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Lily McQueen (née Drinkwell) was the daughter of Babs Drinkwell, the wife of Prince McQueen and the deceased girlfriend of Romeo Nightingale.



Lily arrived in the village in January 2017, following the death of her mother, Babs. Lily's step-uncle, Tony Hutchinson told Lily's aunt, Diane, that Lily couldn't stay - unaware that Lily had overheard him and stormed out. Tony later found Lily and apologised, allowing her to stay with them. At school, Prince McQueen fell for Lily, and tried to impress her by pulling a prank on their teacher, Neeta Kaur, when Neeta upset Lily by mentioning her mother.

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Dating on and off with Prince McQueen[]

After she meets Prince McQueen, the two get an instant spark and although Lily keeps resisting and wanting to focus on her studies, she eventually gives in when the two are forced to do a school project together. However they split up when Prince overhears her talking to Ms. Campbell about her wanting nothing to do with him. After a while, Lily gets the chance to explain herself and the two go on a date again but Lily gets angry at Prince when he admits he can't pay for the dinner after he gave back the fake money he stole from his dad. Diane tells Prince to stay away from Lily as she thinks the McQueens are bad news. When Lily sees the jewellery box from Scott's dad with Diane and thinks she was the one who had an affair with Scott's dad, she confides in Prince who tries to steal the box to blackmail Diane to let him date Lily. Prince gets caught by Scott, and Diane then reveals to Lily that Prince was scamming Esther Bloom. Lily then tells Prince she wants nothing to do with him.


After the car crash, Lily has a hard time coping with the scar she was left with. Prince tells her he doesn't care about the scar and loves her regardless and the two plan to sleep together without her auntie Diane knowing. When she arrives at the McQueen's place, Prince's dad Shane opens the door and sees her scar and comments on it which breaks down Lily's confidence and she runs back home. Prince sleeps with Yasmine after thinking Lily stood him up but they get caught by Lily who's devastated. The next day Yasmine announces on social media that the two of them are dating and Diane tells Lily that she needs to move on from Prince. Prince however rejects Yasmine and Yasmine blames Lily for this, at The Love Boat she throws a bunch of bugs from Alfie down Lily's top making Lily take her top off and reveal the scar to everyone. Lily runs home and can then be seen in the bathroom having a breakdown and with it smashing something and eventually hurting herself, she instantly regrets.

After this, she keeps on doing it to cope with stress and things that happened until Peri and Yasmine find out in October 2017 when trying to make humiliating pictures of her in the school bathroom. They promise not to say anything but Peri then convinces Yasmine to write an article about it to win an internship. In the special Three mothers Three daughters episode (aired 18th October 2017), Sally St. Claire calls in their mothers discussing the self-harm and expressing her concern. Peri then tells Sally and their moms that they made the article up to protect Lily. Later in the evening, Peri reveals to Lily and Yasmine that she didn't tell them because she had done it as well. Yasmine first tells them it's bad but then let's her be convinced by Peri to try it.

After this, there are several scenes where both Lily and Peri can be seen self harming and with it being revealed that Yasmine doesn't and is lying to them about it. Yasmine eventually threatens to tell Ms. St. Claire and Peri and Lily start to worry. After the school explosion on October 31st 2017, they go to visit Yasmine in the hospital who tells them she won't say anything. Later, Tegan finds out Peri has been self harming and then Peri reveals to everyone the three of them have been doing it together after being pressured by Tegan. Lily promises Diane, Tony and Prince that she just did it because of peer pressure and won't do it again. She keeps on self-harming until she forgets to dress her wounds with a bandage on 6th December 2017 and Prince finds blood in his hand and then asks her if she has been self-harming, she promises she hasn't but no one believes her. The next day, she falls out with Diane about the self-harming and eventually locks herself in her room and is later found by her cousin Scott unconscious. Lily is rushed to the hospital where Misbah Maalik tell Diane she has sepsis caused by her self-harming. Diane and Lily have heart to heart conversation and Lily confides in Diane about why. She later promises to never do it again and starts therapy.

Recovery and marrying Prince[]

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Prince's cancer and affair with Romeo[]

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After Diane and Lily have a fight about her affair with Romeo in January 2019, Lily can be seen spiraling down into her old habits. The next day, her cousin Sinead suspects something is up and Lily gets caught self-harming by Sinead, they have a long heart to heart and Diane apologises to Lily.

In February 2019, Lily gets caught by Sinead again and she tells Diane about it. The family tells her to confide in Romeo as they've been so close but she then sees him with Cindy and goes home upset. The next day, it is revealed it was all a misunderstanding and Romeo and Lily make up. Diane is upset to find out that this hasn't stopped Lily from self-harming and Romeo finds out as well, he threatens to hurt him very time she does in order to make her stop and make her see what it's doing to the people around her. Just when she starts doing better, Prince returns to the village after leaving on Christmas Day and ghosting her for months. Prince wants to restore their marriage but then finds out about her affair with Romeo, he punches Romeo until then Lily breaks the two of them up and reveals to Prince that she loves Romeo and she doesn't know what she wants. The agro between the two drives Lily to get even worse until they eventually decide that her self-harming is bigger than the two of them and ask Diane for help. Diane takes her on a trip to Wales for a while to get better and clear her head. They get back in April 2019 and Diane tells Lily to stay away from Romeo and Prince especially since Romeo is the main suspect in Mac's murder and they're afraid this might cause Lily to relapse. Lily tries to focus on an essay and gets counselling from Farrah Maalik but later suffers a severe panic attack at college when she realises she forgot a presentation for the essay.


In April 2019, Lily was admitted to a mental health hospital after her mental state became worse, due to her self-harming and the fact that she was having a breakdown. Whilst Lily was in the hospital, she started to feel unwell and the consultants ran some tests. The following day, Romeo Quinn came to see Lily and told her that he had to go on the run because he was wanted for Mac Nightingale's murder. Lily decided to check herself out of the Mental Health Hospital to go on the run with Romeo, the two left the hospital and headed for Chester North Train Station. Later on, Lily started to become worse and she was adamant to Romeo that she had caught the flu in the hospital and it was nothing too serious. Lily's aunt, Diane Hutchinson received a phone call to say that Lily had gone on the run with Romeo. At the station, Lily discovered that Romeo stole more than £100 from The Dog and she and Romeo had an argument. In Hollyoaks, Farrah Maalik paid a visit to Diane's house and told her that one of Lily's wounds had got infected and was reaching her organs, causing Sepsis. Diane became extremely concerned for Lily and tried to work out where Lily might have gone, but it was Peri Lomax & Yasmine Maalik who told Diane where Lily was and that she was going on the run with Romeo. At the train station, Lily and Romeo were still arguing until Lily decided that she would stay in Hollyoaks and the two said goodbye and Romeo headed for the train platform. Lily started to feel really unwell and headed for the toilets, whilst in there, she started to feel out of breath and collapsed. Diane got to the station and found Romeo, and Romeo told her that she headed for the toilets 5 minutes ago. When they reached the toilets, a woman was in distress and said: "There's a girl in there, she's collapsed!" When they found Lily, Prince McQueen tried to do CPR on her but, it was too late, Lily had died and Diane and Prince started to breakdown.

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  • 2017: Lily swings around the village with an umbrella.
  • 2017-2019: Lily appears in a rowboat under white lights.

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