The Hutchinson family are a family that have lived in the village since 1995.


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In the early years, Tony had many relationships: he was jilted at the altar by Julie Matthews, Tessie Thompson faked a pregnancy for his money, Ruth Osborne had a miscarriage, he engaged again with Julie and Izzy Cornwell at the same time, had an affair with Helen Cunningham...

Victoria Hutchinson, the mother of Tony, was also in Hollyoaks for a while, and during that time, she marries a friend of her son, Finn Finnigan. They divorce after Victoria discovered that he cheated on her.

Later, Tony supports Mandy Richardson when her abusive dad dies, and they start a relationship. Although affairs and a miscarriage happen, they marry and Mandy ends giving birth to Grace Hutchinson, who dies on May 2006 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This sad event causes the end of his marriage with Mandy.

In September 2005, Dom Reilly, cousin of Tony, arrives on Hollyoaks, only to discover that he is actually the half-brother of Tony. Dom starts a relationship with Tina McQueen, the half-sister of Jacqui McQueen, the new girlfriend of Tony. Dom ends with her when he finds out that Tina gots pregnant of Russ Owen, and later, he starts a new relation with Loretta Jones.

In October 2007, Tessie returns to the birthday of Tony, revealing the existence of the secret son of Tony and her, Harry Thompson. Jacqui gets jealous and Tony chooses Harry before her. They reconcile but Tony has sex with her sister Mercedes McQueen, and Jacqui ends with him.

Time later, Tony has sex with Theresa McQueen, who was fifteen years old. Jacqui accuses and chases him while Tony becomes paranoid, but at the end the charges are dropped when Theresa admits that she never told him her age. At the end, Tony decides to leave Hollyoaks with Mandy and her daughter Ella.

Later, Tony returns without Mandy and starts a complicated relationship with Cindy Cunningham. After diverse complications and Dom, Jacqui and Darren Osborne getting in the way, they marry but they divorce shortly after.

Mandy returns and she wants revenge against him (for leaving her abroad) with the help of her boyfriend Warren Fox. In November 2010, taking advantage of the lack of money from Dom, Warren blackmails him and forces him to cause a fire in the II Gnosh (Tony's restaurant). The fire accidentally kills Steph Roach and Malachy Fisher, and Dom goes to jail.

Tony begins a time to open some new businesses, and he returns with Cindy, but she has an affair with Rhys Ashworth. In November 2012, one of the most iconic moments happen in the second wedding of Tony and Cindy, where the bride is almost to escape with her lover, but a van driven by Maddie Morrison and some friends, crash into the building killing Rhys.

Tony divorces Cindy and restarts his relationship with Jacqui McQueen, but all ends when is discovered he has got Diane O'Connor pregnant with twins after a one-night-stand. Diane moves with him and although it's discover that Tony has cancer, he recovers.

In October 2013, Diane gives birth to Anthony and Rose, and the same time that Tegan Lomax gives birth to Dee Dee. The baby girls were switched in the hospital, and when Tony, Diane and Tegan realize it, they decide to maintain Dee Dee as Tony and Diane's daughter and Rose as Tegan's daughter.

Tony has a brief affair with his step-daughter, Sinead O'Connor, but Diane forgives him.

In 2015, Harry, the first son of Tony, arrives at Hollyoaks and it's discovered that he is homosexual. After having misunderstandings with John Paul McQueen, he starts an affair with Ste Hay, who at that point was in a relationship with Sinead O'Connor. They go through many problems, including Harry becoming the main suspect in the murder of Amy Barnes and going to prison, while Ste starts another relation with Ryan Knight, the real killer of Amy. At the end, Ryan it's discovered and Harry returns with Ste.

In 2018, Harry has an affair with James Nightingale, and Harry doesn't know who loves more. In October, in his wedding with Ste, his husband founds out the affair and rejects him, and when he goes with his lover James, he rejects him too, so Harry leaves Hollyoaks and off-screen, he has sex with a girl named Sadie Cressington. However, he returns in New Year to conquer James.

Also in 2018, Dee Dee contracts a dangerous disease and Tony is so devastated that he leaves for a few weeks. Later, Tony, Diane and Tegan decide to reveal to their kids the truth of the real maternity of Rose and Dee Dee. Soon after, Dee Dee recovers and Tegan dies in the storm of October.

James buys a new car to his boyfriend Harry, but one night, the car is stolen by Liam Donovan and Mercedes McQueen only to have fun. They have an accident and Grace Black is left paraplegic. Knowing that the car belongs to Harry, the police believes that he is the author, however, he can't say the truth because that night, he was meeting Sadie, who results to be pregnant of him.

James finds out the pregnancy, but thanks to his son Romeo Quinn, he supports his boyfriend. Now, Harry begs Sadie to give the police an alibi, but Liam offers money to maintain her silence. The girl leaves the village with her baby Isaac, and Harry decides to run away in order to not be imprisoned for a crime that he didn't commit.

In July 2019, Harry discovers the identity of the real authors, and moments after he changes his plan, Breda McQueen stabs him for abandoning his newborn son, as she is a serial killer that murders fathers that don't fulfill their responsabilities.

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