Jacqueline Bernadette "Jacqui" McQueen (Previously Malota and Ashworth) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Claire Cooper. She debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 26 September 2006 and was introduced by series producer Bryan Kirkwood as part of the McQueen family.

Characterisation Edit

Jacqui has been portrayed as a "tough ex-con" and is extremely feisty, she often takes on the matriarch role within her family. She is also described as loyal and is one of a few characters to remain faithful within a relationship in the serial itself.

Biography Edit

Arrival Edit

Jacqui arrives home on a tag after being released from prison and hoards money for gangster Davey but Carmel McQueen steals the money to buy breast implants. Mercedes McQueen finds the money to repay Davey but there is still not enough so Jacqui promises to do him a favour one day and he leaves, happy.

Relationship with Tony, Friendship with Becca & Forced Marriage to Aleksander Edit

Jacqui meets divorcé Tony and an attraction igniting, they have sex. Tony goes away on holiday and starts a relationship with Jacqui on his return. Jacqui violates her prison tag after staying at Tony's house overnight so she is sent back to prison. Sadly, Tony is forced to dump her because he cannot handle the pressure. Jacqui befriends Becca Dean but Becca is killed by another prisoner and Jacqui is devastated. Jacqui decides to make something of herself, not wanting to waste her life and is reunited with Tony and Davey returns with the favour. He forces Jacqui to marry Aleksander Malota. Jacqui and Aleksander manage to convince an immigration officer that their romance is genuine and they are married but Jacqui continues her affair with Tony secretly. The family uncover the truth about the marriage when Carmel and Alek's affair is revealed. Jacqui admits she married Alek to pay off her debt to Davey and is seeing Tony. Myra McQueen is furious and orders Jacqui, Alek and Carmel to leave the house.

Pregnancy & Miscarriage Edit

Jacqui announces her pregnancy; Tony initially doesn't want the child, fearing that it may die like his previous child and their dreams are shattered when Jacqui miscarries and is left unable to have children of her own. Tony attacks Alek violently as he blames Alek as he cannot grieve for his baby publicly. Tony announces to the people in The Dog that the baby was his, not Alek's and Jacqui asks Alek to return to Albania so she can live her life and he agrees. Carmel is shocked to discover Alek is leaving, leaving Carmel devastated. Depressed, Jacqui returns to her old habit of shop lifting, so Neville Ashworth gets her locked up for the night.

Adoption Plans, Breakup and Reconciliation with Tony Surrogacy Edit

Jacqui accuses Myra of being a bad mother and suggests it would have been better if Myra had aborted her. Jacqui and Tony reconcile again. Jacqui plans to adopt because of her criminal record. Tony discovers he has a secret child called Harry. Jacqui forces Tony to make a choice: Harry or her. Tony chooses Harry and she ends their relationship and leaves. An intoxicated Tony and Mercedes betray Jacqui by sleeping together. Jacqui fails to resist Tony again and they restart their on-off relationship. She then changes her surname back to McQueen from Malota and Mercedes reveals that she is pregnant and Jacqui asks Mercedes to let her and Tony raise the baby, unaware it's Tony's baby but Mercedes has an abortion, infuriating Jacqui so Myra offers to be her surrogate but she refuses. Jacqui's sister Tina sees how desperate she is for a child and offers to be the surrogate, leaving Jacqui and Tony ecstatic about having a future child. At Tina's scan, Tina's pregnancy paternity results uncover Russ Owen is the baby's father, not her boyfriend and Jacqui convinces her to keep quiet. Niall Rafferty attacks Tina upon discovering she is considering adoption. Tina gives birth to a boy, Max McQueen naming him after Max Cunningham and then has to have an emergency hysterectomy. Tina then decides to keep Max.

Abducted by Niall, Discovering Tony and Mercedes' one-night-stand & Revenge Edit

Niall holds all the McQueens' hostage in a church and when Myra arrives, she soon learns that Niall is her son. Niall says Myra has to choose two children to die and Jacqui tells Mercedes that she cannot watch her die so Mercedes reveals her night of passion with Tony. Myra comes to a tough decision and chooses Jacqui and Carmel to die. Jacqui is devastated and Niall detonates the explosives and blows up the church and Tina dies. Jacqui confronts Mercedes and Tony, only to learn that the baby Mercedes aborted, was in fact Tony's. This pushes her over the edge. She takes Max from Michaela and refuses to forgive Tony, Mercedes or Myra. Jacqui begins to spend Tony's money and does anything to hurt him, even by sleeping with Mark Gascoyne. Jacqui and Tony separate and she realises she needs to forgive Myra. Jacqui's cousin Theresa McQueen arrives and has sex with Tony. Jacqui attacks Tony and reports him to the police, but Theresa later retracts her statement.

Max's Departure, Looking for Max, Relationship with Des & Naked Photo's Leaked Edit

Russ becomes angry with Jacqui for trying to stop him from seeing Max. Russ later runs off with Max abroad. Carmel confesses to Jacqui that she let Russ walk away with Max. Jacqui is angry and goes to see Tony, who agrees to pay for a private investigator to help find Max. Jacqui leaves for France in order to find Max, but is unsuccessful. She starts a relationship with Des Townsend but confesses her love to Tony days before his wedding, Tony rejects her. A photographer publishes naked pictures of her after a drunken photoshoot. Jacqui and Des' relationship is strained by Jacqui's naked pictures leaking, her lies and stealing from the school canteen.

Discovering Mercedes and Calvin's affair, Framing Gaz for Calvin's murder & Declining Des' proposal Edit

Mercedes tells Jacqui she is having an affair with Calvin. Jacqui confronts him and steals a gun from Lauren Valentine. Theresa finds the gun and shoots Calvin. Jacqui decides to cover for Theresa. Jacqui tries to frame Gaz Bennett, but Kyle Ryder is later charged with the murder. Shortly after Des proposes to her, Jacqui discovers that he was a racist from Michaela's boyfriend Zak Ramsey. Consequently, for Des, Jacqui declines his proposal and he leaves the village after being arrested alongside his sister Rose.

Relationship with Rhys and Danny, Rape Ordeal & Meeting her father Edit

Jacqui, along with Rhys Ashworth then gets a new job at Chez Chez, a new bar that is owned by Cheryl Brady and her brother Brendan Brady. Jacqui and Rhys unknowingly meet on an internet dating website and fall for each other. Horrified when they find out, they kiss. Jacqui's cousin Bart McQueen moves into the McQueen household and causes a rift when he steals money from her. This causes Jacqui to move in with Rhys. Jacqui meets gangster Danny Houston and they begin dating despite her feelings for Rhys. She cheats on Danny with Rhys, leaving Danny furious. Jacqui tells Rhys they need to keep their affair secret. However she ends their relationship as Jacqui catches Cheryl and Rhys having sex. Revengefully, Jacqui gets intoxicated and beds Gilly Roach. She later tells Rhys that Gilly has sexually assaulted her, reports him to the police and he is charged.

Jacqui and Mercedes' father, William Alexander, arrives in the village and asks for a kidney transplant. Jacqui refuses and before learning that Theresa is also her half-sister. He leaves shamed when they discover the kidney is needed for his other daughter Emily Alexander. William returns for the trial and she opens up to him. At the trial, Gilly and Jacqui remember the same events very differently. The jury find Gilly not guilty. Rhys tells Jacqui that he believes her and they agree to get married. However realising she is not over her ordeal Jacqui goes to stay with her dad in Spain. Upon her return she agrees to donate a kidney to Emily. When they are not a correct match, Emily tells her they were only interested in her kidney. Jacqui and Rhys marry but their relationship is problematic because Jacqui does not want to be intimate. Jacqui cannot readjust to life in the village. She gets a job working in The Dog. After more arguments Rhys suggests they spend time apart. Jacqui then goes missing, but is later found safe. She goes to see a counsellor and she and Rhys begin to rebuild their relationship. Rhys and Jacqui find a dog which they keep and call Terry to help Jacqui get over her ordeal. Jacqui and Rhys finally consummate their marriage. Jacqui appears to be getting on with her life when Gilly returns to the village. When Rhys is continually aggressive towards Gilly, Jacqui moves back in with the McQueens. Jacqui moves back in with Rhys and they decide to move away from the village. Gilly admits that he raped Jacqui before he leaves the village. Jacqui and Rhys get a lodger Ally Gorman to help with the bills and she later clashes with Mercedes after she kisses Rhys.

Meeting Phoebe, Rhys' Death, Discovering Rhys' Affair & Trudy's Arrival Edit

Jacqui meets homeless teenager Phoebe Jackson and invites her to move into her flat. At Tony and Cindy Cunningham's wedding, a bus crashes in to the venue. Rhys becomes trapped under the debris and apologises to Jacqui as he dies in her arms. Jacqui returns home to discover Rhys had planned to leave her and had left a note, detailing his plans to leave her and his affair with a mystery woman. Jacqui becomes suspicious that Cindy was having an affair with Rhys. Jacqui confronts Cindy who is with Bart's pregnant girlfriend Sinead O'Connor. She accuses Cindy only for Sinead to confess to having a one-night-stand with Rhys. Jacqui confronts Sinead and realises Rhys is the father of her baby. She allows Sinead to keep the baby's paternity a secret when Bart proposes to her.

On Christmas Day at the McQueens, which Tony and Cindy have both been invited to, Jacqui discovers items belonging to Rhys in the closet, including his mobile phone, which her family had been hiding from her. She recharges Rhys' phone and discovers that it was Cindy he was having an affair with. A disgusted Jacqui attacks Cindy with a Santa statue, Cindy recovers in hospital and is persuaded by Tony to keep quiet about attack and say she slipped on the ice. Jacqui drags Cindy from Hospital to Rhys' grave and warns her to stay away.

Jacqui and Tony get back together until Cindy tells Jacqui that Tony knew about her affair with Rhys leading to Jacqui breaking up with Tony again. Jacqui's former cellmate Trudy Ryan arrives and starts causing trouble for Jacqui. Jacqui and Theresa become cleaners for Trudy when they need money but Trudy starts framing Jacqui for theft, planting stolen phones in her bag and paying a security guard to 'rape' Jacqui - With Trudy 'coming to her rescue' Just in time and makes a remark about what would have happened if she had actually been raped, to which Jacqui replies "I have". So Trudy then sits down with Jacqui and tells her she had also been raped by a friend. Both Trudy and Jacqui go back to Jacqui's and have a heart to heart. Though when Trudy leaves the McQueens' house after drinking with Jacqui, she smiles wickedly, implying that Trudy has lied. Phoebe also ends up being poisoned by dangerous Vodka of Trudy's. Jacqui and Tony finally get back together at Chez Chez's fancy dress party.

Departure Edit

When Mercedes gets held to ransom by Clare Devine and wants £200,000 Jacqui decides she must do whatever she can to help save her. She decides to sell a man, Trevor, an empty van supposing to have vodka in while she gets Nana McQueen to sell the actual vodka for £50,000 but this plan backfires when Phoebe decides to go with her – and find five illegal immigrants in the van. Jacqui lets them free but then has her life threatened by Trevor. Jacqui gets detained by police but it's Trudy they're after so Jacqui pretends to be her. But then Trudy gets arrested for human trafficking and leaves the village. With Trevor still after her, Jacqui realises she is no longer safe in Hollyoaks and must leave. But when she finds a stash of money in the loft at Trudy's office and Trevor walks in, Jacqui is visibly scared. As he advances she manages to knock him to the floor but isn't quick enough as he gets up and grabs her but Tony comes to the rescue by smashing a monitor over his head. As Jacqui and Tony escape with the money, She kicks an unconscious Trevor and legs it. As she says an emotional goodbye to Phoebe, she has a chat with John Paul and leaves the bag at the stairs for the family to find. As Tony finds Jacqui and tells her he has got Diane O'Connor pregnant Jacqui gets upset and tells Tony It's not going to be with her and makes him stick by Diane but Tony proposes to Jacqui who turns him down and gets in the taxi leaving Tony devastated.

On 26 April 2013, Mercedes goes to find Jacqui in Alicante where the two had visited when they were younger. Mercedes finds Jacqui working as a barmaid. At first Jacqui is not happy to see her but the two sit down and have a conversation. Mercedes admits that at first the kidnapping was a scam to get back at Paul Browning for supposedly cheating on her and apologises to Jacqui. At first Jacqui is furious at Mercedes for this and yells at her causing them both to start crying. After insulting Mercedes Jacqui forgives her and tells her that she loves her. Jacqui is last seen relaxing by the pool on a sun lounger drinking a cocktail with Mercedes whilst they talk and say their final goodbyes.

Aftermath Edit

In November and December 2014, Jacqui couldn't attend Carmel's funeral, and John-Paul and Ste wedding along with Michaela. In July 2015, Jacqui decides to not attend her adoptive daughter Phoebe's funeral, because she is unable to get a flight from Spain and was too upset. However, Jacqui sends flowers.

Background Information Edit

  • Jacqui has never had an affair in the serial, of her morality Cooper states: "It's all about family for Jacqui and she's never cheated on any of her sisters. She's got morals and this isn't good enough." Cooper has also spoke of her confusion of the audiences perception that Jacqui is "a bitch" when she has strong morals.
  • BBC America describe Jacqui as being the toughest of the McQueen sisters and comment on her thieving ways stating: "She began the McQueens' shoplifting tradition, teaching her younger siblings how to steal while their mother was at work and basically putting stolen goods in Michaela's hands from birth."

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Intro Edit

In the introduction sequence, Jacqui is surrounded by butterflies, and flicks them off her shoulder.

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