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Jack William Osborne is the son of Aggie Osborne, the brother of Kenneth Osborne, the half-brother of Billy Brodie, the ex-husband of Celia Osborne, Jill Patrick, Frankie Dean and Darcy Wilde, and the father of Ruth, Darren Osborne and Bethany Cunningham.


Murder and AffairsEdit

Jack's mother, Aggie, left her three children and husband when her children were only kids. Their father died on Christmas Eve. In 1968, Jack beat Callum Alexander to death. He also discovered that his girlfriend, Celia Moorcroft, was pregnant, and they married. In the 1980s, Jack became a police officer and arrested Martin Brownlow, who had gotten Myra McQueen pregnant. In 1982, Jack had an affair with Sandy Roscoe, which resulted in the birth of Darren (who was raised as Celia's son). He also had an affair with Dawn Cunningham, a friend of his daughter, Ruth's, in circa 1990.

Arrival & DivorceEdit

Jack arrived in Hollyoaks with his wife, Celia, and son, Darren, where Jack's daughter, Ruth was already residing. Jack purchased The Dog in the Pond from Greg Andersen.

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Kill countEdit


  1. Callum Alexander, 1968 - Beaten to death.


  • 2015-2016: Jack loses at a video game he plays on a sofa with Frankie, Esther and Charlie.
  • 2016-2017: He loses at a table football game he plays in a game room with Frankie, Esther and Charlie.
  • 2017-2018: He loses at a table football game he plays in a game room with Esther, Charlie and Oscar.
  • 2018-: He loses at a table football game he plays in a game room with Charlie and Oscar.

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