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Lee "Stan" Stanley was a cafeteria worker at Hollyoaks Community College, who befriended teenager Ollie Benson.

He was the sidekick of Ollie Benson in 1996. His life took a dramatic change when he found out that he was the father of Cindy Cunningham's child, Holly Cunningham, after the pair had a one-night stand on her sixteenth birthday. Stan offered to stand by Cindy throughout the pregnancy but was cruelly rejected. Depressed, Stan began drinking heavily at The Dog. Ollie did his best to try to snap Stan out of his depression but it was no good, as Stan got in his car and started to drive at a dangerous speed. Ollie's warnings fell on deaf ears as the drunken Stan had careered into a reversing lorry, crashing and seriously injuring the pair. Both lay in a critical condition for a week in hospital, where they later died, leaving his girlfriend Cindy devastated, and becoming the single mother to Holly.

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  • In 1997, Lee was axed by producer Jo Hallows alongside Ollie Benson. Their final episode was aired in October 1997.

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