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Leah Michaela Barnes is the daughter of Amy Barnes and Billy Parker, the half-sister of Lucas Hay, and the adoptive half-sister of Hannah Hay-O'Connor. Amy's ex-partner Ste Hay is Leah's legal guardian, following Amy's death in 2017 and Billy signing a contract in 2018.


2007-2017: Early Life

Leah was born in February 2007 to her then teenage mother, Amy Barnes much to her grandparents Kathy and Mike Barnes shock as well as her aunt Sarah. Kathy later kidnaps Leah when she develops a obsession over her although Kathy is later sectioned and Leah is returned to Amy. Leah's father was thought to have been criminal Ste Hay however its later revealed to be Billy Parker. Leah moved in with her 'father', Ste and would be brought up in a violent home where Ste often hit her mother as well as Ste bringing trouble to their home with the likes of the local gangster Warren Fox as well as drug dealer, Nige Foster however Amy would opt to leave Ste and move back I'm with her father, Mike with Leah and Leah is soon joined by her younger brother, Lucas Hay by April 2009.

Leah's life is put in danger in November 2010 when shes taken to the Sharpe family home when her mother has been payed to babysit Amber Sharpe by Amber's mother Gabby when the Il Gnosh is set on fire and it spreads however Leah along with Lucas and their mother are saved by Steph and Gilly Roach but Steph would sadly die. Amy along with her brother witness their mother between the years 2011 and 2012 have relationships with Lee Hunter and Ally Gorman and witness their father's relationships with Noah Baxter, Brendan Brady and Doug Carter.

By August 2012, Leah departs with her mother and brother however they would appear sporadically between August 2012 up until August 2016. Between that time Leah's life was put in danger again in November 2012 when she was nearly ran down by a van driven by Maddie Morrison this leads Ste to save Leah by pushing her out of harm's way and although Ste is seriously hurt he ends up surviving.

In December 2012, Leah's biological father, Billy shows up but his told to leave by Ste. By February 2013, Leah along with Lucas end up bonding with Ste's then lover Brendan and end up naming him 'Daddy Brendan' however Brendan would later be arrested for five murders by March 2013. Amy has a minor but pivotal role by October 2013 when she finds a locket that belong to Anna Blake whom had been murdered by her son Will Savage. Amy gives Will's then girlfriend, Ash Kane the locket and this leads her to discover Will has murdered his mother and his ex girlfriend Texas Longford.

Later on Amy along with her brother are again seen sporadically visiting Ste. However shes moves back into the village with her mother and brother only this time with they're new stepfather, Ryan Knight who Leah calls 'RyRy'. Leah seems close to Ryan along with her brother which annoys Ste.

2017-2018: Amy's Murder

When Amy is murdered in March 2017 this has a devastating effect on Leah and her brother Lucas. Leah is then looked after by Ryan whom is later revealed to be her mothers killer. Leah develops grief and ends up becoming angry with Ste and Lucas. Leah discovers the truth about Ryan by April 2018 and he attempts to take Leah and Lucas but he is later killed after a showdown with Ste's then boyfriend, Harry Thompson.

2018-2022: Late Childhood, Into Early Teenage Years

After Ryan's death. Leah moves in the Lomax family home with her brother to live with Ste and her two aunts, Leela and Tegan Lomax however when Tegan dies by November 2018, Ste is manipulated by Stuart Sumner and Jonny Baxter that Misbah Maalik was the reason she died this leads Ste into a far right cult and drawing a wedge in her relationship with her father. However Ste recovers help by November 2019, Leah continues to stay with Leela.

By 2021, Leah becomes a victim of bullying by dance teacher Trish Minniver and briefly clashes with Kathleen-Angel McQueen however by September 2021. Both Leah and Kathleen-Angel stand up to Trish for her vile behaviour towards them infront of the press at a huge event in Blackpool. Leah later develops a crush on DeMarcus Westwood however he does not feel the same way.

Introduction Sequence

  • 2015: Leah and Lucas behind Ste, who zips up his shirt.
  • 2015-2016: Leah and Lucas still jump behind Ste, who is standing in front of a carnival themed series of lights.
  • 2016-2019: Leah rides and carousel with Lucas and Ste.
  • 2019-2022: Leah has a water-balloon fight with Ste and Lucas against Peri and Leela on Oakdale Drive.
  • 2022-: Leah pours sauce onto her burger and takes a bite out of it.