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Kyle Kelly was the fiancé of Nancy Osborne.


Arrival & Dealing drugs[]

Kyle is a former boyfriend of Nancy Osborne, who encounters her at a multiple sclerosis support group. The pair reminisce about the past, casting doubt over Nancy's relationship with Darren Osborne. However, when Kyle becomes homeless and Darren finds out that Kyle is gay, Darren offers him a place to stay. It is then revealed that Kyle is also a drug dealer, and ropes Darren into helping him.

Affair with Ryan[]

Even later, Kyle starts an affair with Ryan Knight the day his wife, Amy Barnes, died. He continues this affair while Ryan dates Mercedes McQueen, and eventually tells Mercedes that Ryan is gay. Ryan then gets Kyle arrested for dealing drugs. Kyle continued to write to Ryan and Ryan ignored him. Ryan eventually visits Kyle but only to warn Ste Hay, who is also in prison, that Ste's lawyer, James Nightingale, was setting Ste up for Amy's murder.

Relationship with James & Sami's revenge plan[]

A while later, Kyle runs into James Nightingale and they sleep together. Kyle is paid by Sami Maalik to get James to fall in love with him. Kyle desperately needs the money to get stem cell treatment in Mexico. When Kyle finds out about Ryan's relationship with Ste Hay , he spitefully tells Ryan's uncle, DS Geoff Thorpe, about their affair, which later results in Geoff being murdered by Ryan.

Sami reveals that the ultimate plan is for Kyle to fake his death and frame James for his murder. Kyle is reluctant to go through with it since he and James have developed real feelings for each other. Kyle soon grows tired of James's neglectfulness and tells Sami he will go ahead with the plan. Kyle drugs James and stages it so it appears James hit him in order to create a motive for his "murder." Kyle feels guilty when he sees how distressed James is and it actually makes the two of them grow closer. Sami stages the murder scene, but then Kyle has an MS attack and has to be taken to hospital. After James tells Kyle he loves him, Kyle decides he wants to be with James and tells Sami that he will no longer take part in the plan. Sami manipulates Kyle into believing that James is having an affair with Harry Thompson, which results in a nasty fight where Kyle accidentally knocks James unconscious. Sami pressures Kyle into faking his death and Kyle leaves town. James is later charged with his murder. A few months later, Kyle returns to town after he was unable to get his MS treatment and reveals everything Sami has done. Kyle wants a second chance with James, but he rejects him.

Relationship with Nancy[]

Kyle moves in with Nancy again. Kyle supports Nancy when she is going through a difficult split with Darren after discovering his affair with Mandy Richardson. Soon, Kyle and Nancy's old feelings for each other return and they sleep together. At first, both of them are enthusiastic about becoming a couple again, but then Kyle worries he might hurt Nancy and suggests they should just be friends. After some thought, Kyle decides he does want to be with Nancy and they officially become a couple.

Engagement & Nancy's pregnancy[]

In October 2019, Kyle gets jealous when Nancy supports Darren when he finds out that he isn't the biological father of Mandy's son DJ Osborne, and accuses Nancy of still having feelings for Darren, which results in an argument and Kyle walking out. A few weeks later, Kyle returns and reconciles with Nancy, unaware that Nancy slept with Darren when they were trapped in the tunnels, however he later finds out on New Year's Eve when Nancy feels guilty and tells Mandy and Kyle, which results in Kyle punching Darren in the face and ending his relationship with Nancy. Nancy chases after him and proposes to him before revealing that she's pregnant with his child. Kyle refuses Nancy's proposal and leaves, but later returns and accepts.

Miscarriage, Drug use, Supporting Darren & Depression[]

A few months later, Nancy is stabbed in the leg by a drug dealer whilst trying to break up an argument at school, which results in Nancy losing her baby. Kyle is devastated by the miscarriage and is later left upset when Nancy says that they won't be trying for a baby again. To cope with the pain, Kyle turns to local drug dealer Jordan Price for drugs. A few weeks later, Kyle deduces that Darren has depression and they promise to help each other, after Kyle reveals his own battle with depression. Kyle continues taking drugs, which results him crashing a van with Oscar Osborne in it into Jordan and Peri Lomax. Nancy arrives and tells the police that she was driving the van, but ends her relationship with Kyle. Kyle begs Nancy for a second chance, but she refuses. Kyle turns to Darren for help but Darren turns him away after confiding in Mandy about his depression, which only makes Kyle even more depressed. The next day, Kyle pleads with Nancy again to take him back and she agrees.

Death & Aftermath[]

After orchestrating the perfect day with Nancy, Charlie and Oscar, Kyle dies by suicide in The Hutch restaurant after losing his ongoing battle to depression. Darren later that night finds Kyle's body and, accompanied by a police officer, breaks the news to Nancy.

In July 2020, Kyle's funeral takes place.

Introduction Sequence[]