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Julie Matthews was the girlfriend of Tony Hutchinson and was later engaged to him, although she left him at the altar at their wedding in August 1997 (secretly to Tony's delight). When she returned in 2002, she was given a job at Gnosh Village by Tony and later become engaged to him. She later discovered Tony was also engaged to Izzy Davies. He tells her he wants to be with her but she reveals that she only wanted him so she could steal his money for her boyfriend who is in prison and leaves. Tina Reilly throws a surprise party for Tony in 2007 and invites everyone in his address book, however Tony is tipped off when old friend Jambo Bolton sends him a text saying he could not make it. Sending invites to everyone meant Tony's ex-fiancées, Julie, Izzy, and Tessie Thompson. Julie arrives and tries to make amends but Tony sends her away. In 2018, Tony stayed with Julie for two months, struggling to cope with his daughter Dee Dee's diagnosis.

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