Justin Burton was a character on Hollyoaks. He was played by Chris Fountain. Justins main storylines Involve his relationship with Becca Dean and Hannah Ashworth and the death of his sisters Mel Burton and Sophie Burton also his Involvement In criminal activity with Warren Fox also being the culprit In Who Pushed Clare Storyline, Justin made his first appearance on 3 November 2003 and left on the 3 June 2009 although he was credited a flashback on the 1 December 2010, Justin has not seen or heard from since his depature maybe a few times by Hannah Ashworth.

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Justin arrives with his mother Liz, identical twin sisters Mel and Sophie, Liz's partner Richard Taylor and his children Darlene and Ali. Justin often rivals with the pair and always finds it hard to accept the Taylor clan as part of his family. Justin's world is torn apart after he discovers that his father had committed suicide, as Justin thought he died of a heart attack. Feeling confused of why his father had done this and angry that his mother had hid the truth.

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Justin's behaviour goes out of control as he begins to take drugs and skips school. Justin starts stealing from his family to pay for his drug habit and his bad attitude begins to unsettle the family. Justin starts to hang around the wrong crowd, including his new best friend, Macki, who Justin buys his drugs from. Macki encourages Justin to distract the others in their class including Justin's stepbrother Ali and his friend Nicole Owen. It is not long before his actions take a serious effect. During Darlene's 18th birthday, Justin pushes her through a window which leaves her face scarred. Liz tries to force him to apologise so Justin hits her. This leaves Liz with no choice and she forces Justin to go to a boot camp.

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