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Jason Roscoe
First Appearance
23 May 2013
Last Appearance
28 March 2016
Pizza Delivery Boy
Police Officer
Rick Spencer (Father)(Deceased)
Sandy Roscoe (Mother)
Fraser Black (Step-Father)(Deceased)
Darren Osborne (Half-Brother)
Joe Roscoe (Half-Brother)(Deceased)
Freddie Roscoe (Half-Brother)
Ziggy Roscoe (Half-Brother)(Deceased)
Robbie Roscoe (Twin-Brother)
JJ Roscoe (Nephew)
Lexi Roscoe (Niece)
Oscar Osborne (Nephew)
Charlie Dean (Adoptive Nephew)
Gabriel McQueen (Nephew)(Deceased)
Holly Cunningham (m. 2015, d. 2015)
Portrayed by
Former Home
Current Home
South Africa

Jason Roscoe is a former student, now a police officer. He is portrayed by Alfie Browne-Sykes.

Characterisation Edit

Intelligent, sensitive and firmly rooted, Jason Roscoe is possibly the most pleasant of the Roscoe clan. He's the quiet in a house of hectic noise. Don't mistake him for a wimp though. Jason won't let his brothers - or anyone - push him around, and has a quieter, less showy strength.

Arrival Edit

Jason arrives when seen standing outside Price Slice which had been recently robbed by brother Robbie Roscoe. Darren Osborne sees him and mistakes him for Robbie, and starts yelling at him. Later, Ziggy, Robbie, Jason, Joe and Freddie walk into The Dog, where Darren works, and threaten him. Sandy Roscoe walks in, and everyone calms down.

Love Interests Edit

Throughout the series, Jason has only had his eyes on one girl: Holly Cunningham. Their first meeting occurs on May 24, 2013, where Jason is awe-stricken by Holly (Played by Amanda Clapham). The two later meet at the Roscoe's housewarming party, but to as Jason tries to get to know Holly she stares off, looking at his older brother, Ziggy. In a later episode, August 20, 2013, Jason and Holly go on a date. Later on in the series Holly goes out drinking with Jason's twin brother Robbie who later invites Jason to come and 'party' with them. Jason shows up and is frustrated with how Holly is acting, he storms off with a concerned but drunken Holly watching. The episode on November 27, 2013 features Holly and Jason's first kiss, which is the start of their on and off again relationship.

Body Image Edit

Jason struggle's with his body image, as he compares himself to his older more macho looking brothers. He goes to extreme lengths such as abusing steroids, starving himself, and over exercising.

Marriage to Holly Cunningham Edit

Holly messages Robbie, asking if she's marrying the right brother. Robbie ignores the text. On the day of her wedding, Cleo reveals she can't come to the wedding but wishes her all the best. When Cindy speaks with Jason, telling him that he should be fine, and will be a great husband, Cindy then finds Holly's phone, with the message to Robbie. Cindy tells Holly that she should marry Jason after everything he's been through. Robbie tells Freddie that he's going to stop the wedding, Freddie tells him he can't and traps him in the garage. Just before Holly and Cindy walk into The Bean, Robbie tells Holly she should marry him. Cindy tells Robbie to go away, Jason walks out, and tells Robbie to get changed. Holly and Jason get married, meanwhile, Alfie, Jade and [[Nico Blake find Doctor S'Avage's laptop which was put into the river, they find a recording of Robbie telling Holly he loves her. He sends it to Jason, Jason realises who Holly's affair is. And runs off.

The next day, Jason is lured from his room by Holly, his disgraced wife, when she refuses to answer whether she 'loves' Robbie, Jason packs his bags with the intention to leave, but, Robbie stands in his way and encourages his brother into hitting him as a way to reduce tensions between the brothers, but Freddie intervenes and pushes Robbie out of the way only to have the punch land on himself, as a consequence Freddie gets a concussion and gets taken to hospital and learns the identity of the Gloved Hand Killer. Then he kisses Mercedes Mcqueen and leaves without saying goodbye to her

Departure Edit

Months later, Jason finds out about Robbie and Holly. Jason ends up taking steroids again. At Easter 2016, Robbie and Jason leave to live in South Africa.

Intro Edit

Jason had two introduction shots.

2013-14: Jason stands with Robbie & Sandy with a turquoise background onlooking the three.

2014-16: Similar to the previous shot except without Sandy.

Gallery Edit