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Katy Fox was the sister of Warren Fox. Katy arrived in Hollyoaks to study in April 2007, and was revealed to be Warren's sister. She left in April 2008 after she discovered that Warren had murdered Sean Kennedy, and was unable to be around him any longer. In 2016, Warren revealed that Katy had died of a drug overdose in January 2014.


2007-: Arrival[]

Katy was first mentioned by her older brother, Warren Fox, whilst having a conversation with Justin Burton. He said that she and Louise Summers were his only weaknesses. Katy arrived in the village in April 2007. Justin took a liking to Katy as soon as she entered the village but soon changed his mind after finding out she was Warren's sister. Katy received £1,000 from brother Warren as a bribe to move back to America, but she refused to leave and took the money anyway. Katy fancied Justin but he told her to stop 'hassling him', so she left him alone. However, she wasn't yet aware of why he was so scared of her brother, Warren. Katy has begun working for her brother Warren at The Loft, but he got angry when a customer tried it on with her. Warren punched the customer and told him he would "kill him if he tried it on with his little sister again".

2007-2008: Relationship with Justin Burton[]

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2008-: Departure[]

In April 2008, Katy decided she was going to leave Hollyoaks for good. As she was waiting for her taxi, Justin stopped her and they had a tearful farewell. As Katy got into her taxi, Justin told her that he would always love her. As Katy was on her way out of Hollyoaks, Louise and Warren stopped the taxi and Louise violently dragged Katy out of the car, and Warren and Katy had a talk. Warren desperately tried to persuade Katy to stay in Hollyoaks but she refused as she could not cope with lying about Sean Kennedy. Katy then got into the taxi and left Hollyoaks for good.


In 2016, when Warren was released from prison, he informed Sienna Blake that Katy had died whilst he was incarcerated in January 2014. It was later revealed that Katy had died of a heroin overdose from heroin supplied to her by Warren's son, Joel Dexter, as well as Bart McQueen. When Warren learned of this in April 2017, he beat Bart to death. Warren discovered Joel's role in her death after Myra McQueen found a video of Katy's death, which she showed to Warren to hurt him and get him to turn on his son.

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