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Liam Donovan was the son of Tracey and Glenn Donovan, the brother of Adam and Jesse Donovan, the half-brother of Grace Black, Clare Devine and Toby Wilde, and the biological father of Iona Campbell.

During his first year on the show, Liam's storylines include his womanising ways and a relationship with Eva Falco, who was later shot and killed by Liam's older sister Grace Black. Later, it was revealed that Eva was pregnant with his child, this prompt Liam to blackmail Grace to giving him £50,000, which she gave him. Liam then departed in April 2017. In August 2017, it was confirmed that he is the father of Courtney's now newborn baby "Iona".

Liam returned well over a year later in August 2018, Liam's return saw him turn killer when he shot and killed Jay Johnson and turned to a gangster lifestyle. He also had an affair with Mercedes McQueen, who later possibly aborted his child and the death of both his father Glenn Donovan and younger brother Jesse Donovan and revealing he's bisexual like his sister Grace when he sleeps with James Nightingale and ends up having a feud with fellow gangster Warren Fox.

In March 2020, Liam was killed by his sister Grace after she pushed him down a flight of stairs after he held everyone hostage in an event which he call “The Devil's Dinner Party”.


2016: Arrival & Coming Face to Face With Grace

2016-2017: Maxim Baldry as Liam.

Liam is first seen in Dee Valley University Hospital, kissing a girl. Celine McQueen and Tegan Lomax are interested in him. Celine and Tegan both go out with him, and are annoyed to find out he treated them like that. However, later on, they both see Liam in The Loft. This leads Tegan to go and heavily drink. While Tegan is drinking amounts of alcohol, Liam and Celine make out in the hot tub and later end up sleeping together, however Liam continues his playing ways when he spends more time with and end up sleeping together and after which Liam leaves Tegan. While he's sleeping both, Tegan and Celine continue to text Liam, unknown to one another, they are still being lead on by Liam. When they eventually find this out, they end up arguing and fighting at work. This makes Lindsey Roscoe put a stop to their childish behaviour over Liam. Lindsey forces both of them to give their badges and she will choose who goes on the date with Liam and she chooses Celine's badge. This makes Tegan very angry and upset and even jealous, however, Celine went to a date Liam but he did not show up, upsetting her. This leads to Tegan and Celine making up and decide to give men a miss till the summer. However, unknown to each other, yet again they continue to text Liam. After finding this out, they both want revenge on Liam for playing them. So while Liam is in the hot tub, Tegan and Celine steal and make off with his clothes as revenge for two-timing them, leaving him naked in the tub.

Tegan and Celine get revenge on Liam.

While Liam is wondering the village flirting with the local women, his intentions are still unknown, he bumps into local female gangster Grace Black who is revealed to know Liam, Grace isn't happy to see Liam but Liam seemed a bit to cheerio Grace asks Liam what he wants he says he would like a favour to which she declines Liam then says its good to see her and leaves, Liam is then next seen some weeks later when his brother Adam and Jesse Donovan arrive and Adam reveals that it's "Our big sis's place" revealing that all three of them are Grace's brothers.

Liam comes face to face with Grace.

2016: Trevor's death and Starting the Salon

After Grace's husband, Trevor Royle, is murdered on their wedding day. When Grace is struggling to cope with only Esther Bloom by her side, Esther eventually decides to ring the Donovan brothers for support. They arrive at Grace's, much to her anger. They tell Grace they're here to help. However, Adam is seen to be a little joyful that Trevor is dead. However, he eventually comes to his sense after a talking-to from Liam and Jesse and when the funeral arrives Liam along with his brother carries the coffin for Grace and the service seems to be going well until Grace discovers that Trevor was having an affair with Sienna Blake, much to Liam's and everyone's shock.

Some weeks pass and the brothers are staying with Grace still, wanting to make their mark in the village. Liam along with his younger brother, Jesse comes up with the idea that they should open up a salon. However, they have no funds, so Liam comes up with the idea that he and Jesse should steal Trevor's life insurance he left for Grace, to open up the salon.

Liam and Jesse decide to open a Salon.

Over the next few weeks, Liam and Jesse come up with a plan to con Grace for the money. Liam seems to be the more calculating one during all the conning where Jesse starts to feel a little guilty doing so. Liam keeps promising Jesse that when the salon is up and running, they will pay Grace the money back eventually. Grace and Adam find out and an angry Grace decides to chuck out the brothers, however, after talking to Esther and Adam she decides they can stay and buys the salon for them.

2016-2017: Relationship with Eva and Departure

Liam starts a relationship with Eva.

Liam meets the new local female DI Eva Falco, who is unknown to Liam. in the village to get revenge on her uncle Jack Osborne. Liam and Eva flirt with each other through the day and come the night they end up sleeping together. Liam at first was planning to use Eva, however Eva came up with a plan when she found this out to use Liam in a bid to help in her revenge against Jack. Eva steals later steals some drugs from the police evidence room and gives them to Liam to look after but some point Liam unaware of Eva she takes them back for Liam to think his lost them a worried Eva tells Liam she needs a large amount of cash to pay the 'drug dealer' off a worried Liam does his best to come up with a way to get the cash eventually Liam enlists some advice from Grace since she knows how all the gangster stuff works. This frustrates Eva. Liam, now thinking he knows what to do to help Eva, is stopped in his tracks when Eva later explains to Liam that the drug dealer she is dealing with has threatened to kill her. However, she will be spared if she murders somebody in return. Eva then gives Liam a photograph of Jack, and orders him to kill him. Later, Liam actually prepares to kill Jack in order to save Eva. As he is about to go through his plan, Liam is then stopped by a guilty Eva, not to go through with it after Eva spoke to a very ill Jade Albright.

Shocked after the events of what he nearly did, a guilty Liam later contacts Jack and tells him that Jack and his family are in serious danger. Later that day, Jack along with his family go missing. A shocked Liam thinks Eva was the one who did this so he confronts Eva, who is seen confused and later is determined to track Jack and his family down. Liam later discovers that Tom Cunningham sent a message to his girlfriend Peri Lomax to meet him at The Folly. Liam decides not to tell Eva about this. Cindy Cunningham starts to suspect that Liam knows where the Osborne family is so she later rings the police. Liam who is then taking into questioning. Later, Eva finds the message in Liam's wallet from Tom. A furious Eva confronts Liam. Later, when Liam attempts to thwart her plans yet again, Eva records Liam confessing that Grace shot him, and blackmails him into keeping quiet.

Some weeks pass and Liam forgives Eva for blackmailing him and they then rekindle their relationship, however Eva is more than still out for blood for the Osbornes, which frustrates Liam. A little bit after the events of New Year's Eve, Eva accidentally shoots Esther Bloom, so now on the run. She turns to Liam for help and his more than happy to do so. However, when Liam's family find this out, he is banished for his betrayal, however Liam manages to get his older brother Adam to help him out financially so he can leave with Eva.

Later, Liam manages to get Eva away from Hollyoaks but Eva fears that the police will catch her, but she and Liam manage to board the train. However, after Liam leaves for a moment, he returns to find Eva seemingly sleeping but finds the back of her head bleeding and realises that she is dead. Grace is then shown leaving the train station, having shot Eva in the back of the head for what she did to Esther. An investigation into Eva's murder is then underway, with Liam working with DS Geoff Thorpe.

Liam finds Eva dead.

Liam is shocked and angry when he later finds out that it was Grace that was the one who killed Eva. So he does his best to try and get Grace sent to prison, when all else fails. Liam later kidnaps Esther Bloom, in order to get revenge on his sister Grace for her killing his girlfriend Eva and the unborn child. He threatens to kill Esther but instead asks Grace for £50,000 Grace and Kim Butterfield gets the money from Warren Fox. Grace then meets Liam, gives him the money while he hands it to Esther, who tells Grace she has ruined his life and hates her. He gets in the car and drives off.

Liam has his say before he departs.

2018: Return

2018-2020: Jude Monk McGowan as Liam.

Liam returns in well over a year after his departure in August 2018, when he is first seen in Ibiza when his father Glenn Donovan sends Courtney Campbell to a villa where Liam is seen partying they have a catch-up on how his daughter Iona Donovan is doing. Liam also tells Courtney that he misses his brother Jesse but he can't go back because of what Grace did to Eva. He later gives Courtney the drugs to go back to Hollyoaks and give them to Glenn.

Some weeks pass and when Glenn's feud with fellow gangster Jay Johnson heats up. Jay, unknown to Glenn, decides to kill Glenn. When they do a job together, Jay decides to go through with murdering Glenn, however just as Jay is about to pull the trigger, Liam arrives and shoots Jay which kills him, Glenn shocked but glad Liam has arrived to save his life. Both Glenn and Liam put Jay's body in the van and then set it alight. Later, Liam returns to the village with Glenn. Jesse is more than happy to see him, however Grace and Liam seem to know they still have unfinished business. Liam at first, cannot forgive Grace for what she did with Eva but eventually starts to come round, working with her. After a few weeks, Glenn is killed, unknown to everyone at the time by Breda McQueen. This makes Liam forgive Grace and help Jesse come to terms with his father's death.

Liam kills Jay by shooting him.

Liam, later starts to flirt with Lisa Loveday and eventually ends up sleeping with her. The two start to date but Liam ends up cheating on her with his murder victims sister Jamie Johnson and shows he hasn't really got feelings for Lisa. When Jamie threatens to kill Lisa, he responds by say "Please do, you will be doing me a massive favour" however, Jamie later kidnaps Jesse. Liam and Grace get the money he owes Jamie and they pay her off. Jamie then leaves, much to Liam delight.

2018-2019: Relationships with Mercedes and James

Liam and Mercedes begin their affair.

Towards the end on 2018, Liam sleeps with Mercedes McQueen and on more than on occasion. Liam develops feelings for Mercedes even though she is still with Sylver McQueen “. This prompts Liam not to take a liking to Sylver and at every opportunity, Liam does his best to wind Sylver up and try and get him out the way. Mercedes also leads Liam on, telling him she has fallen in love with him but Liam starts to get annoyed that Mercedes keeps going back to Sylver, telling him the same.

During Spring 2019, Liam is continuing sleeping with Mercedes and the two steal Harry Thompson's car keys and take it for a ride. They seem to be enjoying themselves until Mercedes goes off-road and hits an unknown pedestrian. Liam and Mercedes are then both shocked to learn that the person they ran over was Liam's older sister Grace. A shocked Liam tells Mercedes to leave the scene. Later, Grace ends up severely injured and paralysed from the waist down. Mercedes wants to confess to the police, but Liam convinces her to let Harry take the fall for this. Mercedes feel bad for Harry but with Liam's help, her guilt did not last long however.

During November 2019, when the truth finally came out about the hit and run and Liam sleeping with Mercedes. Later, Liam finds out that Mercedes aborted what possibly could have been his child. This angers Liam and this prompts him to become a suspect in the Who Shot Mercedes McQueen? storyline. Liam later discovers Mercedes, after she was shot but he decided to leave her thinking she was dead and Liam later plants the gun in The Dog in the Pond in an effort to set up Sylver. However, Sylver slept with Liam's sister Grace and she got rid of the gun. Liam was then found to have the gun in his car by D.S. Cohen and she arrests him. However, James Nightingale gets Liam off. It's then later revealed that Grace was assisted by James in shooting Mercedes. Later, Liam sleeps with James and the two go into business together and chooses James over Mercedes, despite later finding out that it was Grace and James who shot Mercedes. Later though, James leaves Liam to rekindle his feelings for Mercedes' brother John Paul McQueen.

Liam sleeps with James.

2020: Jesse's death, Revenge on Maxine and feud With Warren Fox

Liam starts to target Maxine.

In January 2020, during his wedding day to Courtney Campbell, Liam's younger brother Jesse dies due to alcohol poisoning. This confuses and upsets Liam he then starts to look for someone to blame and finally does when he discovers on The Loft CCTV footage showing Maxine serving Jesse alcohol. This angers Liam and he plots to get Maxine back, however Grace manages to make Liam see sense so he rings the police. However, DS Cohen tells him that Maxine isn't at fault as Jesse was willing to drink at his own will. This upsets Liam, however, he apologises to Maxine but he is secretly plotting to get her working as a prostitute with his colleague Clayton. After sleeping with Maxine, Clayton approaches Liam to see if Maxine will be available in the future in which Liam tells Clayton not to worry as Maxine will be available in the near future. Liam offers Maxine a managers job at a time where Maxine is desperate for cash, since her landlady Beverly puts pressure on Maxine to pay up or she will kick her out. Liam sees this as an opportunity to offer Maxine the manager's job at the salon and when Maxine thinks she will earn some money in. Liam makes sure she will have to make extra cash and later tells her that Clayton was very impressed with her, last time. Maxine at first refuses but later accepts and again ends up sleeping with Clayton, much to Liam's delight.

Liam comes face to face with Warren.

In March 2020, Mercedes finds out that someone knows who shot her and along with Warren Fox confronts Grace. A worried Grace approaches Liam for help to shut Mercedes. So Liam calls on two heavies to trash The Dog in the Pond to scare Mercedes. The next day, Liam is seen happy and victorious over what happened, unknown to him and his heavies, that Warren is plotting his revenge on Liam, for scaring Mercedes. Warren them confronts Liam at The Loft and Liam has a shock when Warren has back up and decides to give Liam an ultimatum by getting a fifty pence coin and tells Liam to pick either heads or tails for life or death. Off-screen, Liam picks heads over tails and watches on nervously as Warren is seen tossing the coin and then slams it on the table and Liam is shocked when the coin has landed on tail Warren prepares to kill Liam. However, Warren's son Joel Dexter arrives and talks Warren round. Liam agrees to leave Mercedes alone. Later, Liam is seen a little unnerved by his encounter by Warren and Grace arrives and Liam reveals what has happened between him and Warren. A furious Grace, tells Liam to fight dirty with him. Later on, Liam enlists the help of Maxine by giving her some sort of drug that will put Warren to sleep, so he can embarrass Warren like Warren did with him. Maxine agrees to do what Liam says however Liam is later furious to find out Maxine did not go through with the plan to drug Warren so he threatens Maxine later Warren confronts Liam in the Donovan's Salon and punches him much to Maxine's shock this pushes Liam to drink heavily and later be seen by Warren and Mercedes, who goad him due to his state now. Wanting Warren out the way so he can target Mercedes and get his revenge on her Liam, puts a plan into action so he texts Warren pretending to be his ex Sienna Blake in the text. Liam puts that Warren's ill son Sebastian has been taken ill in hospital. After Warren discovers that it was Liam who set it up, Liam rings the police then goads Warren, who punches Liam the proceeds to beat him up. D.S. Cohen arrives with back up. Warren is then arrested and issues a threat to Liam. The next day, when Warren is in prison, Liam is smug and rubs in his victory to Warren, telling him now he's out the way he can put his revenge plan on Mercedes into action. Later on, Liam is seen working behind the bar of The Dog, much to Mercedes's shock as James is seen walking out with her brother John Paul, Mercedes in front of Liam confronts James over not getting Warren out of prison, this angers Liam. Later on, Liam approaches James over him representing Warren, Liam even threatens James that he will tell Mercedes that he was the one who shot her. However, James bites back at Liam and reminds him that he will take Grace with him and with everyone of his siblings gone, that will make him very lonely. Later, James discovers that Liam sent texts to Warren, goading him into attacking him so the CBS drop all the charges on Warren and Warren vows to kill Liam to James. The next day, Liam bumps into an unknown Warren who is ranting to Mercedes that his going to kill Liam a now scared Liam hides as he wonders what to do as Liam sees Warren isn't giving up on his search when Warren turns up at his house looking for him. However. Grace tells Warren she hasn't seen him. After Warren leaves and telling Grace he will sort it, Liam calls in on a favour and later Warren is beaten up and left for dead by a group of heavies, set up by Liam. Mercedes confronts Liam over Warren's assault and Liam threatens her again.

2020: Dinner Party Disaster

Liam hosts a dinner party.

By the end of March 2020, Liam's behaviour has spiralled out of control even more. After getting Warren beat up by his heavies, Liam again approaches and forcefully puts Maxine on the market, despite her pleas. Later, Mercedes and Grace discover this, after they spot Clayton. They both confront Liam, who at first is very dismissive to what they are saying until Courtney Campbell enters and finds out about Liam forcing Maxine into prostitution. After Courtney lays into him, Liam breaks down and Grace along with Mercedes and Courtney all comfort Liam, who agrees to let vendetta against Maxine go. Later on, Liam goes round to Maxine's and apologies to her but Maxine is very unforgiving. However, she accepts the money he offers her. Later on, Liam is seen going through the computer files in The Loft office. He eventually stumbles across CCTV footage where Grace along with James is seen with an upset Jesse, telling them that they to come clean about the shooting. Liam then vows that all of it is Grace's fault and vows revenge. Later on, Liam is seen printing out invitations to a party of his planning.

Liam, the next day, puts his plans into action. First plan is to get Courtney out the way, by giving her his credit card to spend the day with Iona. Later, Liam arrives at 26 Leigh Road to lure Sylver into a trap. He tricks Sylver into thinking that Grace is in trouble as Sylver tries to contact Grace, Liam picks up a plank of wood and hits Sylver knocking him out. Later on, Liam sneaks into the playgrounds of Hollyoaks High School and kidnaps John Paul McQueen. Meanwhile, Mercedes, Maxine, Grace and James stumble across the invitations Liam has written out for the dinner party at The Dog. They all show up at The Dog and Liam surprises them. As they all get a bit fiery, Liam pulls out a gun and demands everyone to take a seat.

Once Liam has everyone sat down, he can't help but gloat and cuss everyone there with a gun in his hand. Grace demands to know where Sylver is and Liam also reveals he has John Paul, much to the worry of Mercedes and James. As everyone demands to know what's going on, Liam sets a task for Grace and James to find John Paul and Sylver within a three-minute time frame or he will shoot Maxine. A frantic Grace and James rush to find them. Meanwhile, Goldie learns of the party and arrives at The Dog just as Liam is about to shoot Maxine. She knocks on the door, however, Liam gets Mercedes to get rid of her, in which she does. Afterwards, Grace and James approach Liam, after finding a box in one of the rooms upstairs. Liam then reveals that John Paul and Sylver where sat with them all along. when he reveals they were behind the stage decorations. Meanwhile, Goldie reveals to Warren that Mercedes is at The Dog with Liam. A worried Warren rushes off.

Liam still has everyone sat around the table. He eventually reveals that everyone is there because of Grace and reveals to Mercedes that she and James were the ones who shot her, much to Mercedes' disgust and Mercedes argues with Grace and James much to Liam's delight. Not long after the reveal, Liam takes John Paul and James down to the cellar, where he locks them in together. Later, Liam rants and rants at how cold Grace is by killing Eva, much to the shock of Sylver, that Grace has killed another woman. Liam also says Grace is at fault for Jesse and he then gives Mercedes a gift. Mercedes unravels the gift to find a gun. Liam gives her the ultimatum that he will let her and everyone else live much, to everyone's shock. Grace pleas with Mercedes not to shoot her and Mercedes points the gun at Liam and she tells him to untie everyone and to unlock the door however only to find out Liam tricked Mercedes and to find out it was a water gun Liam then pulls out a real gun and tells Mercedes to sit.

Liam reveals Grace and James shot Mercedes.

Later on, Liam intentions turn to Sylver and Goldie arrives back at The Dog, but this time with Warren, Joel and Brody as Warren knocks on the door and listens in he can't hear anything unknown to him Liam is doing the same Warren the notices a window is open and he and Brody fetch the ladders from The Love Boat, Liam then continues to push Sylver into shooting Grace, Sylver tells Liam if he wants Grace dead to do it himself Warren and Brody fit the ladders to the window that's open and Warren climbs up meanwhile James and John Paul are arguing in the cellar and James later tells John Paul they need to come up with a better plan than to just tackle Liam to the ground John Paul then manages to get the cellar door open and Warren climbs into The Dog and quietly sneaks about to down stairs where he meets with John Paul and James who are quietly walking out the cellar as they are doing this Liam is still trying to coast Sylver into shooting Grace, Warren peeks in and tells John Paul and James to give it ten seconds then hit the fire alarm Warren sneaks in unknown to Liam who is still trying to get Sylver to shoot Grace eventually Liam tired in and decides to shoot Grace himself however Warren charges at Liam and starts to effortlessly punch him. Eventually, Warren stops his successive punches to Liam and grabs his gun and runs to Mercedes to see if she's okay, however, when John Paul can't get the door open, Warren rushes over to help and at that moment, Liam grabs Mercedes and takes her hostage he tries to bundle her down the cellar, in an effort to escape from the police. Grace rushes over and pushes Liam and grabs his tie, Liam pleas with Grace to not let him go as they are family, Grace tells Liam he's gone too far and that she's not his family and lets go of his tie. Liam falls down the flight of stairs, as a shocked Mercedes and Grace watch on as Liam is killed, after a bang to the head. Warren and Sylver arrive to get Mercedes and Grace to safety and Mercedes reveals to everyone waiting outside The Dog, that Liam is dead.

Liam is killed by Grace.

The next day, a guilty Grace decides to hand herself in over shooting Mercedes and killing Liam, however, after Sylver rants at Mercedes. Mercedes decides to say to the police that she pushed Liam in self defence and that he was the one who shot her and not Grace and James.

Kill Count


  1. Jay Johnson, 15th October 2018 - Shot.

Attempted murders

  1. Grace Black (2x) - Liam along with Mercedes left Grace after Mercedes ran her over and in March 2020. Liam prepares to shoot Grace, but is tackled by Warren Fox.
  2. Joel Dexter - Liam attacks Joel to keep his mouth shut over Mercedes involvement with Harry Thompson and leaves him after badly injuring him.
  3. Warren Fox (instigated) - Liam orders a group of heavies to heavily beat up Warren to the point where Warren is put into a coma nearly killing him.
  4. Mercedes McQueen - Tried to throw her down a flight of stairs, but was pushed by Grace.

The Dartboard of doom


  • Mercedes McQueen - Mercedes choose to be with Sylver over Liam and aborted what was possibly Liam's child.
  • Maxine Minniver - Liam blamed Maxine for his brother's Jesse's death since Maxine was seen serving Jesse on CCTV before Jesse died of alcohol poisoning.
  • James Nightingale - Liam sees James kissing John Paul McQueen in The Dog in the Pond and is angry when James tells him that they were just a bit of fun.
  • Warren Fox - Warren is sleeping with Mercedes and embarrasses Liam and threatens his top dog status.
  • Sylver McQueen - Knowing Sylver still loves Mercedes and not his sister Grace, Liam decides to make him a target.


I'll call ya.
— First line to unknown woman after kissing her.

You'll never change. No matter how much you try, you will always be Grace Black.
— Last line to Grace Black before leaving in 2017.

Who wants to know?
— First line to Courtney Campbell on voice intercom in 2018 return.

Alright dad? Sorry I'm late. Traffic was murder.
— To Glenn Donovan after shooting Jay Johnson dead.

We're family yeah? The Donovans?
— Final line to Grace Black before Grace lets go of his tie and lets him fall down a flight of stairs, killing him.

Background Information

  • Maxim Baldry turned down the offer to return to the role of Liam due to being successful in other acting projects so later the role was eventually recast to Jude Monk McGowan.

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