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Lee Hunter is the son of Sally and Les Hunter, and the brother of Dan, Ellie and Lisa Hunter.


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1985-2001: Backstory[]

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2001-2003: Arrival and relationship with Abby Davies[]

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2004-2005: Relationships with Stacey and Zara[]

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2010-: Return[]

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2010-2011: Relationship with Amy Barnes and departure[]

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Background Information[]

  • Alex Carter originally did not get the role of Lee, but the producers changed their minds and cast Carter.
  • Lee Otway, who would later play Bombhead, initially auditioned for the role of Lee.
  • In June 2005, it was announced that Carter had quit the serial and would be leaving at the end of his contract. 
    • Speaking of his decision to quit in 2006, Carter said, "It'd been five years, and it was long hours - I was working weekends and things - and realistically I'd had five years out of my life, I just wanted my weekends back. I wanted a bit of a life as well as work."
  • It was announced on 15th March 2010, that Marquess had decided to reintroduce Lee to the serial as part of his revamp, Carter signed an initial six-month contract with the soap after announcing his decision to leave his role as Jamie Hope in rival soap oprea Emmerdale, Carter started filming Lee's return in July of that year and returned on screen in September of that year.
  • In May 2011, it was announced that Carter had decided to leave the serial in order to pursue other projects. Speaking of his departure, Carter stated: "After ten years in soap, it feels like the right time to find out what else is out there."

See Also[]

Introduction Sequence[]

  • 2010-2011: Lee flips up a pair of white sunglasses.