Jennifer "Jen" Gilmore, played by Amy Downham, debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 13th April 2012 and departed a year later on 4th April 2013.

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Will Martin from CultBox said that Jen is a "bohemian" teacher and a "fiery newcomer". Hill reported that Jen would soon become romantically involved with her pupil Tilly Evans, Dixon told Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy that Jen arrives to view an art event organised by Tilly. Jen catches Tilly's attention and she wants to find out more about her. Dixon explained that Jen is an art teacher and "she gives her blunt opinion" on Tilly's work; which gets the pair of to a "bad start". However, they meet again and Jen invites Tilly along to Crosby Beach to view Another Place

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Jen arrives to view an art exhibition in College Coffee and criticises Tilly's work. She later asks Tilly to accompany her to the beach to view statues. They grow close and end up kissing. Tilly tells her that she is studying at HCC; unaware that Jen has secured a job as a student teacher at her sixth form college. Jen moves in with Diane O'Connor.

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Jen tells Tilly that she cannot risk her job by dating a student. Jen presumes Tilly is talking about her and dismisses her from a lesson. Tilly attends Jen's debate in an attempt to flaunt her intelligence. She later apologises to Jen for trying to put her career in jeopardy and tries to kiss her. Jen tells her they can just be friends. In the end, Tilly and Jen get back together secretly. Diane founds out about it and tells Jen to stay away from Tilly. Tilly and Jen keep seeing each other untobeknown that Diane is secretly watching them from a distance.

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A year later, Tilly overhears Jen calling Esther unstable and a freak, and so Tilly and Esther plot their revenge. They sabotage Jen's presentation by adding photos of her and Tilly together, which she unknowingly shows during an open evening (to an audience which includes new head teacher Patrick Blake) and she is fired. Tilly, Esther, Ruby and Sinead then get her arrested, and her and Tilly finally apologise to each other as she is taken away.

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