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Jodie Nash was a student at Hollyoaks Community College, who arrived in the village to attend the school alongside brother Jamie Nash and best friend Nick O'Connor. Jodie was a tomboy who had a love/hate relationship with Jamie, and a special kind of friendship with Nick, however her love life was a disaster.

Jodie dated Max Cunningham, however their relationship never progressed and ended up ending. When Jamie was killed in a van accident in November 2002, Jodie became confused and slept with Nick. This caused further problems as Jodie questioned if she had romantic feelings for Nick, whilst Nick was questioning his sexuality. Jodie decided to take a break and temporarily leave Hollyoaks.

When Jodie returned, she proved to be a more flirtatious and more assertive. She decided to remain as friends with Nick, but embarked on one night stands with Max and Jake Dean. She then began a short-lived relationship with Kristian Hargreaves. Jodie was disappointed when she discovered she failed her course and decided life in Hollyoaks didn't suit her, saying goodbye to Nick and leaving the village for good.