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Jordan Price was the cousin of Sid Sumner who was first seen in December 2019 when he sells drugs to Sid. Jordan's arrival to Hollyoaks causes his boss, Victor Brothers to target the youths of the area to sell drugs.



Jordan's mum died of cancer, and Jordan was left to be raised by his father, an unemployed alcoholic, in their council flat.

2019-2020: Role in Countylines[]

Jordan arrived in the village in December 2019 to sell Sid Sumner ketamine. He then left, but returned in January 2020 after Sid asked to borrow cash from Jordan to spend on a night out with Juliet Quinn. Jordan also tried to give Sid some drugs, but Sid refused, with Juliet having been put off by drug-taking after suffering a bad reaction to ketamine. Jordan asked Sid about his new foster home and life since the death of his father, Stuart, and told Sid that he was pleased that Sid was doing fine.

Jordan later revealed to Sid that his foster mother, Leela Lomax, had allowed them to stay with the family. He later told Sid of his plans for him and his gang to target Hollyoaks High School, attempting to sell drugs to and getting some of the students to deal drugs for them. Jordan tried to convince Sid into helping him, but Sid refused, so Jordan decided to try get Juliet to help him instead, unknown to Sid. Juliet took a massive liking to Jordan when he began showing an interest with her.

One of Jordan's gang members, Mason, was caught on school grounds by Imran Maalik, whom he tried but failed to sell drugs too. The pair ended up fighting, in which Sid and teacher Nancy Osborne tried to separate the pair, and Nancy ended up getting stabbed by Mason, who fled the scene. Jordan disposed of the knife for Mason, but made Mason return the shoes that Jordan had purchased for him.

Jordan later befriended Juliet when she turned on her family after discovering that her mother, Donna-Marie Quinn, had been framed for the murder of Mac Nightingale. Jordan later convinced Juliet to deal drugs for him, which she agreed. However, Sid and Juliet were almost caught during a locker search at the school by George Kiss.

Jordan later made Juliet sell drugs at Gentry Park Academy, where she was caught with a wad of cash by P.C. Kiss, who arrested her on suspicion of possession with intent to supply. Juliet managed to get released without charge, but she changed her mind about dealing for Jordan. Jordan had Juliet's brother, Romeo Nightingale, attacked. He warned Juliet about backing out, so she agreed to continue dealing for him.

Juliet and Sid split when Juliet began secretly developing feelings for Peri Lomax, whom Jordan was dating. Jordan set up Sid to deal to an "addict", who robbed Sid. Jordan exaggerated what happened to Juliet and convinced her to accompany Sid when he arranged for them to stay at a holiday home by the coast.

Jordan had Sid and Juliet visit a man named Danny at Elicho House, to deal drugs to him. However, Juliet got into an argument with one of Danny's employees, and stole her phone. Danny was furious and almost stabbed Sid (but was interrupted by Ollie Morgan and Imran Maalik), and accused Jordan of trying to rip him off. Jordan was furious, but even more so when Marnie Nightingale became suspicious of Juliet. Jordan made Juliet cut off ties with Marnie, which resulted in her moving in with the Lomaxes.

Sid began playing an online game with Charlie Dean, and Jordan lead Charlie to believe that Sid was befriending him, so that Jordan could get closer to him. Jordan began sending Charlie messages through Sid's account.

Juliet loses the drugs and told Victor, Jordan told her to sell the gear. Victor gets furious with Jordan. Jordan asks Victor to get hands on some masks and agrees. They attempt to rob Salon de the. However, it fails. Victor gets more furious with Jordan and tells Juliet about Marnie's fright. Juliet gives Marnie's necklace to Victor. This infuriates Jordan. Jordan tells Sid if she isn't careful she is going to end up in her body bag. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Leela to leave with him but get stopped by the police and they both get arrested.

Jordan catches Charlie and Ella Richardson under the table in The Hutch and they get scared so Charlie gets the knife and as the countdown was happening Jordan was trying to get the knife off him and within the last second of the countdown Charlie stabbed Jordan and it was the new year. Soon after that Ella stabbed Jordan from behind which killed him instantly causing him to die on New Years Day. Afterwards, Charlie hid the knife and confessed to the police that he was the one who killed Jordan to protect Ella.

2020-2021: Death aftermath[]

Not long after Charlie is charged a guilty Ella confesses to killing Jordan to her mother Mandy also Luke Morgan finds out where Mandy tells him and he is left torn on what to do. Nancy Hayton tries her best to ask Ella what really happened and due to this Mandy outs Charlie out as been Jordan's killer on a news article forum which people are shocked to find out it was Charlie who 'killed' Jordan.

During all that Jordan's cousin, Sid. Attempts to bring down Jordan's ex boss, Victor. from the inside by working for Victor to sell drugs but not before Ella confesses to killing Jordan to Victor.

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