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Kathleen-Angel Khloe McQueen is the daughter of Theresa McQueen and Calvin Valentine, and the half-sister of Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen. She was conceived during an affair between the pair. After discovering that she was pregnant, Theresa fatally shot Calvin.



Theresa McQueen began an affair with Calvin Valentine in late 2009, at the same time Calvin was having an affair with Mercedes McQueen. In May 2010, Theresa discovered that she was pregnant. She shot Calvin on his wedding day to Carmel McQueen, and he died of his injuries. Carmel was prepared to turn Theresa into the police, until Carmel learned that Theresa was pregnant. Carmel then agreed to keep quiet, instead deciding to turn Theresa into the police after she had given birth.


Theresa went into labour in October 2010 whilst attending a party at Liam and Nathan McAllister's mansion. Theresa gave birth to a daughter, and Nancy Hayton informed Carmel of the news. Carmel was prepared to turn Theresa into the police, but was again convinced to change her mind, telling Theresa that she wouldn't go to the police so long that Theresa would give her the baby.

Carmel ended up taking the baby, but Mercedes blackmailed her, threatening to have Carmel arrested for child abduction if she does not change her mind and give the baby back to Theresa.

Carmel wanted the baby to be named "Angel Valentine" against Theresa's wishes. Theresa's mother, Kathleen McQueen, locked Myra McQueen in a room to prevent her from stopping her from naming the baby Kathleen-Angel Khloe McQueen, to spite Carmel.

Lift Fall[]

In February 2011, Theresa and Kathleen-Angel were kidnapped by Kyle Ryder, seeking revenge for being imprisoned for Calvin's murder. Theresa managed to call Carmel and Ethan Scott, and Warren Fox was also alerted. After Ethan failed to stop Kyle, Warren fatally shot Kyle, who fell down into in a lift shaft whilst holding Kathleen-Angel. Kathleen-Angel was rescued before the shaft fell.

Kathleen-Angel later took a turn for the worse in hospital and ended up being rushed into intensive care. She began to make a recovery and the doctor later decided to take out the breathing tube to see if Kathleen-Angel could breathe unaided, which she did.

Little Sister & Carmel's Death[]

In October 2014, Theresa gives birth to Dodger Savage's daughter and Kathleen-Angel's half sister, Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen. In November 2014, after the McQueen train crash which killed Carmel, Kathleen-Angel is seen to be upset at the hospital after John Paul tells her that Carmel has died.


In March 2016, Kathleen-Angel is seen talking to Theresa asking where they are going and Theresa smiles at her and tells her they are going home and she smiles back at her. She makes her last appearance in a taxi cab with Theresa and Myra-Pocahontas leaving Hollyoaks and moving to Alicante.


In 2018, Theresa later informed Liberty Savage that Dodger is now living with her and is a good father to their daughter and a good father figure to Kathleen-Angel.

2021 Return[]

In May 2021, Kathleen-Angel returns to the village after Nana McQueen picks her up from the airport. Theresa is delighted to see her daughter and says she is the miracle she needs right now. Kathleen-Angel says she is aware that there is a lot going on, with her uncle John Paul McQueen in prison for the murder of his fiancé George Kiss, when in reality the killer is Sally St. Claire. Theresa says that her aunties will always be there for her.

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Nana's havin' a row with the taxi driver! She says that he's ripped her off by comin' the long way.
— First line upon returning in 2021.

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