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Jason Cunliffe is the ex-husband of Geri Hudson.


Jason was a footballer who lived the high life, and always got what he wanted. He met Geri Hudson, who instantly fell in love with Jason (or rather, his status).

Geri and Jason got engaged, however, he would often have regular affairs with his book publisher, Alyson Turner. He also made a pass at Geri's friend, Izzy Cornwell, but Izzy rejected him and told Geri what happened. Jason admitted what he had done but still the foolish Geri forgave him, ignoring Izzy's protests.

Eventually, Geri saw Jason's true colours when he had a night party in his mansion, despite his agent, Dion, telling Jason to recover from his injury. During the night, Jason’s team-mate, Scott Anderson, attempted to rape Geri and Jason failed to do anything about it. Realising that Jason treated her like a 'trophy', Geri delivered an ultimatum - marry her and give her £1,000,000 in the divorce, or she will reveal all to the press. After getting married, Geri threw Jason out of the car, leaving him to realise that she was, in fact, going to take him for every penny he was worth after what he had put her through.

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