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James "Jambo" Bolton is the son of Janice and Derek Bolton.


Jambo was an individualist, putting his unique stamp on anything that came his way, from his formula for salty vinegar and his devotion to Margaret the cow. Jambo had a penchant for climbing through windows, yet, as he argued, "Why walk round to the door when the window is right in front of you?". Jambo was good friends with Kurt Benson and Tony Hutchinson and, whilst they were often confused by his odd behaviour, the three formed a strong bond, providing one another with support and, very often, humour needed to get through their rather tumultuous lives. He helped Kurt with his vengeance against Rob Hawthorne, who was responsible for the death of Kurt's girlfriend, Natasha Andersen, by having Rob delivered to drug dealers whom he stole from. Jambo also met and fell for Dawn Cunningham, and the pair began a relationship. Jambo and Dawn were also the only attendees to Kurt's wedding to Ruth Osborne. Jambo supported Dawn through her leukemia diagnosis and proposed to her on a boat ride, but was left distraught when she died minutes after the pair got engaged.

Jambo certainly left the female population of Hollyoaks with a memory they would cherish, when he was the unwilling stripper at Jude Cunningham’s opening night at the Parkers. Jambo finally bid farewell to Hollyoaks to begin a new life in Anglesey in 1998 but made one final visit to Hollyoaks to put flowers on Dawn Cunningham’s grave and vowed never to return. Jambo reappeared when the gang went to a trip to Anglesey to visit him.

At Christmas 2004, Jambo reappeared as a vision to Tony Hutchinson in a unique take on A Christmas Carol. Tony later confirmed that it was just as vision, not a ghost, and that he had contacted Jambo in Wales who was very much alive.

Jambo hasn't been seen since, although in October 2007, Tina McQueen threw a surprise birthday party for her brother-in-law Tony. She invited all the people in his address book, including Jambo. Tony later told Izzy he had known about the party all along because Jambo had sent him a text saying, "Thanks for the invitation to your birthday party, Tony, sorry I can't make it." Jambo was also unable to make it to Tony and Diane O'Connor's wedding, nor Harry Thompson's eighteenth birthday party in 2015.

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