Liam Gilmore played by James Farrar made his debut as the brother of Jen Gilmore in August 2012 and departed following his sister arrest in April 2013.

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Channel 4 described Liam as a "cheeky charmer" and the brother of Jen. A spokesperson for the show told the writer that "James is a real hunk and will steam up screens when he arrives".

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Liam discovers Jen is in a relationship with her student Tilly Evans which causes "friction" between Liam and Tilly, Liam catches the attentions of Diane O'Connor and Martha Kane at the local pub. They take an interest to him and Diane asks if he needs directions, but Liam says he is waiting for someone. He later finds Jen Gilmore and it is revealed that they are brother and sister. Liam finds out that Jen is in a relationship with Tilly Evans, one of her students, Liam departs Hollyoaks in April 2013 following Jen's arrest.

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