Kyle Bigsby is the brother of Aiden Bigsby. Aiden and Kyle subject Dylan Jenkins to a campaign of bullying and beat up Ste Hay in a homophobic attack. They are reported to the police by Zack Loveday and are arrested and charged with ABH. Kyle later blackmails Harry Thompson into stealing exam paper answers for him. When Harry is late for giving the papers to him, Kyle sends his girlfriend, Cleo McQueen, footage of Harry in a gay bar and reveals his homosexuality. Cleo is infuriated and believes that Harry has betrayed her. Kyle then hosts two parties with drugs which Kyle believes are legal highs but are in fact illegal. Kyle tries to kiss Holly Cunningham but Holly lashes out and runs off. A few weeks later, Kyle encourages Holly to take legal highs again. However, when Jason Roscoe finds out about Kyle giving her the drugs and attempting to kiss her, he arrests him on a sexual assault charge.

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