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Jesse Donovan was the son of Tracey and Glenn Donovan, the brother of Adam and Liam Donovan, the half-brother of Clare Devine, Grace Black and Toby Wilde, the husband of Courtney Campbell and the adoptive father of Iona Donovan. Jesse adopted Iona in late 2019 - her biological father being Liam. Jesse died in January 2020 from alcohol poisoning after getting intoxicated after his wedding to Courtney.


1993-2016: Backstory

To be added.

2016-2017: Arrival and Relationship with Celine McQueen

Jesse arrives first impersonating a police officer, after Celine McQueen and Tegan Lomax leave Liam Donovan naked in a hot tub. Jesse returns to Liam and Adam and the three leave. Jesse and Celine start a relationship together, Jesse and Celine are fine until Celine starts a pretend a relationship and engagement with Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz. To impress Juanita Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz, Diego's mother. Celine dumps him, in favour of marrying Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz, unaware it is a scam so the McQueen family can inherit Diego's multimillion-pound inheritance. At the wedding, they do not marry because Celine cannot go through with it, but when she confesses this to Jesse, he chooses not to date her. They are officially not dating anymore.

2017-2020: Darcy, Courtney and Goldie

When Darcy returns to Adam's life and he rejected her, Darcy starts a relationship with Jesse. Being committed, Darcy breaks his heart after announcing that she and Adam come back. Time after, Jesse helps Goldie to leave the village. During that time, Jesse become closer to Courtney Campbell. Goldie returns to Hollyoaks but is arrested and sent to jail. During the time that Jesse waits for her, start a relationship with Courtney. When Goldie returns again, gets angry with Jesse. But, Jesse cheats Courtney with her. After Courtney left him, she and Goldie plans a revenge against him, but Jesse talks to Courtney and she forgives him.

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Police, open up. D.S. Donnelly.
— First line to Celine McQueen and Tegan Lomax, impersonating a police officer.

— Final line, while looking at a photo of him and Courtney.

Background Information

Introduction Sequence

  • 2016: Jesse jumps at a circus with Liam as red mist surfaces.
  • 2016-2017: Jesse jumps off the steps as Liam jumps off the balcony into the park.
  • 2017-2019: Jesse uses a strength tester at a fair.
  • 2019-2020: Jesse controls a DJ stand whilst holding Iona.

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