Kyle Ryder was a drug dealer who started dating Theresa McQueen Intill she set him up for the murder of Calvin Valentine who Kyle never got on with Kyle him self was later shot and killed by Warren Fox after Kyle tried to kill Theresa.

Kyle is first seen when he is trying to start his car after it breaks down Theresa McQueen and her friend Anita Roy notice Kyle, Theresa manages to fixs Kyles car, Kyle and Theresa grow close and start to have a connection, Jacqui McQueen later finds out he is dealing drugs but is later caught by the police anyway by ex cop Calvin Valentine who then bars him from The Loft nightclub. Kyle and his gang then attempt to beat Calvin up. Calvin accuses Kyle of sending him death threats, but later buys a gun from him for his own protection. On Calvin's wedding day, Kyle returns for the gun, unaware it was stolen. On the same day, Theresa, who is pregnant with Calvin's child, shoots and kills Calvin. Kyle discovers Theresa's pregnancy and that she lied he was the father. Suspicious, Kyle threatens Theresa and shouts at her until she admits she killed Calvin. Kyle is later arrested for Calvin's murder.

In February 2011 months later, Theresa feels pressured as Kyle's trial approaches. Police officer Ethan Scott tells her Kyle is continuing to say Theresa killed Calvin. Warren Fox agrees to help Theresa, so pays men to beat Kyle up in prison and free him once he is taken to hospital. Brendan Brady pretends to be Warren and questions Kyle, who tells him Theresa killed Calvin. Kyle later kidnaps Theresa and her daughter, Warren tries his best to find out where Kyle is he then later phones Kyle, Kyle tells Warren that his doing what his said realising that Brendan has protended to be Warren, Warren then attacks Brendan demanding to know where Thereasa is Brendan tells him when Warren tells Brendan Theresa and her child could be killed later Warren arrives but Kyle knocks Warren out and then locks him in the volt Warren later regains consciousness and breaks out while Kyle is threatening Carmel McQueen and Threasa after pushing Ethan down the lift shack, Kyle attack Theresa tontake her child from her however Warren shoots Kyle in the back killing him just before his lifeless body falls down the lift shaft, holding Theresa's daughter.

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  • Ethan Scott; After an Intense fight with Ethan Kyle manages to overpower Ethan pushing him down the lift shaft.

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