Imran Maalik is the son of Misbah and the late Kashif Maalik, as well as the brother of Farrah and Yasmine Maalik, and the half-brother of Sami Maalik. He made his first onscreen appearance on 22nd September 2017.


Near death experience and aftermathEdit

In January 2018, Imran is involved in a car crash involving the Maaliks and the Hutchinsons. A lorry rapidly approaches the Maalik's car and his mother Misbah is forced to choose whether to save Imran or his sister Yasmine. She chose Yasmine but Imran escapes in the nick of time, leading Imran to question his mother's decision to not save him and subsequently causes a fallout in their relationship.

In February 2018, Imran hits his mother for failing the family but later on apologies and is really upset about it. However, the abuse continues in May 2018 when Imran hurts her again - this time hospitalising her. He is consumed with guilt but Misbah begins to feel unsafe around her now abusive son.

Introduction SequenceEdit

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