Liam Donovan is part of the other brothers, Jesse Donovan and Adam Donovan. He arrived in late March 2016 where he was portrayed by Maxim Baldry and is now played by Jude Monk McGowan during his first year on the show Liam's storylines Include his womanizing ways and a relationship with Eva Falco who was later shot and killed by Liam's older sister Grace Black later it was revealed that Eva was pregnant with his child this prompt Liam to blackmail Grace to giving him 50,000 pounds which she gave him Liam then depated in April 2017. In August 2017 it was confirmed he is the father of Courtney's now newborn baby "Iona". Liam returned well over a year later in August 2018 Liam's return saw him turn killer when he shot and killed Jay Johnson and turning to a gangster lifestyle also a affair with Mercedes McQueen who later possibliy aborted his child and the death of both his father Glenn Donovan and younger brother Jesse Donovan and revealing his bi sexual like his sister Grace when he sleeps with James Nightingale.


liam will "get to know some of the Hollyoaks ladies very well." It's been said that Liam "bails on relationships before things get too serious."


Arrival: Playing both Tegan and Celine and coming face to face with Grace

Liam is first seen in Dee Valley Hospital kissing a girl. Celine McQueen and Tegan Lomax are interested in him. Celine and Tegan both go out with him, and are annoyed to find out he treated them like that. However later on they both see Liam in The Loft upset this leads Tegan to go and heavily drink while Tegan is drinking amounts of alcohol Liam and Celine make out in the hotub and later end up sleeping together however Liam continues his playing ways when he spends more time with and end up sleeping together and after which Liam leaves Tegan whiles shes sleeping both Tegan and Celine continue to text Liam uknown to one another they are still being lead on by Liam when they eventually find this out they end up argue and fighting at work this makes Lindsey Roscoe to put a stop to their childish behavior over Liam, Lindsey forces both of them to give their badges and she will choose who goes on the date woth Liam and she chooses Celine's badge this make Tegan very and angry and upset and even jelous however Celine went to date Liam but he did not show up upsetting her this leads to Tegan and Celine making up and decide to give men a miss till the summer however unkonwn to each other yet again they continue to text Liam after finding this out they both want revenge on Liam for playing them so while Liam is in the hot tub, Tegan and Celine steal and make off with his clothes as revenge for two-timing them, leaving him naked in the tub.

Whilie Liam is wondering the village flirting with the local women his intentions are still unknown however he bumps into local femal gangster Grace Black who is revealed to know Liam, Grace Isn't happy to see Liam but Liam seemed abit to cheerio Grace asks Liam what he wants he says he would like a favour to which she delines Liam then says Its good to see her and leaves.

Liam is then next seen some weeks later when his brother Adam and Jesse Donovan arrive and Adam reveals that Its "Our big sis's place" revealing that all three of them are Grace's brothers.

Trevor Royle's death and stealing Life Insurance

After Grace's husband Trevor Royle is murdered on their wedding day when Grace is struggling to cope with only Esther Bloom by her side Esther eventually decides to ring the Donovan brothers for surport they arrive at Grace's much to her anger they tell Grace they here to help however Adam is seen to be a little joyful that Trevor is dead however he eventually comes to his sense after a talking to from Liam and Jesse and when the funerel arrvies Liam along woth his brother carries the coffin for Grace and the service seems to be going well untill Grace discovers that Trevor was having an affair with Sienna Blake much to Liam's and everyones shock.

Some weeks past and the brothera are staying woth Grace still wanting to make their mark in the village Liam along with his younger brother Jesse comes up with the Idea they sjould open up a salon however they have no funds More to be added.


Liam kidnaps Esther Bloom in order to get revenge on his sister Grace Black for her killing his girlfriend Eva Falco and unborn child he threatens to kill Esther but instead asks Grace for 50,000 pounds Grace and Kim Butterfield get the money, Grace then meets Liam gives him the money while he hand Esther who tells Grace she has ruined his life and hates her he get in the car and drives off.


  • 2016: He and Jesse jump at a circus as red mist surfaces.
  • 2016-2017: He jumps of the balcony, whilst Jesse jumps off the steps into the park.
  • 2018-2019: He smiles at a party.
  • 2019-: Liam is soaked as Grace throws a glass of wine on him.
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