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Juliet has been on and off bullying fellow student Brooke Hathaway going as far as to say that her autism is a curse.


On Juliet’s 16th birthday Juliet finds out that her real father is the sinister Mac Nightingale after being told all her life that her father worked on a ship. This leads to Juliet falling out with her brother Romeo Quinn after he had always given her a card from ‘her father’ on her birthday telling her about his travels, when in fact it was Romeo that had been writing the cards.

Crush on Darren OsborneEdit

One day Juliet’s class is given the task of writing poems about each other and when she doesn’t have a partner she is put with Oliver Morgan and Brooke Hathaway who hate her. They all go back to Ollie’s house and after an argument betwween Juliet and Ollie Darren Osborne feels bad for Juliet, tells off Ollie and comforts Juliet when she tells him about her family issues. This is the start of her crush on him. In the end Brooke and Juliet write the poems about each other and Darren and Ollie write the poems about each other.

When Juliet goes to hand all the poems in to the teacher, Brooke catches Juliet putting the poem Darren had wrote about Ollie into her bag and she starts to believe Juliet has a crush on her boyfriend. When Brooke confronts her Juliet denies this, says she doesn’t date teenagers, then says she could get Ollie if she wanted to. Brooke tells Juliet that the only reason Ollie is hanging out with her is because he feels bad about her family issues; Brooke accuses Juliet of lying about this and says she will expose Juliet, however she regrets this when she overhears Juliet’s mother (Donna-Marie Quinn) talking about her prostitution with Mac.

After finding out that he might not be the father of Mandy Morgan’s child, Darren goes out drinking. Donna-Marie sees how drunk he is and takes the opportunity to try and get money from him. Donna-Marie persuades a drunken Darren to go back to her house and ,after trying to seduce him into paying for her services, he passes out on the sofa and Donna-Marie steals his money. Juliet finds Darren passed out on the sofa with his shirt half off and she takes a picture of herself in his arms.

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