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Joel Dexter is the son of Marie Fielding and Warren Fox, and the half-brother of twins Sebastian and Sophie Blake. He was initially portrayed by Andrew Still from November 2011 to January 2013 and currently played by Rory Douglas-Speed from September 2016 onwards.

Joel went from law breaker to law abider. In his first stint Joel's storylines where that surrounding crime such as drug dealing and even attempting murder. While away Joel had met his estranged aunt Katy Fox and the two developed a drug addiction however, Joel provided Katy with a fatal does and this would later lead to Katy's death and after this Joel went from a scaly committing crime to a priest. Since returning in 2016, Joel has built back a relationship with his father Warren and has his fair share of relationships most notably that of the McQueen women as Theresa, Cleo and Goldie have all been in relationships with Joel and since his return Joel has also so far kept quiet about three murders his father has committed in Bart McQueen, Cormac Ranger and Brody Hudson. By January 2022, Joel had enough of his fathers crimes after finding out he murdered Brody and this would lead Joel to run over his father nearly killing him.


1993-2011: Backstory[]

Joel was born to Marie Fielding and gangster Warren Fox but Marie didn't tell Warren about Joel as she didn't want him in her child's life. Joel was then taken in by his abusive stepfather Mick Cornus. Joel was often beat up by Mick with his mother not doing anything to help him until Joel turned 16 finally snapped and beat up Mick but this would lead Joel to be sent to a young offenders spending months inside.

2011: Arrival & Getting to know and taking down Warren[]

Joel arrives in Hollyoaks in November 2011 after he is employed by Cheryl Brady as the new DJ for Chez Chez. Joel gets off on the wrong foot with Warren Fox when Warren catches Joel in his office, Joel is then later confronted by a furious Warren when he questions Joel on who he is this leads Joel to reveal to Warren that he is his son. The next day Joel puts up with people telling him how feared and dangerous Warren is and after a confrontation with Warren. Joel meets Warren's friend in Theresa McQueen and she convinces both to get a DNA test the two men do and it comes back that Joel is in fact Warren's son. The two then decide to get to know one another.

Joel later befriends Maddie Morrison and has a run in with Callum Kane and when Brendan Brady returns from prison he attempts to get to know Joel in a bid to try and find a weakness in Warren as Joel is unaware that he's right in the middle of Warren and Brendan's dangerous feud. Joel gets along with his fathers girlfriend, Mitzeee Minniver and even defends her when Warren is aggressive towards her. By December 2011. Warren gives Joel a gun and tells him to kill Brendan with it Joel is on Warren's side and later pulls the gun out on Brendan and Brendan mentions Louise Summers and that she was pregnant when Warren killed her. Joel is later seen knocking Warren out from behind as Warren was about to kill Brendan at the end of their fight but Joel isn't best pleased when Brendan does not thank him for his involvement despite pointing out Brendan would be dead if it wasn't for him this leads Joel to leave the village for some weeks.

2012-2013: Life of Crime, Relationship with Theresa, Facing Mick and Departure[]

Joel returns in February 2012 and reveals to a stunned Brendan while he was away he visited Warren and he has signed over his half to the club to Joel, this angers Brendan and Joel clashes with him especially when Brendan does his best to buy Joel's half of the club off him however Joel makes it's clear that he does not want to sell and what Brendan is offering him is too low. Joel also gets a frosty welcome from Mitzeee. Joel ends up dating Theresa again but Joel punches Will Savage whom is jealous of Joel and Theresa's relationship. Joel is told by Theresa that they can no longer be in a relationship.

Joel is offered to move in with Brendan who wants to befriend Joel, Joel accepts Brendan's offer having no where else to stay. Joel again finds himself in a confrontation this time with Callum Kane as his younger sister Lacey told Callum that Joel kissed her however Joel turned her down as she tried to kiss him. Soon after Joel notices how much Brendan makes in the side-line of the club therefore Joel offers to work with Brendan to do some gang activity for him, Brendan at first is against letting Joel carry out criminal job's for him but soon comes round to the idea so Joel is unknowingly set up by Brendan when Brendan enlists a contact of his named Dave to beat up Joel during a job however is left surprised when Joel impresses Dave by not backing down. Joel is then opted in by Brendan.

Joel decides to make a stamp on the club and ends up organising a theme night at the club but it doesn't go quite to plan as Joel's friend Bart McQueen ends up inviting a lot of underage teens to the event and on top of that Joel attacks Callum in the party as he finds out he had kissed Theresa. After the event Joel is angry with Bart and as a way of making Bart make it up to him Joel forces Bart to grow cannabis for him. Joel finds himself in danger when Brendan's friend Simon Walker backs out of a job him and Brendan had planned and in a bid to impress Brendan, Joel puts himself forward for the job. Joel ends up being stabbed by a gangster named Sampson as well as later being kidnapped by him however Sampson would later flee in a bid to escape prison.

By September 2012, Joel is not too pleased when he sees his mother Marie and further more when his abusive stepfather Mick arrives, later on Mick kidnaps Theresa and this leads to both Joel and Brendan to beat up Mick and later tie him up and hang him from the top of a lighthouse Joel decides to let Mick go after scaring him but Brendan accidentally pushes him off seemingly killing Mick. Joel is shocked but decides to help Brendan get rid of Mick's body and the two meet up with Walker who kills Mick when its seen his still alive while Joel and Brendan aren't around. By January 2013, Brendan orders Joel to kill his father Seamus and he will pay him £250,000. Joel later attacks Seamus thinking he killed him however Seamus survives to attack this leads Joel to be attacked by Brendan and take the cash off Joel and as revenge Joel enlists Bart in attempt to take the cash from Brendan again he catches both boys in the act and threatens them both to leave the village or he will kill them. Joel leaves with Bart leaving their respective girlfriends in Theresa and Sinead O'Connor behind.

2016-2017: Return, Role in Katy's Death & Meeting Cleo[]

Joel returns to Hollyoaks after three years in September 2016 after being contacted by new detective Ryan Knight as Joel is known to Ryan over past charges to do with drugs. Joel is contacted in a effort for Ryan to get information from Warren over the death of Patrick Blake which Ryan believes Warren has some information giving his relationship with Patrick's daughter, Sienna Blake. Warren sees Joel against the village wall and the two have a frosty reunion during this reunion Joel tells Warren he doesn't regret helping to put him away while Warren tells Joel he would like to get to know him again. Joel is also revealed to be a vicar having previously been embroiled in crime. Joel departs the village after seeing his father. After the death of Sienna's daughter, Nico Blake. Joel is targeted by Sienna in a revenge attempt as she blamed Warren for Nico's death. Joel unknowingly helps his fathers girlfriend through her grief and the two become good friends however Joel ends up rejecting Sienna when she attempts to kiss him. Later on when Sienna tells Warren someone is stalking her at the church she's been attending to see Joel. Warren goes looking for this person only to find Joel and Joel decides to give Warren a chance to prove he's changed. Joel would later click on who Sienna is and she attacks Joel by knocking him unconscious in the garage which is accidentally set on fire with Joel inside. Warren learns that Joel is inside and saves him later Joel tells Warren of Sienna's plan this leads to Warren to try and kill Sienna but is talked out of it by Joel who tells Warren he'd met Katy while he was in prison.

Joel is shocked when he sees his old criminal friend in Shane Sweeney in January 2017 and Joel begins to be blackmailed by Shane over a secret and the secret is revealed when Joel calls Shane's bluff when Joel is showing a video of him along with Bart supplying Katie the heroin and her dying revealing Joel had caused Katie's death. Joel is then told by Shane to get him cash or he will show Warren the video. Joel tells Sienna that Shane is blackmailing him and this leads to Sienna setting up Shane for a kidnapping but Joel is happy when Shane flees from the village and Warren. Joel does his best to stop Warren getting to Shane but after Joel grows closer with Cleo McQueen. Joel and Warren find Cleo high on heroin in Bart's house and this leads Warren to suspect that Bart supplied Katy the drugs and Joel tells his father that Bart did indeed supply Katie the drugs thinking this would get Warren off his back but Joel is devastated to learn that his lie led to Warren murdering Bart in a fit of rage.

Joel focuses on his relationship with Cleo and they have a few ups and downs they are involved in a collision between Joel's motorcycle and Cleo's cousins, Prince car later when Cleo goes back on drugs this leads to Joel punching Shane and later agrees to help Darren Osborne get rid of Shane but things get heated when Cleo is kidnapped by Shane as revenge however Joel and Darren manage to track him down Joel ends up locked in the place Cleo is kept in and the two confess their love for one another and they end up escaping when Darren finds them and the three are chased by Shane whom is armed with a gun and when Shane catches up with Cleo and holds her over the cliff top, Joel pushes Shane but falls with him Joel seems okay but the three are led to believe Shane is dead however this isn't the case as when they go back he's not there. Despite the McQueen's not being a fan of their relationship Joel and Cleo stick by one another and they later decide to move to Tanzania but by November 2017 Joel is shocked when Bart's body is found and Warren is finally exposed but Myra exposes Joel's secret about him causing Katy's death by showing Warren the video this leads to Joel being kidnapped by Warren but Tony Hutchinson manages to talk Warren down later on Joel let's Warren depart the village with new born Sophie Blake.

2017-2020: Many Relationships[]

After Warren's departure Joel keeps quite about letting Warren leave the village but he ends up supporting Sienna through her child being kidnapped as well as battling cancer. Joel starts to look after his younger brother Sebastian. Joel and Sienna grow closer throughout all of this and eventually end up sleeping together after which Joel takes Sienna out on new years eve to help Sienna overcome her anxiety over losing her hair. Later a jealous Cleo tells Sienna Joel let Warren leave with her daughter this leads Sienna to believe that Joel is working for Warren which isn't the case however Joel with the help of Maggie Kinsella manage to persuade Sienna that she's safe. However in May 2018. Joel is shocked to learn that Warren returned to take Sebastian as well as finding out that Nico has returned and is killed by Sienna.

During and after the whole Warren and Sienna drama. Joel attempts to build back up his relationship with Cleo and after a number of attempts Joel and Cleo eventually reconcile there relationship but Joel discovers that Cleo is battling bulimia and even though Joel finds it difficult he supports Cleo and Joel and Cleo eventually decide to get married but Joel sees that Pete Buchanan who abused Cleo sexually and emotionally as a child has sent her a letter this leads Joel to go to the prison Pete is in and confront him and eventually beats up Pete. By 2019, Joel embarks on a affair with Cleo's cousin Goldie McQueen but the two are eventually caught by July 2019.

Joel later discovers that both Mercedes McQueen and Liam Donovan had ran over Grace Black and pinned it on Harry Thompson. Joel confronts Mercedes and orders her to come clean but Liam jumps Joel and takes his phone this leads Joel to be sent to Hospital but manages to be okay. Joel is also attacked by serial killer Breda McQueen but again manages to survive. Joel is also a suspect when Mercedes is shot but he is cleared when its revealed to be Grace and James Nightingale.

2020-2022: Warren's Return, Kissing Cleo & Covering Crimes[]

When Warren returns in January 2020. Joel is revealed to have kept in contact with his dad and helps him settle the twins in Hostpital when its revealed that Sebastian has leukaemia. Joel isn't best pleased when he finds out Warren has kidnapped Brody and has him locked away but after Sienna discovers Warren's plan to leave after treatment, Sienna takes the twins and leaves, Joel along with Brody help Warren look for Sienna in Manchester. Joel discovers his fathers past as he reveals a kid use to bully him. When Joel returns he focuses more on his relationship with Goldie but allows Warren to move in The Dog. In March 2020, Joel stops Warren from killing Liam. By the end of 2020 Joel and Goldie's relationship ends after Joel toys with his feelings over Cleo and Theresa however does not get back with either of them.

In March 2021, Joel discovers that Warren was involved in a heist with Felix and Brad King after Joel helps Katja overcome her anxiety over the heist. By August 2021, Joel realises that his fathers new business partner and friend Fergus Collins isn't who he says he is he pleads with Warren to stop falling for Fergus' manipulation but when Joel discovers that Warren has killed Cormac Ranger and has attacked Walter Deveraux despite giving Warren an alibi over Walter. Joel orders Warren to hand himself in or he will do it for him this leads Warren to threaten Cleo's life as he knows Joel is still in love with her this leads Joel to check on Cleo and the two kiss much to the annoyance of Cleo's boyfriend Toby Faroe but Joel makes it clear it meant nothing and Cleo opts to be with Toby anyway.

Joel along with Felix try to help Warren as he falls in deeper with Fergus' schemes and the two eventually spy on Fergus. Joel stops Warren from shooting Felix and he and Felix finally convince Warren that Fergus is playing him and hiding a secret. Joel and Warren convince Felix to trick Fergus into thinking Warren had killed him however Fergus discovers the truth when he spots Felix in the village. Joel manages to get a hacker he knows to hack into Fergus' operation 'Bluebird'. Joel eventually discovers that Fergus is a pervert that exploits women through the Dark web through camera operations and discovers that he has one in his fathers now girlfriend Maxine Minniver house. Joel tells a shocked Warren. Joel does his best to prove his fathers innocent when Warren is set up by Fergus and is sent to prison Joel manages to convince Maxine to help after Felix backs out and starts to terrorise Fergus.

Joel along with Sienna and Maxine are left worried when Warren is attacked in prison and sent to Hospital. Joel is then left trying to prove his fathers innocent again when he's arrested for the murder of Timmy Simons who was in fact murdered by Fergus. Joel is pleased when Warren is released from prison after Katja gave vital evidence. Joel is left expecting the worse by January 2022 after Warren is involved in a hit and run Joel tells both Sienna and Maxine they need to prepare for the worse however Warren survives but Joel is left shocked when Warren in his comatose state confesses to murdering Brody. The next day Joel confronts Warren and decides not to go to the Police. Joel helps his father yet again after he has a seizure and gets Misbah Maalik to help Warren also after this Warren tells Joel he wants his help to become a better man.

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Kill Count[]


  1. Katy Fox, 2nd January 2014 (manslaughter) - Joel supplies a heavy amount of heroin to Katy which ends up killing her. Revealed in February 2017.

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Brendan Brady, 23rd December 2011 - When Joel's dad Warren Fox wants Brendan dead Warren gives the gun to Joel the very gun Warren killed Kyle Ryder with 11 months prior, Joel prepares to shoot Brendan however, Brendan tells Joel that Louise was pregnant thus changing Joel's mind and swap sides from his dad to help Brendan and Mitzeee.
  2. Seamus Brady, 4th January 2013 - Knocked him unconscious with a baseball bat and dragged him into a shack in the woods then set it on fire on the orders of Brendan, but Seamus regained consciousness and escaped.
  3. Shane Sweeney, 23rd August 2017 - Pushed him off a sand dune in defence of Cleo McQueen, causing him to hit his head on a rock but he survived.
  4. Warren Fox, 20th January 2022 - Ran Warren down with a car in anger after discovering that his father killed Brody Hudson.

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