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Leela Lomax (previously Roscoe and Campbell) is the daughter of Danny and Sam Lomax, the sister of Tegan Lomax, the half-sister of Ste Hay, the ex-wife of Ziggy Roscoe and Cameron Campbell, the adoptive sister/biological mother of Peri Lomax, the mother of Daniel Lomax, and the foster mother of Sid Sumner.


1986-2013: Backstory[]

Leela was born in November 1986 to her parents Sam and Danny Lomax and was later joined by her younger sister Tegan. In her early teens, Leela would meet troubled teen Cameron Campbell and begin a relationship with him however her mother, Sam did not like Cameron and would set him up for a robbery he did not commit and this led him to be jailed for 14 years. Leela was pregnant with Cameron's child at the time unknown to him and would later give birth to a daughter whom she would name Peri however Sam and Danny would raise Peri as they're own and adopt her as Leela felt she couldn't be a mother and her parents agreed.

2013-2014: Arrival in Hollyoaks[]

Leela arrives in Hollyoaks village by October 2013 in a bid to visit her sister Tegan Lomax whom has recently given birth upon her arrival Leela has a run in with Ste Hay unaware that Ste is in fact her half brother as her father is Danny Lomax whom is also Ste's father and although at first Leela was shocked and angry with Danny and her mother Sam kept Ste a serect, Leela would come round to accept Ste.

In early 2014, Leela would start dating mechanic, Ziggy Roscoe and is later on left shocked to learn that the father of Tegan's daughter Rose Lomax is dangerous gangland boss, Fraser Black however the truth would later come out the night of Fraser's murder and by mid 2014 Leela reveals to Sienna Blake that Peri is her daughter when Sienna believes that Peri is her estranged daughter after this reveal,, Sienna encourages Leela to reveal the truth and Leela attempts to contact Peri's biological father, Cameron Campbell and his later released causing problems with her relationship with Ziggy.

By August 2014, Leela is devastated to learn that her parents are wanting to leave the country she attempts to stop them but is horrified to learn they have already left however they are later purposely ran down by a van and its later revealed to be Cameron and Leela is heartbroken at her parents death and identifies them. Not long after her parents death, Leela finally tells Peri the truth and that her father is Cameron. Later, Leela begins to date Cameron and accidentally kisses his brother Lockie Campbell in October 2014.

2014-2015: Relationships with Ziggy and Cameron[]

Leela quickly realises that she cannot be married to Ziggy, as she still loves Cameron. Cameron ends up going back to prison for killing Sam Lomax and Danny Lomax and at the same time Leela's daughter Peri Lomax gives birth to a baby girl, her first grandchild Steph. Not long after, Ziggy tells Leela that he can't be with her anymore. Leela then lies to Ziggy, telling him that she's pregnant and the baby is his. Ziggy tries to stay with Leela, but he can't and he agrees to stay around only for the sake of the 'baby'. Later on, Ziggy realises that Leela has been lying to him about being pregnant, when he hears from Charles S'Avage that Leela was never really pregnant.

2015-2016: Pregnancy[]

Some time later, Leela finds out that she is actually pregnant. But does not know who the father is. A few days later Leela is waiting outside The Loft where feels a pain in her chest and collapses. She is then rushed to hospital, where she discovers that she had a high blood pressure. Celine McQueen (who told her the news) said that Leela had to take it easy as it could be life-threatening for her and her baby!

In December 2016, on Christmas Day it is Leela and Cameron's wedding day. But things don't go to plan as Leela goes into labour 3 months early. She is rushed to hospital and gives birth to her son Daniel. It is later revealed that the baby is mixed raced and cannot be Cameron's child. Later, the father is revealed to be Louis Loveday.

After Cameron finds out about the baby not being his, he puts Leela in a difficult situation. He makes her choose between himself or Daniel. She tells him she needs both of them, as Cameron is her husband and Daniel needs his mum. She later chooses Daniel over Cameron.

2017: Cabin in the Woods[]

Peri organises a trip at the cabin in the woods so that Leela and Cameron can reconcile she is successful for a while but then Tegan, Leela's sister and Cameron's cousin Courtney find Celine McQueen's body dumped in the lake and are about to phone the police until Cameron turns up and throws the phone in the lake and locks them in a nearby shack but tells Leela and Peri that he had killed them.

He then holds them both hostage and starts to pour petrol around the room to light on fire so that the three of them can die as a family but are then saved by Ryan Knight and Ste Hay. Cameron then throws Ste to the ground and runs after Leela and Peri where he is involved in a hit and run of a campervan driven by Mac Nightingale and Lisa Loveday, Lisa attempts to help Cameron but Mac convinces her not to. Cameron is rushed to hospital and then later arrested for the murder of 6 people.

2017-2018: Relationship with Louis and Peri is homeless[]

After the affair of Louis and Leela, the marriage of Simone and him ends. Louis stars to live with Leela and they start a relationship.

Later, when Lily Drinkwell is in hospital after self-harming herself, Peri has sex with Prince McQueen. She then takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive. However, Peri later discovers that she isn't really pregnant, as the test was faulty. She then tells Diane O'Connor, who persuades Peri to lie about being pregnant, in order to keep Lily away from Prince. Peri does so by faking a baby scan by cutting off the top from the one she had of Steph. However, Goldie McQueen and Shane Sweeney later learn about this and confront and expose Peri in front of Leela, Prince, Hunter McQueen and Myra McQueen after Bart McQueen's funeral.

With her deception now exposed, Peri returns home. But the next day, things quickly escalate between her and Leela, and Leela kicks her out. Peri then turns to Prince, Lily, Tom Cunningham and Yasmine Maalik for help, but they all turn their backs on her. Meanwhile, Ste confronts Leela and convinces to help to find Peri and bring her home, but by the time Leela starts looking, Peri is long gone, no longer in Hollyoaks. Because of this, Leela regrets kicking her daughter out, and begins a search campaign with the help of Louis and DS Geoff Thorpe. She even puts up missing posters of Peri all across the village and posts a video of her pleading Peri to come home on the Internet. Several weeks later in April 2018, Leela begins to lose hope and believes that Peri is gone forever. But Peri finally returns home and reconciles with her mother. She even brings Harley, a homeless girl she met during her time on the streets, to live with them.

2018-2020: Nico & Tegan's Deaths, Ste's Far-Right, Lust with Jordan Price and Brief Departure[]

A few good weeks after Peri's return home by June 2018, Leela would discover that Nico is still alive and attempted to kill Peri and Harley and this leads Leela to be forious and she approaches Sienna's home in a bid to confront her however Leela ends up catching Nico attacking her mother and in a bid to help Sienna, Leela pushes Nico off Sienna and in doing so Nico bangs her head off the corner of the table which Leela is lead to think killed her however Nico awakens and Sienna kills her in self defence, Leela supports Sienna as she is arrested and charged by Josh Bradley for her death.

In November 2018, Leela is left heartbroken when Tegan is killed during a storm that hit the village and Leela attempts to reason with Ste whom starts to blame Misbah Maalik for Tegan's death and would temporarily depart for a few months by 2019 in a bid to clear her head but Leel would return by April 2019 and throughout 2019, Leela finds herself seeing her half brother become more racist and being manipulated by both Stuart Sumner and Jonny Baxter, she even punches Ste at one pointed as she witnesses him try and berate Peri for wearing a certain dress for her friends Yas' wedding but finally after a good part of a year Leela attempts to help Ste escape Staurt and Jonny by November 2019 but it would lead Ste to be kidnapped by them along with Sami Maalik but with the help of Stuart's son, Sid Sumner, Leela tracks them down with Peri and Sid and witness Sid kill Stuart in self defence this leads Leela to help Sid by giving him a place to stay and would later adopt him while Ste would go away to Newcastle for help.

By 2020, Leela continues to support Sid and is pleased when he gets back into school however Sid's cousin Jordan Price would turn up and under Leela's nose would get Sid and Sid's then girlfriend, Juliet Nightingale to sell drugs and Leela would finally meet Jordan and end up giving him a place to stay to which would lead to Leela and Jordan taken a liking to each other and begin sleeping together but after months shes shocked to learn that Jordan has been sleeping with Peri also this leads Leela to depart in October 2020 but she would be seen in December 2020 when the county lines drug dealing is revealed and when Jordan is later murdered by a scared Ella Richardson soon after Leela leaves the village again.

2021-2022: Return & Relationship with Ethan Williams[]

Leela is mentioned alot while shes away most notably in March 2021 when is seemingly murdered by the dangerous county lines boss Victor Brothers and is said to have cried to Ste over the phone however she would later be told it's all a plan to bring Victor down and Sid is infact alive and in witness protection months after Leela finally returns to the village by October 2021 where its revealed she brought her house back from the dodge gangster Fergus Collins whom conned Leela earlier in the year to sell up and Leela tells Fergus' fiancee Trish Minniver straight as shes revealing this making Peri and Ste pleased.

Its soon seen that Leela is keeping a secret when she returns and its revealed that she has been layed off from her job as a firefighter and is too proud to tell anyone however Sid tells Ste whom has opened a cleaning business with Sienna later named Deadly Sheen Cleaning Co. Leela would begin working for them and would end up dating criminal Ethan Williams by January 2022, unaware that he is threatening Ste and Sienna over the death of his girlfriend, Maya Harkwell, whom Ste and Sienna helped Ethan bury.


Oh, well you should keep your rugrats on a lead mate.
— First line to Ste Hay.

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