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Jodie Wilde was the friend of Texas Longford, and was a beautician who worked in the village between December 2011 and September 2012.


In December 2011, Jodie arrived to meet Texas, who introduced her to Doug Carter. Jodie agreed to meet up with Doug again for a drink. When Jodie and DOug met up, Doug presumed they were on a date and when it became clear he was not over his late girlfriend, Jodie told him she was not interested in him romantically. Jodie then slept with Dodger Savage, who was surprised at her willingness to have a one-night stand. Jodie also made friends with Amy Barnes and Michaela McQueen, the latter initially taking a disliking to Jodie. Jodie and Dodger began to flirt again but she rebuffed Dodger's advances. However, later, Jodie and Dodger slept together again and Jodie admitted that it meant something to her. She told Texas she that she could do better than Dodger. When both Dodger and Doug competed for her affections, she arranged a night out with them and invited Texas. While both men wait, Texas told Jodie that she should chose which one she wants, Jodie agreed and grabs Texas and kissed her, who reciprocated.

Jodie sensed that Texas was awkward around her and tried to resolve the situation. Texas told her that she is straight and did not appreciate Jodie using her to make Dodger jealous. Jodie told Texas that she actually liked her. Jodie enlisted Texas and Dodger to help on her dance assignment. When Texas turned out to be a bad dancer, she asked Theresa McQueen to take her place. Texas became jealous and got drunk, Jodie helped her into bed and they lent in for a kiss. Waking up together the next morning, Jodie told a relieved Texas that they did nothing sexual. Jodie helped Texas out on her photography course work, but failed her own assignment. On a night out, Texas became jealous of Jodie, who was flirting with Theresa. Texas kissed Jodie, but the following day Texas refused to talk about their encounter. Texas later decided to start a relationship with Jodie, but then becomes confused about Dodger once again and dumped Jodie, but they agreed to remain friends. Jodie later left the village. She did not return for Texas's funeral when Texas was murdered in May 2013.

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  • Actress Montana Manning announced her departure via Twitter, with producer Emma Smithwick revealing that it was always the intention to have Jodie depart the series.

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