Juanita Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz

Juanita martinez

First Appearance
19 September 2016
Last Appearance
30 September 2016
Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz (Son)
Starling Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz (Brother)
Portrayed By

Juanita Salvador Martinez Henrandez De La Cruz is the mother of Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz, she is portrayed by Jacey Salles. She made her first appearance on the 19 September 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Juanita has been billed as "a glamorous and feisty woman with an iron will, who always wanted the best for her son".

Arrival Edit

Diego phones Juanita, agreeing with her that they haven't spoke in a long time. Juanita arrives in Hollyoaks and demands to meet Diego's new fiancé. Myra introduces herself, but Celine walks in. Juanita realises she is a nurse. Myra realises she isn't good enough for Juanita, and tells Juantia that Celine is marrying Diego.

Departure Edit

At Diego and Celine's "wedding", Myra arrives and explains that she's the one Diego should be marrying. Juanita stands up and tells Myra to leave. Myra takes a stand and tells Juanita to shut up and insults her. Juanita, outraged, leaves in disgrace. Everyone cheers.

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