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Jack William Osborne is the son of Aggie Osborne, the brother of Kenneth Osborne, the half-brother of Billy Brodie, the widow of Jill and Frankie Osborne, the ex-husband of Celia Osborne and Darcy Wilde, the father of Ruth Osborne, Darren Osborne and Bethany Johnson, the foster father of Barry Newton, the adoptive father of Tom Cunningham and Jade Albright, the grandfather of Jack Osborne II, and Francine and Oscar Osborne, the adoptive grandfather of Steph Cunningham-Lomax and Darren Osborne Jr., the foster grandfather of Brooke Hathaway, and the foster great-grandfather of Thierry Hathaway.

Jack married his first wife, Celia, in 1997, with whom he had two children: Ruth and Darren. However, Jack was unfaithful several times throughout the marriage; in 1983, Sandy Roscoe fell pregnant by Jack and gave birth to Darren (who Celia and Jack raised as if Celia was his biological mother), and in 1997 Jack learned that his affair with Ruth's friend Dawn Cunningham resulted in the birth of a daughter. After Dawn's sister Jude revealed the affair, Celia took Darren, divorced Jack and moved to the United States. However, Darren ended up returning two years later.

Merely a few months later, Jack hired Jill Patrick as barmaid at The Dog in the Pond, the public house which he owned. Jack began a relationship with a widowed Jill, causing clashes between the families. Things did not get better between the families until Jill was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2000, to which Jack cared for her children after her passing.

Jack married his third wife, Frankie, in August 2005. Frankie's husband Johnno had left her for a younger woman whom he had impregnated. Their marriage lasted twelve years, surviving several marital issues including Jack faking his death for the life insurance money, and Frankie being unfaithful. The pair also fostered several children and adopted orphaned Tom Cunningham until Frankie's death from a stroke in November 2017.

Following Frankie's death, Jack has been rather unsuccessful in love, with a failed marriage to gold digger Darcy Wilde in which she attempted to kill him for his money, and a relationship with Breda McQueen in which she was revealed to have been a serial killer. Having retired from the police force in 1996 and no longer running The Dog in the Pond, Jack now lives with son Darren and his family, and works at The Hutch, a restaurant co-owned by Darren.

As of today Jack is the second longest serving male character in the show being only behind Tony Hutchinson.


1953-1996: Backstory

Jack was born in November 1953 to Aggie Osborne and being the younger brother of Billy Brodie both Jack and Billy grew up in a stable home but at the age of 10 Jack was forced to kick young Callum Alexander repeatedly which would ultimately kill him later on Jack would tell police that it was Billy which resulted in Billy being sent to prison. Jack then later opts to join the Police force at the age of 18.

By the 1980s, Jack meets a woman named Sandy and the two would later begin a relationship but Sandy would fall pregnant and leave the baby boy they had with Jack before moving on the baby was originally named "Mark Roscoe" but Jack changed the baby boys name to Darren Osborne.

1996-2005: Early Years in Hollyoaks

Jack makes his arrival in aid of a new life when he arrives in Hollyoaks village in November 1996 with his then wife Celia Osborne and son Darren Osborne. Jack and his family decide to buy the pub known as The Dog in the Pond off Celia's brother, Greg Andersen after the tragic death of his daughter Natasha Andersen. As well as meeting up with barmaid and Jack's daughter Ruth Osborne. Jack is shocked when its revealed that his the biological father of Bethany Johnson as Jack slept with a 16-year Dawn Cunningham years back. It emerges that his estranged daughter needs a kidney and Jack discovers his a match and donates a kidney to his daughter. Jack starts to be blackmailed by Jude Cunningham whom is the sister of Dawn and later exposes Jack's serect in a pub full of punters and where his family are. Jack does his best to explain the history between him and Dawn but Celie departs anyway by taking herself and Darren to live in America.

By 1997, Jack meets Jill Patrick and her children, Kate, Gina and Sol Patrick. Jack and Jill grow closer when Jack offers them a place to stay and the two eventually start a relationship with one another and Jack ends up asking Jill to marry him which she accepts however both sets of children seem to have entered a feud which often caused Jack and Jill to argue from time to time despite this however Jack and Jill still end up marrying one another. Jack is left heartbroken when its revealed that Jill is dying from a brain tumour and by October 2000, Jack is heartbroken when Jill passes away and supports her children throughout the ordeal. He waves goodbye to both Gina and Sol in 2001 and eventually ends up being a shoulder to cry on for his own daughter Ruth throughout her difficult relationship with Lewis Richardson as well as his death.

Later in 2001, Jack has a brief relationship with Jacqui Hudson however Jack is told by Jacqui that they cannot be in a relationship as Jack is not yet over Jill. In 2002, Jack allows both Izzy Cornwell and serial killer, Toby Mills (although unknown at the time) rent the two empty rooms in The Dog. Jack also brief dates Izzy's mother, Patty Cornwell. In December 2002, Jack allows the Dean family to spe d Christmas at The Dog. In 2003, Jack is joined by his estranged niece Natalie Osborne and is delighted when Darren returns. Jack is not best pleased when Darren makes an enemy out of Scott Anderson through the first half of 2004 and by early 2005, Jack takes a disliking towards Darren's new girlfriend at the time in Louise Summers.

2005-2017: Marriage to Frankie & Family Issues

By April 2005, Jack gives the Dean's a place to stay with Frankie, Steph and Craig Dean joining him and Darren in The Dog, Jack and Frankie bond for some weeks and eventually Steph and Craig set up a date for Jack and Frankie and Jack begins a relationship with Frankie after many weeks of bonding. Jack decides to ask Frankie to marry him when her marriage to her ex-husband Johnno Dean comes to an end and is delighted when Frankie accepts his proposal and Jack along with Frankie decide to get married in a double wedding with Frankie's older son Jake Dean and Becca Hayton and in August 2005. Jack marries Frankie and is congratulated by Frankie's eldest daughter, Debbie Dean when she briefly returns for the wedding.

In 2006, Jack has to put up with the lies of Craig's then girlfriend, Darlene Taylor about both Jack and Darren have bothe made moves on her however after Jack speaks with Liz Burton it's clear Darlene had been lying. Jack also finds himself constantly getting in between both Darren and Craig when the had a brief feud at the start of the year. Jack is later seen supporting more of the Deans woes when he finds himself letting Jake move in The Dog when his marriage to Becca is put to an end due to her affair with teenager Justin Burton. In July 2006, Jack is shocked to learn that Jake killed Diane Valentine in a hit and run but stands by Jake which leads Jack along with Frankie to clash with the Valentine family. In August 2006, Jack discovers Frankie is pregnant with his child this causes Jack to faint however Jack is devastated when Frankie miscarries. Jack along with the villagers are devastated when The Dog explodes thanks to a revengeful Sam Owen in September 2006 however Jack would later enlist Debbie and reopen the new Dog in November 2006 after he and The Dean's briefly lived with the McQueen family.

2007 arrives for Jack and Frankie and Jack finds himself in the middle of more drama's such as Jake's relationship with Becca's younger sister, Nancy Hayton as well as supporting him when Becca dies. Jack then supports and helps Frankie adopt and the two decide to adopt a teenager named Newt. Jack is devastated when Darren develops a gambling addiction and gambles his half of The Dog in December 2007 to local gangster, Warren Fox. Jack is shocked when Warren arrives to take his share so much so it leads to him having a heart attack. Jack spends Christmas that year in Hostpital.

After months of clashing with Warren, Jack finally strikes a deal with Warren in February 2008 for a reasonable price however after Jack and Frankie are kept hostage by Warren's associates Carl and Anthony and it leads to Darren being shot, Jack is pleased when Warren signs back over his share. However Jack enters a number of money issues and later decides to kill himself in order for Frankie and the rest of his family to claim his life insurance but before Jack can go through with the deed his stopped in his tracks by Darren and after discovering the body of Eamon Fisher both Jack and Darren decide that Jack should fake his death by claiming that Eamon is Jack. Jack agrees and this leaves Frankie and many of his loved ones shocked and heartbroken at his supposed death and his supposed funeral takes place in August 2008 with his daughter Ruth making a brief return for it. Jack is later found by Fra kie and seeing that Jack is in too deep they decide to move away too Spain but its revealed by October 2008 that Jack put away Martin Brownlow in prison which is where he was killed. Jack discovers that Martin was the biological father of Niall Rafferty who punches Jack after revealing who he is Jack along with Tony and Dominic Reilly track down Niall at a church which he explodes killing Tina Reilly. Not long after both Jack and Darren are arrested for fraud and are both sentenced to a prison stint and while Jack is in prison The Dog is sold to the Ashworth family.

Jack returns when his released in February 2009 and is welcomed back when his family throw him a welcome home party later on Jack decides to visit both of Eamon's sons in Kris and Malachy Fisher as a way of apologising to them when they tell Jack that Darren only offered them a drink this infuriates Jack and he kicks Darren out. In May 2009, Jack is again left forious with Darren when he discovered that he was payed £100,000 by Warren to plant evidence on Jake linking him to the murder of Sean Kennedy whom was in fact murdered by Warren himself and this causes a further drift in Jack and Darren's relationship. By October 2009, Jack supports Newt whom has relapsed in his schizophrenia and welcomes back Jake in his family home when he returns in November 2009.

By 2010, Jack and Darren grow closer and Jack is happy when Darren helps get him a job at The Dog. Jack also supports a devastated Frankie when Steph is diagnosed with cervical cancer and Jack along with his family are heart broken when Steph is killed in a fire started by Dominic in November 2010 a month later in December 2010, Jack along with now lodger and family friend Duncan Button and Duncan's best friend Ricky Campbell find the deceased body of the recently murdered India Longford whom was murdered by seriel killer Silas Blissett.

2011 arrives and Jack much to his surprise becomes a grandfather when Darren becomes a father to the twins Francine and Jack Osborne Jr. born to Suzanne Ashworth, Jack jr. bening named after Jack himself. Jack is surprised to learn that Frankie has a long lost granddaughter in Esther Bloom and at first does not see eye to eye with Esther however the two eventually get along. Jack also allows Duncan's sister, Ruby Button to also live with The Osborne's. In December 2011. Jack buys back The Dog when the Costello family bar Riley depart the village he and his family soon move in.

In 2012, Jack plans a surprise wedding with Darren to Nancy and is delighted when they marry. Later on Jack yet again becomes a grandfather when Darren's wife, Nancy gives birth to a baby boy they name Oscar Osborne by November 2012, Jack along with Frankie and Tom attend the double wedding of Tony and Cindy and Ste Hay and Doug Carter but sadly the wedding ends in disaster when a mini bus crashes into the venue and results in four people being killed however Jack along with Frankie and Tom surrive the encounter. After the disaster Jack supports his son and Nancy when they discover that Oscar is deaf.

2013 arrives and Jack and his family seemed settled in The Dog but the year starts with more than a few dramas. Jack finds himself horrified when he discovers Ruby had been bulling Esther and is devastated when Estber attempts to take her own life however after a few weeks of falling outs the Osborne's make up with Ruby when she and Esther become friends again. Jack is left briefly worried when Charlie goes missing however thanks to the help of Seamus Brady, Charlie is found safe and well. In May 2013, Jack is shocked when he discovers that Sandy Roscoe along with her family have moved to the village. Jack isn't best pleased to see Sandy and for a few months it remained a mystery why until September 2013, Sandy revelas that she's Darren's estranged mother. Jack afterwards is disowned by Darren for hiding the truth from him however the rekindle their father and son relationship when Darren is nearly killed in an explosion in October 2013. Jack is later shocked when he discovers that Darrrn's new girlfriend Sienna Blake has been lying to Darren for months as well as keeping Tom hostage. In December 2013, Jack is left devastated when he discovers that Frankie has slept with Ziggy Roscoe.

In 2014, Jack decides to forgive Frankie but struggles with his own needs he later attempts to pay prostitute Sinead O'Connor for sex however he cannot go through with it but Jack is caught by Freddie Roscoe whom punches Jack however after Jack and Sinead telling Freddie it's all a miss understanding Freddie agrees not to tell Frankie. Jack is also later shocked when Esther agrees to become a surrogate for local gangsters Trevor Royle and Grace Black but after originally being surprised and Frankie falling out with Esther bothe Jack and Frankie eventually accept Esther's choice being the surrogacy.

For the much of 2015, Jack is supporting Estyer throughout her pregnancy along with Frankie and when she eventually gives birth to a baby boy whom Esther names, Curtis however Jack finds himself having to support Esther's decision wanting to keep the baby this lead to Jack and Frankie clashing with Trevor and Grace which leads to a car chase and car crash with Esther. Jack along with Frankie later accept Esther's choice again to give full custody to Trevor and Grace. Also in 2015, Jack meets back up with his young apprentice in Ben Bradley and Jack is pleased when Ben tells him he inspired him to be the copper he is today Jack also supports Ben threw the death of Ben's daughter Carly Bradley.

when Warren returns from prison after well over four years in 2016 both Jack and Frankie are horrified to learn Warren is back so much so they both throw a hate campaign into getting Warren ran out of the village however more Frankie as she knew Warren was behind the fire that ultimately killed Steph. While by himself Jack is threaten by Warren to get Frankie to back off and its revealed that Warren knows Jack's estranged older brother, Billy Brodie and that he knows Jack's serect after Warren threatens to expose that serect Jack tells Frankie to back off with the campaign in which she does so and by September 2016, Jack goes to visit Billy in prison where its revealed that Jack had killed a young boy and put the blame of Billy this leads Jack and his family to be targeted by Billy's daughter Eva Falco so much so Jack and the rest of his family stage a disappearance but return in December 2016 flash backs reveal what went down that day of Jack killing someone as well as Jack coming clean to his family this leads Eva to attempt to shoot Jack but accidentally shoot Esther in the head instead leaving Esther comatose.

In January 2017, Jack attempts to help Eva's boyfriend, Liam Donovan into fleeing after she shot Esther however despite Jack's and Liam's best efforts Eva is later murdered by Grace as revenge for shooting Esther. Jack is devastated to discover his niece is dead but his Marriage to Frankie is put on hold when he and Frankie break up for sometime after Jack's killer reveal. Jack is shocked when he discovers Frankiebhas slept with conman Diego De La Cruz. However, after a few months Jack and Frankie decide to reconcile but slowly build back up their relationship and by October 2017, Jack isn't best pleased when Johnno shows up in a bid to get Frankie to tour with him this leaves Frankie to either choose Jack or Johnno. Jack is eventually chosen as Frankie's choice in early November 2017 however Jack is heartbroken when he discovers Frankie has died via a stroke that went into cardiac arrest after being told over the phone by Diane Hutchinson while Jack was in Hostpital due to an explosion at Hollyoaks High School. Jack is left devastated by Frankie's death and organises the funeral his envisions Frankie in the Hostpital after his attacked by Mac Nightingale whom cause the explosion. Jack was devastated when none if Frankie's living children, Jake, Debbie and Craig all could not make the funeral Jack eventually says his emotional goodbye to Frankie on the day of her funeral after being married to her for over 12 years.

2017-2020: Darcy's Scam & Relationship to Breda

After the death of Frankie, Jack attempts to move on with his life when he helps the villainous Darcy Wilde by giving her a place to stay. Jack and Darcy grow closer with one another however Jack is unaware that Darcy is in fact is wanting to kill Jack so she can get his money this is made obvious as soon as Jack and Darcy enter a relationship and end up getting engaged. Despite Esthers pleas Jack is about to marry Darcy by April 2018 however Jack is unaware that Darcy has poisoned his drink in a bid to kill however Dracy has a sudden change of heart however Esther has drunken the drink which Hostpitalizes her Jack believes Esther when Darcy flees the village with help of local gangster, Glenn Donovan. Also in 2018, Jack isn't best pleased with Darren when his affair with Mandy Richardson is revealed causing Nacy to break up with Darren.

By 2019, Jack enters a relationship with Breda McQueen and is unaware that Breda is a serial killer. Jack unknowingly finds himself in danger with Breda when she discovers that Jack killed someone years ago however unaware that Jack was a child himself however when Jack opens up to Breda about what happen aye realises that Jack himself was only a child. Later on Jack and Breda become engaged by in January 2020, Jack is devastated when Breda is finally outed as a serial killer and further so when Breda is killed in self defence by her own adoptive son in Sylver McQueen. Trying to get his head around Breda being a serial as well as coming to terms with her death, Jack temporarily leaves the village.

2020-2022: Teen & Family Drama's

Jack returns a few months later after his getaway and is unware that Darren has been battling depression and after the death of Kyle Kelly. Jack is shocked when Darren comes clean and Jack offers him to get help with his support. Jack is also unaware that grandchildren in Charlie and Ella have been embroiled into selling drugs for county lines boss, Victor Brothers. Jack along with the rest of his family discover the truth by December 2020 when Charlie seemingly killed Jordan Price however it would later revealed to be Ella was the one whom killed Jordan. Jack supports Darren and Nancy over their worries of Charlie into 2021 and when the truth outs that Ella is the killer and Mandy kept the truth from Darren and Nancy everyone seemingly turned their back on Mandy however Jack seemed to understand Mandy as a parent and told both Darren and Nancy to forgive her. Ella is later arrest but after a few months shes released from a young offenders.

Jack finds himself having to help Darren make his mind up by who he chooses to be with out of Mandy and Nancy. Jack is later left worried for Darren when Darren is nearly killed when The Loft sign falls on Darren which was tampered by Fergus Collins. After this Jack tells Darrennhe needs to hurry and make a decision. Darren the eventually opts for Nancy by December 2021, Jack is left puzzled when Darren seemingly leaves Nancy however both unaware that Darren has been kidnapped by Ethan Williams under the orders of his girlfriend Maya Harkwell whom wants Darren dead. Jack is the first to find out Darren was kidnapped when Darren manages to escape and tell Jack which leads Ethan to his home paying g Darren to leave Jack orders him to take to the money and leave, Jack later flees with Darren and Nancy with Charlie later on but is shocked to learn Ella is pregnant with Chalies child. In January 2022 a brief romance between Jack and Marnie Nightingale is teased however tragically Marnie is killed during the Salon de Thé de Marnie Explosion. Jack is left saddened by Marnie's death.

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  1. Callum Alexander, 31st December 1968 - Beaten to death by Jack who was being egged on by his older brother, Billy Brodie.

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