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Kyle Kelly is the fiancé of Nancy Osborne.


Kyle is a former boyfriend of Nancy Osborne, who encounters her at a multiple sclerosis support group. The pair reminisce about the past, casting doubt over Nancy's relationship with Darren Osborne. However, when Kyle becomes homeless and Darren finds out that Kyle is gay, Darren offers him a place to stay. It is then revealed that Kyle is also a drug dealer, and ropes Darren into helping him.

Even later, Kyle starts an affair with Ryan Knight the day his wife, Amy Barnes, died. He continues this affair while Ryan dates Mercedes McQueen, and eventually tells Mercedes that Ryan is gay. Ryan then gets Kyle arrested for dealing drugs. Kyle continued to write to Ryan and Ryan ignored him. Ryan eventually visits Kyle but only to warn Ste Hay, who is also in prison, that Ste's lawyer, James Nightingale, was setting Ste up for Amy's murder.

He meets Sami Maalik who pays him to be James' boyfriend so that he can set him up for kyle's murder to get revenge on the death of Sami's father. Although Kyle agrees at the start he changes his mind several times. Most notably when he fell in love with James, who in return announces his love for kyle. Sami is constantly trying to plant the seed of doubt by saying that James and Harry are having an affair. Seeing that Kyle was stood up on a lunch date Sami tells him that James was in the Bean with Harry. Kyle is understandable angry so confronts James. James cannot tell Kyle why as it has to do with Harry's recent arrest and as he is his solicitor there client confidentially to abide by. Whilst James denies anything happened (it didn't, James really does love kyle) Kyle packs his bag as James grabs his arm to stop him leaving. Kyle pushes James to make him let go but accidentally pushes him into a glass table and knocks him unconscious. Sami then appears and gives Kyle money and a fake passport and puts his plan back into action.

Next morning James awakes and Kyle is nowhere to be seen. Nancy comes looking for Kyle and reports him missing to the police. James is then charged for Kyle's murder and released on bail.

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Introduction SequenceEdit

  • 2017-2019: Kyle hides behind a wall in an alleyway and smiles.
  • 2019-2020: Kyle attends a party inside The Hutch with Charlie, Ella, Jack, Nancy, Oscar, Luke, Mandy and Darren.
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