Brian, however she became rather reliant on his help when family troubles got her down. The pair split up just before their exams started. Cameron Clark arrived and immediately took a shine to Lisa. Eventually, the pair started a relationship. Lisa started to get threatening text messages from a mysterious stalker. Her friends assume it was Steph due to the bullying and her jealousy over Lisa's relationship with Cameron. Lisa's stalker was revealed to be a jealous Brian, who blamed her for his exam failure. Cameron and Lisa lost their virginity to each other, but broke up. Lisa briefly dated Kristian Hargreaves, however it did not last.

Family ProblemsEdit

Steph resumed her relentless bullying of Lisa after she discovered that Lisa's brother-in-law, serial killer Toby Mills, was responsible for an attack that nearly cost Steph her life and left her with epilepsy, which pushed Lisa closer to the edge once again. However, after Steph unleashed vicious attack on a tearful Lisa outside the Drive 'n' Buy, Steph's father Johnno Dean came to the rescue. After pulling Steph off Lisa, Johnno publicly reprimanded Steph for her behaviour and ordered her to leave Lisa alone. The two reconciled later on, and Steph apologised to Lisa for her constant bullying. After the death of her brother Dan, Lisa became more confident and more determined to live life to the fullest. She began to go off the rails and has an affair with Dan's friend, Jake Dean, which ended up with him contracting an STD. Lisa decided she wanted to be with Jake, however he told her he loved his girlfriend Becca Dean. Jake confessed his affair to Becca, who then ended her friendship with Lisa. Lisa then turned her affections to Ben Davies, which angered his then-girlfriend Louise Summers. Ben left Louise for Lisa and the pair decided to leave the village together.

After a holiday in Sri Lanka, Ben and Lisa moved to Liverpool, and stayed with Ben's friends Tank Top and Adam Tyler. Lisa is offered a modelling job at an agency, and began working for Burton Phillips. Ben also ended up working as a bouncer for the bar downstairs. Lisa and Ben ended up being unfaithful towards each other, and ended up separating, with Ben continuing his relationship with Lisa's former best friend, Polly Clarke. Lisa began behaving more erratically, and began a relationship with Burton. She went to work for Stella Grey, despite everyone else's warnings, and was kidnapped by her henchmen. Stella began to feel remorseful, and gave Lisa a chance to escape. She did, and grabbed a gun. Ben, who was trying to save Lisa, burst through the doors and in the panic, Lisa shot him. She cradled him in her arms as he died from his injuries.

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