Jay Johnson was a client of Glenn Donovan, who threatened to stop purchasing drugs off of Glenn after Shane Sweeney confessed to the murder of Geoff Thorpe. Glenn tried to convince him to stay, but after Jay found out that Grace Black was business partner, he refused to buy from him. Grace later convinced Jay to return, flirting with him to try and get the deal back on. After seeing Grace flirt with Farrah Maalik, Jay told Glenn that he'll buy the drugs off of him - if he can sleep with Grace. The next day as Grace prepared to sleep with him, Glenn recorded them, before blackmailing Jay. Jay agreed to go back into business with Glenn, but as he left, he lied that Grace wanted to sleep with him.

Glenn agreed to sell some stolen tablets to Jay, but Jay backed out of the deal after receiving a tip-off that the police knew about the deal. Jay then informed Glenn, who discovered that the person who delivered the tip-off was his son, Adam Donovan. When Jay learned that Glenn had killed Adam, Jay congratulated him - unaware that Glenn told Grace that Jay had killed Liam. Grace then kidnapped Jay, and attempted to gas him in her car. Glenn ended up saving Jay, who threatened Glenn into giving him 25% of his profits.

After Courtney Campbell delivered Jay impure drugs, Jay threatened Jesse Donovan. When Jay spotted Grace talking to D.S. Roxy Cassidy, he almost shot her, but Grace told Jay that Glenn had been emotionally abusing her and she wanted revenge on him. After hijacking an ATM van and driving it into the middle of a field with Glenn, Jay pulled a gun on Glenn. As he was about to pull the trigger, he was fatally shot by Liam Donovan. Liam and Glenn put Jay's body into the ATM van before setting it alight.

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