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Jake Johnathan Dean is the son of Johnno Dean and Frankie Osborne, the brother of Debbie and Craig Dean, and Steph Roach, the half-brother of Brian Bloom and Presley Dean, the foster half-brother of Barry Newton, the adoptive half-brother of Tom Cunningham and Jade Albright, the widow of Becca Dean, the ex-husband of Nancy Osborne, and the adoptive father of Charlie Dean.

Jake is the typical older and overprotective big brother he usually took on the "man of the house" role when ever his father Johnno wasn't around this was more notable in Jake throughout Steph's epilepsy ordeal in 2003 and in late 2004 after his father walked out on Jake and his family. By 2004, Jake was paired with Becca Hayton and the two would later marry by 2005 and after its revealed she had affair with Justin Burton. Jake was taking down a more darker path and his personality became erattic and controlling to those around him.

Jake developed a drinking problems as well as becoming more aggressive and even caused the death of another due to his actions by 2008, Jake had a complete break down and was section. Jake returns in 2009 and is on a redemption path seeing as he wasn't mentally dealing with his emotions in the past few years.


1982-2002: Backstory

Jake was seemingly the first born child to Frankie however he had an estranged older bother in Brian Bloom whom Frankie believed had died due to her mother and father telling her so. Jake was however the first child of Johnno Dean and Jake was joined by his younger siblings afterwards. His sisters Debbie and Steph and later on his younger brother Craig.

2002-2003: Arrival

Jake arrives with the rest of his family in November 2002 and Jake instantly befriends both Ben Davies and Dan Hunter. Jake catches the eye of the grieving Jodie Nash. Jake attempts to support Jodie when her brother dies but she plays him against Max Cunningham. Jake along with Dan end up doing a strip dance in The Loft. Jake also has a brief stand off with Laura Burns whom steals money from him by the end of the year. Jake also starts a relationship with Jodie.

By 2003, Jake begins working for gangster Scott Anderson as a bouncer at The Loft after impressing Scott when Jake breaks up a fight between two punters. Jake is later left worried for his younger sister Steph when shes attacked and left for dead but develops epilepsy Jake pushes detective Will Davies to track down whose responsible especially when the police link Stephs attack to be by The Serial Killer. When his family goes into money issues, Jake finds a stash of cash that belongs to Scott but lies too Scott by telling him he won the lottery. When Ben gets married to Izzy Cornwell, Jake bonds with Becca Hayton to the point the two end up kissing each other.

2004-2006: Relationship & Marriage to Becca Hayton

After sharing the kiss with Becca and after Jodie's departure Jake finally becomes the boyfriend of Becca in early 2004 an throughout the year their relationship goes from strength to strength. Jake and Becca support Jake's sister Debbie throughout her fighting for Dan's freedom while he was wrongly inside for the murder of Toby Mills and by November 2004. Jake is supported by Becca when his father Johnno walks out on his mother Frankie after a affair this gives Jake the strength to support his youngest siblings in Steph and Craig. Jake is devastated at the death of one of his best friends in Dan in December 2004 this leads Jake's sister Debbie to depart.

A month after Dan's death and Debbie's departure in January 2005. Jake struggles to come to terms with Dan's death but Becca seems to busy for him to open up this leads Jake to open up too as well as support Dan's youngest sister in Lisa Hunter and the two end up sleeping together Jake then embarks on a affair with Lisa and things become more awkward when Jake's friend Ben starts dating Lisa himself as well as Becca being more supportive of Jake despite this the two carry on sleeping together until they arr caught by Lisa's friend Zara Morgan. The truth however eventually comes out and it results in Ben punching Jake as well as his relationship coming to an end however Jake reconciled his relationship with Becca and the two plan to marry. Jake is happy when Frankie ends up in a happy relationship with Jack Osborne after she moved into The Dog. However Jake isn't best pleased when he discovers that his due to have a double wedding with his mother and Jack.

By July 2005, Jake is nervous too meet Becca's parents in Charles and Margaret Hayton and also meets Becca's younger sister in Nancy Hayton. In the same month Johnno makes a return briefly in a attempt to make peace he speaks with Jake before he departs again being forgiven by all but Steph. Jake marries Becca by August 2005 and is pleased when Debbie briefly show up for the ceremony. Jake however unaware that Becca herself has embarked on a affair with her student Justin Burton. Jake thinks his marriage is seemingly going well but is unaware that she is visiting Justin in prison for the supposed murder of Stephen Mackintosh whom was in fact killed by Ali Taylor.

2006: Affair Reveal, Killing Diane Valentine & Becca's Imprisonment

For nearly the best part of a year Jake is happy with his life although a few minor clashes with his wife Becca however nothing too unusual for Jake to suspect that shes sleeping with Justin but by May 2006 after Nancy finds out and forces Becca to come clean Jake is left confused by his apologetic wife but Jake's confusion turns to anger when Becca tells him shes been having a affair for months this leads Jake to attack Becca despite Nancy's attempts to stop him. Jake then forces Becca to reveal who she has been sleeping with she eventually tells Jake that its Justin and already built up on extreme anger Jake barges into the Burton family home where a 21st party for Justin's twin sisters Mel and Sophie is being held. Jake punches Justin and proceeds to viciously beat up Justin and reveals the affair to the whole party Jake is then ordered to leave by Justin's mother Liz. Later Jake is arrested for beating up Justin however no further charges are made.

After the affair reveal Jaks moves into The Dog with his family but temporarily spirals out of control when he starts to drink alcohol throughout his days. Jake even barges into Becca's home with Justin inside and takes Becca's mattress and sets it alight in the middle of the street. After some harsh words from his family as well as Jack to book his ideas up and stop acting erratically Jake decides to focus more on his gardening and begins to try and slowly build his life back up and move on from Becca but in July 2006. Jake runs over Diane Valentine in his van while briefly takes his eyes off the road while speeding and in a fit of panic and realising his likely killed Diane, Jake flees from the seen devastated by what his done. Diane's eldest son Calvin Valentine discovers his mother is dead in the middle of the road confirming Jake had killed her. Jake hides the fact he killed Diane to himself for a few days but after his family Frankie and Craig mainly pick up on Jake's odd behaviour they put it down to his break up with Becca but are shocked when Jake breaks down and confesses to killing Diane. This leads Frankie to take Jake to confess to the Valentine's and this devastated the family after Jake hand handed himself to the Police but was released on bail and this leads to Diane's youngest son Sonny punching Jake and goes to attack his with a brick but is stopped by Calvin.

Jake struggles with his guilt but finds solace in Diane's daughter Sasha Valentine this angers Calvin when he discovers Sasha had been speaking with Jake and sympathizes with Jake. Jake is confronted by Calvin who accuses Jake of manipulating her when Jake tries to tell Calvin his got it wrong Calvin punches Jake and beats him up but is stop by his father Leo Valentine. The next day Jake's trail takes place and Jake prepares to spend the next five years or so in prison but he is shocked when his only given a two-year probation and a ban on his driving for some time this delights the Dean's but devastates the Valentine's and this lead to the two families clashing. After the trail Jake attempts to move on with his life but the guilt still looms over him and again begins to heavily drink alcohol. In September 2006. Jake is trapped in the flames upstairs in The Dog in the Pond Explosion which was caused by Sam Owen. Jake is surprisingly saved by Calvin whom puts aside that Jake killed his mother and saved him. Jake then thanks Calvin afterwards. And is shocked at the five deaths that took place afterwards.

After the explosion Jake along with his family are left temporarily homeless and temporarily lives with the McQueen family and Jake also goes on a date with Carmel McQueen but they only go on one date due to Jake clashing with Becca and Justin during the date. Jake is happy when his sister Debbie makes a return by November 2006 for the new pub opening which Jake moves back into with his family afterwards. Jake later discovers that Becca and Justin have split due to Becca ending her relationship with Justin. Jake supports Becca throughout her pregnancy too as it's a possibility that the child could be his and he grows closer with Becca again and clashes with Justin from time to time. Jake is forious when Justin lies to the police by telling them Becca had groomed him Jake along with Nancy as well as Nancy's boyfriend Foz do they're best to try and get Justin to change his statement. However, as the trial approaches Jake takes it on himself to get Justin to tell the truth and kidnaps him telling him he will let him go after the trail date passes however Justin manages to escape and knocks out Jake with his chair in the process. The next day Becca's trial gets underway and Jake does his best to help her however Becca is sentenced anyways and later gives birth to her baby boy Charlie whom Jake looks after while Becca is in prison. Jake then visits Becca from time to time too. Jake later agrees to do a paternity test in order too see if he is in fact Charlie's father and not Justin.

2007-2008: Becca's Death, Charlie's Leukaemia & Darker Personality Emerges

Jake continues to support Becca into 2007 as well as looking after Charlie long with Nancy. Jake eventually receives the results from the paternity test however Jake is left shaken along with Nancy when they receive news by February 2007 that Becca has been stabbed by her cellmate Fran Hathaway. Jake along with Nancy stand by Becca's bed as shes dying although the two are unware that shes dying until Becca goes into cardiac arrest and is unable to be revived. Jake along with Nancy are left completely heartbroken and two weeks later Becca's funeral takes place and Jake plans revenge on Justin and prepares to kill Justin by stabbing but at first Jake decides to confront Justin and things become heated and the two men grabble which is later broken up by Calvin who Justin has been living with. Jake tells Calvin it's nothing to do with him but in the mist of the thrashed house due to Jake and Justin somewhat fight is a broken picture of Diane this leads Calvin to punch Jake breaking Jake's nose afterwards Jake decides to let Justin live with his guilt instead.

After Becca's funeral Jake continues to grow closer with Nancy as the two support each other through their respective griefs. Eventually Jake ends up sleeping with Nancy and ends up moving in with her. Jake then starts a relationship with Nancy but the two hit a few minor issues such as their relationship not being accepted by both Jake's family as well as Nancy's as well as having their friends not being in full support later Nancy temporarily ends the relationship when Justin tells her that he lied about Becca however Jake manages to persuade Nancy to give their relationship a proper go. Jake and Nancy's relationship seems to be going steady but Jake's controlling behaviour became more apparent over time it starts with the snall things such as the way Nancy is dressed or has her makeup. Jake later on in the year shows his homophobic side when he expesses his disgust towards the thought of Craig sleeping with John Paul McQueen and by December 2007, Jake joins Gilly Roach in order to run suspected peadophile Simon Crosby out of town however Max tells Jake it's a miss understanding this leads Jake and Max to fight but its stopped when the Police arrive.

Jake starts to posses jealousy towards his ne Foster brother Newt's friendship with Nancy as Jake becomes more jealous over time he begins to believe that Nancy is having a affair with. Jake later calls the police on Nancy since shes Newts teacher and this leads her to be arrested but is released after Newt tells the police it's all lies and there is nothing between them this leads Jake to attack Newt and break up with Nancy. Jake wants Nancy to want him leads him to break into her flat and purposely burst the water pipe. Jake is later taken back by Nancy and now instead of using remarks about Nancy's dress sense and hair Jake tells Nancy how to dress and even makes her dye her own hair to just one colour. Jake being fully in control of Nancy later proposes to her with the very ring he proposed to Becca years back and is delighted when Nancy accepts.

By January 2008, Jake is left in a fit of panic when Charlie is rushed to hospital and is devastated when Charlie is diagnosed with Leukaemia. Jake along with Nancy beg the doctors un order to see if they are able to give Charlie a bone marrow transplant. Jake then has a test along with Nancy but Jake's tests come back negative as it turns out his not in fact Charlie's biological father as he lied about the test results and biting his tongue Jake later accepts Justin's help. Temporarily away from Charlie's tragic Illness Jake books the wedding on Valentine's Day but the day before attacks and throws out his friend as well as best man Russ Owen when he questions Jake about his choice to marry Nancy. Jake later marries Nancy but when everyone leaves and it's just him and Nancy, Jake comes onto Nancy strong as his about to rape Nancy despite her pleas but Steph walks in before Jake can go any further. Jake tries to blackmail and manipulate Nancy when she opts to leave him the next day but this does not work and Jake later out of spite stops Nancy from seeing Charlie. Jake is told she will go to the police about the attempted rape as a bargaining chip but this does not seem to work.

Jake is confident that he will win the custody of Charlie as Nancy will never be taken seriously over the way she dresses this is overheard by Justin who agrees to help Nancy get custody of Charlie. By March 2008 the walls start to close in on Jake and he starts to realise now with Justin's help that Nancy will likely will get custody. Jake attempts suicide along with Charlie when he gases out his car but Charlie is saved by Nancy who actually leaves Jake to die and as she goes to call a ambulance Jake intervenes escaping the gassed out car without Nancy realising and Jake tries to tane Charlie but Nancy manages to stop him when she knocks unconscious before escaping. Jake awakens and approaches his mother for money she gives Jake the money in order for Jake to flee to France but as Jake is about to go on the run the Police arrive and Jake is arrested but instead of going to prison. Jake is taken away to a mental institution. Warren Fox preys on Jake's mental state when in a bid to get his fiancée Louise Summers out of prison for the murder of Sean Kennedy whom was actually murdered by Warren himself. Warren pays Darren Osborne to plant Sean's wallet in Jake's room in The Dog as well as getting Justin to convince Jake to take the fall for Sean's murder. The Police arrive at The Dog and find Sean's wallet and Jake agrees to take the fall now set up but willingly takes the fall Jake is charged for Sean's murder and Louise is then released. The truth about all this is exposed in May 2009.

2009-2010: Return, Relationship with Lorreta & Departure

Jake returns well over a year later in October 2009 and he is seen still in recovery in the mental institution he was detained in. Jake is thanet visited by Frankie who as Jake kept in contact with his mother since being sectioned. Jake tells his mother that he would like to see his youngest sister Steph as she had not visited Jake once since he was detained but Frankie tells Jake that Steph is in mourning over the death of her best friend Sarah Barnes but Steph refuses to go to see Jake anyways as shes still angry at what he did to Nancy and Nancy herself visits Jake when she is notified Jake is due to be released Nancy is cold towards Jake and Jake is in agreement with the way Nancy is towards him as well as agreeing with Nancy that he doesn't want to be released despite this Jake is released but put on bail for his attempt to kill Charlie back in March 2008 however by November 2010 the charges are dropped.

Jake is not so welcomed by Nancy when he returns to the village but his family welcome him back and Jake continues to be good friends with Malachy Fisher who ends up getting Jake a job at The Loft as a bouncer again after seven years leaving that job behind. Its soon revealed that one of Nancy's best friends Hannah Ashworth once wrote to Jake while he was away this upsets Nancy. Jake is also shocked when he believed Hannah was the one writing to him however Loretta Jones tells Jake that she written all but one this strangely leads Jake to grow close with Loretta and they end up kissing but Jake isn't pleased when Loretta sneaks Charlie to meet Jake as Jake isn't allowed anyway near Charlie however nothing comes from it. Jake then decides he will enter a relationship with Loretta but secretly but when Charlie goes missing Jake is the prime suspect being accused by Nancy and suspected by Lorretta however Charlie is found by students Anita Roy and Ricky Campbell finding aaay in a shed.

Jake and Lorreta decide to take their relationship to the next level by moving in with one another despite Steph telling both of them that they are moving their relationship way too fast. Jake goes missing and Lorreta thinks his left her for another woman but its revealed that Jake has in fact been kidnapped by his nurse Caroline whom looked after him during his time in the mental institution. Jake is tracked down by Lorretta and Jake and Lorreta are held captive by a armed Catoline with a syringe but Jake watches on as Lorreta fights of Caroline and ends up stabbing Caroline none fatally with the syringe after this encounter Lorreta ends her relationship with Jake as she suspected Jake having a affair with Caroline. Jake is later accused of taking Holly Cunningham when she goes missing. Jake is accused by Cindy Cunningham when she sees Jake with an injured Holly but Jake tried to catch Holly to bring her home as he found her in a hide out as she fled with the help of Spencer Gray. Jake clashes with Calvin again in May 2010 and is seen acting suspicious o the night of Calvin's murder and Lorreta returns wanting to give Jake another chance but notices his acting strange.

Like what Jake did to Nancy. Jake began to be controlled by Lorretta who was constantly jealous of Jake around other women and Jake would be belittled by Lorretta on his dress sense and appearance in general. Jake later discovers that Lorreta's ex-boyfriend Adam has an injunction out on Lorreta as she would not leave him along this leads Jake to become dejected of his relationship with Loretta but Jake is temporarily taken away from them thoughts when he discovers that Steph has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and helps her in her early diagnosis but Jake is left disgusted after his told and discovers that Lorreta lied about having Leukaemia. Jake throws out Lorreta after this and Lorreta later manipulates Frankie and Steph into thinking Jake is being aggressive towards her however they are just lies to get back at Jake. However the truth is later discovered when Adam tells Nancy about Lorreta's controlling and staking behaviour this leads to Jake talking too Nancy and Lorreta to hold Nancy hostage but Nancy manages to escape. Jake is happy when Lorreta is detained very much like himself two years ago. Jake apologises to how he treat Nancy during that time too and Nancy forgives him and later Jake is later accepted back into his family by Frankie and Steph and later in by August 2010. Jake decides to leave Hollyoaks with Zak Ramsey and Kris Fisher to London in an effort to help Zoe Carpenter organise a party for an extremely rich person.

In November 2010, Steph dies as result of a fire started by Dominic Reilly however Jake does not attend the funeral as he simply cannot face saying goodbye to Steph. Jake is mentioned by Nancy in 2014 after her attack to Finn O'Connor when she tells both Darren and John Paul that she will never forget the feeling of no power she had when Hake attacked her and it was very much the same against Finn and in November 2017 Jake is told by his niece Esther Bloom that Frankie had tragically died after a stroke. Jake was said like Debbie due to attend the funeral of Frankie but they both had miss their respective flights and this devastates Jack as none of Frankie's remaining children have will not be attending their mothers funeral.

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Kill Count


  1. Diane Valentine, 20th July 2006 (vehicular manslaughter) - Hit and run then left to die by Jake in his fit of panic.

Attempted Murders

  1. Justin Burton, February 2007 - Prepares to stab Justin as revenge for Justin getting Becca put in prison which led to her death. Jake was biding his time through the whole confrontation but was interrupted and stopped by Calvin Valentine.
  2. Charlie Dean, March 2008 - Attempts to kill himself and Charlie in a murder-suicide when he gases out his car but is interrupted by Nancy Hayton.

Background Infomation

  • Ben Gerrard, who would play Cameron Clark, originally auditioned for the role of Jake Dean, but lost out to Kevin Sacre.
  • Max Brown also originally auditioned for the role of Jake, which resulted in him being offered the role of Kristian Hargreaves.
  • On 11th April 2008, Kevin Sacre announced his departure on the Hollyoaks website, and confirming he has filmed his final scenes, When quizzed over his decision, Sacre said, "I have been here since I was 24 and I turned 30 in March. I decided that once I turned 30 I'd go and explore other avenues. We have a lot of good actors on the show and it's good to see them go on to do great things because people are always saying that Hollyoaks actors are rubbish, which is so unfair and untrue. I'd love to go and do something and people say 'oh look there's Kev, he's doing well and he's one of our lot."
  • In July 2009, It was reported by entertainment website Digital Spy that Kevin Sacre had agreed to return to Hollyoaks briefly later on in the year, The Channel 4 official website confirmed the characters return in October.On the character's arrival, he appeared to have changed and his mental health had improved greatly. This led to the announcement of his release.
  • In 2010, the character was axed by producer Paul Marquess.

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