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Father Kieron Hobbs was the new priest at St.Timothy's Parish Catholic Church in January 2008 and departed In the same year In September 2008 where he Is later murdered by Niall Rafferty.


Time in Hollyoaks[]

He was taken in by Myra McQueen, who offered him a room without consulting any of her family. While settling into the family, he had caught the eyes of Mercedes and Michaela McQueen. Committed to his religion, he looked out for John Paul McQueen, trying to advise him against a relationship. During an argument, Kieron came out to John Paul. Following this, John Paul threatened to out Kieron if he did not tell Myra the truth, but Kieron said he was happy with his life and stopped John Paul from telling. After a failed Evissa Fashion show at the SU bar, John Paul and Kieron bonded over beer, leading to a kiss.

The return of Craig Dean led Kieron and John Paul to separate. Some months earlier, Myra had told Kieron about the son she had given up at birth, and by September 2008, Kieron had tracked him down. On 5 September 2008, he confronted Niall, who then poisoned Kieron's drink. During Kieron's final moments, Niall confessed to putting Tina in a coma, drugging Michaela, and making Myra discover John Paul and Kieron's love affair. After Kieron died, Niall makes it look like suicide. When John Paul returned, he found Kieron's body. He called for an ambulance. John Paul sobbed as Kieron was taken away in a body bag. John paul was not told about Kieron's funeral as such it coincided with Carmel McQueen's wedding to Calvin Valentine and despite getting dressed to go to the funeral after being told about it by Niall, Jacqui convinced him to walk Carmel down the aisle and respect Kieron's family's wishes and pay his respects to Kieron some other time which he did a few days later at his graveside by leaving a voicemail on his phone which he deleted straight after. John Paul did not find out it was murder until Niall attempted to kill the McQueens in October 2008.