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Jack Osborne II is the son of Suzanne Ashworth and Darren Osborne, as well as the twin brother of Francine Osborne. Jack is named after his paternal grandfather, Jack Osborne. In January 2011, a heavily pregnant Suzanne returned to Hollyoaks from Spain to inform Darren of her pregnancy. Suzanne ended up going into labour inside Look Sharpe, and gave birth to a son and daughter. Darren's ex-girlfriend, Cindy Longford, offers Suzanne £100,000 to leave with the twins, but Suzanne initially refused. However, Suzanne later told Cindy that she would leave with the twins for £200,000, which Cindy agreed to and Suzanne took Jack and Francine back to Spain with her.

Suzanne returned to the village in 2012 for her son, Rhys's funeral, and told Darren that the twins have started talking, and offered to let him visit the twins, but Darren's wife, Nancy Osborne, declined on his behalf. Darren later visited the twins and Suzanne in Spain in February 2014.

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