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Laurence "Laurie" Shelby, played by Kyle Pryor, made his first onscreen appearance on 7th November 2018. Laurie was introduced the husband of Sinead O'Connor and became deputy head teacher of Hollyoaks High School. He died in August 2019 after injuring his head in a prison van accident.

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Laurie raped Sinead, sexually harassed Sienna Blake, and attempted to rape Diane Hutchinson. However, he was only charged with the latter crime, and received a four year prison sentence. However, whilst being transported to prison, he met Finn O'Connor, who realised who Laurie was and attacked him. The prison van was involved in an accident, which allowed Laurie to escape and kidnap Sinead. Sinead managed to escape and Laurie ended up collapsing from his head injuries sustained in the accident, and went into cardiac arrest. Sinead attempted to revive him but both she and the paramedics failed, and Laurie was declared dead.

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