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Kurt Benson is the son of Kirk and Juliette Benson, the brother of Ollie and Lucy Benson, and the ex-husband of Ruth Osborne.


Relationship with Natasha[]

Kurt met and fell for Natasha Andersen, who played hard to get. Kurt's brother, Ollie Benson, took Kurt's car for a joyride with Julie Matthews and Natasha's sister, Sarah. The car overheated and exploded, leaving Sarah hospitalised. Natasha rejected Kurt over this but regardless, Kurt fought for Natasha's affection, which he eventually won. At Christmas, Natasha made Kurt decide whether to spend Christmas with his family, or her family. Natasha was secretly pleased when Kurt decided to spend Christmas with her family, but was put off him when Kurt got along very well with Natasha's father, Greg.

Natasha tried to make Kurt jealous by getting close to Dermot Ashton. When Natasha was invited to Kurt's sister, Lucy's eighteenth birthday party, Dermot attended with Rob Hawthorn. Dermot and Rob decided to spike Natasha and Lucy's drinks with ecstasy so they could sleep with them. However, the pair ended up overdosing their drinks. Lucy did not drink her drink as she was distracted by the police's arrival, whilst Natasha collapsed and later died. Kurt was left distraught by Natasha's death, but soon realised who the culprits were.

Feud with Rob[]

Rob and Dermot stole from a drug dealer's lock-up, ending up in a car accident which resulted in Dermot's death. Kurt, Lucy, Carol Groves and Jambo Bolton followed Rob on a night's "work", hoping to find evidence to prove that he was behind Natasha's death. The quartet ended up delivering Rob to the drug dealers he stole from, who threw Rob from a multi-storey carpark. Rob, who sustained permanent leg injuries in the fall, swore revenge on the group.

Attempted Murder of Spike[]

Shortly before Natasha's death, Kurt met Natasha's cousin, Ruth Osborne, and was also left smitten with her. Almost a year after Natasha's death, Kurt began dating Ruth. Ruth began receiving hassle from builder Spike. Kurt defended Ruth when Spike began getting physical with Ruth, inadvertently pushing him from scaffolding and causing him to be impaled on a small piece of rubble. Kurt was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Fearing that Ruth believed he was guilty, Kurt fled to Hull. Ruth followed him, and the pair decided to marry, with Jambo and his girlfriend, Dawn Cunningham, serving as witnessed. Ruth encouraged Kurt to face his accusation, promising to stand by him. Kurt was later found not guilty of attempted murder and exonerated of all charges.

Attempted Murder of Rob[]

After Ollie Benson was killed in a car accident, Rob ended up taking advantage of Lucy's trust in him and her guilt over the accident, getting her addicted to drugs. After Lucy was rushed to hospital after Rob purposefully overdosing her, Kurt swore revenge and chased Rob to France. The pair ended up on a boat, in which a fight ensued. Rob lunged at Kurt, who moved out of the way, causing Rob to plunge into the ocean. Kurt left Rob to die, telling him "fate would determine if he lived or died".

Affair with Kate[]

Ruth and Kurt began arguing constantly over Kurt's obsession with getting revenge on Rob, and their marriage began to suffer as a result. The pair had a blazing row when Ruth went to attend a hill walk Rob had arranged, which lead to Kurt finding comfort in Ruth's step-sister, Kate Patrick, with the pair beginning an affair. Ruth went to London for a work placement, and surprised Kurt with her return. However, she walked in on Kurt in bed with Kate. Kurt tried to convince Ruth that it wasn't as it looked, but Ruth knew that Kurt was being unfaithful.

Kate and Ruth ended up getting into a fight over the affair, and in a fit of rage, Kate pushed Ruth into the swimming pool. Kurt witnessed this, grabbing Kate and attempted to drown her in retaliation.

"Death" & Aftermath[]

Ruth was shocked by Kurt's violent outburst towards Kate, and decided that the damage to their marriage was irreparable, declaring their marriage over. Kurt agreed, and made plans to leave the village. Later in the year, Lucy was visited by police, who informed her that Kurt had been killed in a jet ski accident.

Rob later returned to the village to everyone's shock, and kidnapped Lucy on the day of Kurt's funeral. He took Lucy to an abandoned nautical test facility, and revealed that he had murdered Kurt. He attempted to drown Lucy but was interrupted by Ruth, Lewis Richardson and Tony Hutchinson, who were also kidnapped, but managed to escape from Rob. It was later revealed that Rob had not murdered Kurt, and that Kurt's supposed death was an accidental hit-and-run.

Ghost Return[]

Kurt later returned as a ghost when Tony ran off to Spain with Dom Reilly, Finn and Harry Thompson. Kurt introduced Tony to his late daughter, Grace Hutchinson, who was now aged 8 in the afterlife. He offered Tony the chance to join them, but Tony declined. Kurt has since returned after faking his death.

2020 return[]

Kurt told Tony Hutchinson to meet him in the hutch in text message. Tony, who didn't know it was him, refused but Kurt won't take a no for an answer. Tony shows up and is shocked to see him. Kurt explained about how he faked his death. Kurt tries to catch up with him. He finds that Tony had slept with his sister and wife.

Kill count[]



Attempted murders[]

  1. Rob Hawthorn, c.October 1998 - Attempted to drown Rob but changed his mind at the last second.
  2. Rob Hawthorn, 16th October 1998 - Pushed Rob off a boat and left him to drown in the middle of the ocean.
  3. Kate Patrick, December 1998 - Tried to drown her in a swimming pool.



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Employment history[]

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Background information[]

  • Kurt was one of the original characters created by Phil Redmond for the show.
  • Ben Hull, who would play Lewis Richardson, also auditioned for the role of Kurt, but was offered the role of Lewis.
  • Richard Cambridge, who would later play Pete Webster, also auditioned for the role of Kurt.
  • In June 2019, actor Jeremy Edwards revealed that the March 2000 storyline which saw Luke Morgan raped by Mark Gibbs, was originally created for Kurt. However, Jeremy turned down the storyline as he felt back then, the show wouldn't have been able to cover the storyline well enough.
  • Jeremy Edwards returned in the role in 2020 for a brief guest stint. Edwards was offered a regular return, but turned the offer down to due abuse directed towards him on social media.

Introduction Sequence[]

Returning only in a recurring stint, Kurt does not appear in the introduction sequence.


— First line, upon successfully forging an invite to Louise Taylor's party.

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