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Hunter McQueen is the twin brother of Prince McQueen, and the son of Goldie McQueen and Shane Sweeney.


2001-2016: Backstory[]

Hunter was born to teens Goldie McQueen and petty criminal Shane Sweeney alone with his brother Prince as the two are twins unknown to Hunter he and Prince where put into care weeks after their birth due to Goldie not being able to cope with motherhood but with the help of grandmother, Breda, Hunter along with Prince where returned to Goldie and she began to step up as a mother while their fathe Shane was in and out of the bots life due to either committing a crime or being in prison. Hunter from a young age discovers that he has a artistic side and begins to draw and graffiti from time to time throughout his childhood.

2016-2017: Arrival & Romance with Neeta Kaur[]

Hunter along with his twin brother, Prince arrives in Hollyoaks village to be with their mother, Goldie hunting for a place to stay and are giving a roof over their heads by their estranged great aunt, Myra McQueen. Weeks after Hunter's arrival. Hunter is forious when his criminal father, Shane Sweeney turns up on Hollyoaks but unlike his mother and Prince, Hunter is not pleased to see his father as he suspects that he will either bring trouble with him or end up back in prison some how this leads Hunter to tell his father to leave in which he does however unknown to him Shane has gone on the run from Warren Fox. However both Goldie and Prince are both angry with Hunter for telling Shane to leave the village.

Hunter has a heart to heart with his school teacher, Neeta Kaur over his family life and struggles after Neeta catches Hunter graffiting on School grounds. This bond leads Hunter to develop a huge crush on Neeta and he begins to draw her in a fantasy manner. Hunter finally confesses his feelings towards Neeta when she discovers the drawings and the two end up kissing and then sleep together but Hunter is told it was a mistake by Neeta since Neeta was drunk when bedding Hunter. Later Hunter plans to break up Neeta's romance with pub landlord, Mac Nightingale but is shocked when he sees how nasty Mac can be when Hunter witnesses Mac later threaten a drunkHarry Thompson outside The Dog in the Pond, Hunter attempts to use this to make Neeta finish with Mac however it does not work when Neeta refuses to believe him.

In July 2017, Hunter along with Prince and Tom Cunningham attend a holiday to Ibiza and when Hunter witnesses Brody Hudson flirt with Neeta he becomes jealous and ends up pushing Brody in a nearby swimming pool this angers Neeta and she has a go at Hunter for his jealous behaviour and even goes as far as to call him creepy which embarrasses Hunter after which he leaves the area. However Hunter forgives Neeta when she apologises to him but wants to know why she keeps fighting her real feelings against him as well as why shes staying with Mac, Hunter afterwards then confesses how much he loves Neeta later on the two sleep together again and the next day they still continue to see one another is private but are seen by Brody. This leads Hunter and Neeta's relationship to temporarily end.

Soon after Hunter is frustrated and is angry towards Neeta's relationship with Mac and becomes jealous of them so therefore Hjnter goes out his way to make Neeta jealous and he does so when he kisses Peri Lomax later on Hunter is surprised when Neeta confesses her love for him and later their relationship is exposed but Hunter is left frustrated when Neeta is forced to stay with Mac when he blackmails her with texts that he will send to the police if she leaves him. Hunter spends weeks trying to win back Neeta and clashes with Mac and Hunter is later beating up by Mac this leads Hunter to become scared of Mac and he tells Neeta that they can never be together. However some time passes and Hunter has a change of mind and wants to be with Neeta and decides to go and win her back but the school explodes which is caused by Mac and later when Hunter shouts he loves Neeta unaware that Mac has hold of her Neeta shouts it back and this angers Mac and he let's her go which kills Neeta.

Hunter is devastated by Neeta's death and blames Mac who he wants to get revenge on. By December 2017 a month after Neeta's death Hunter finds out that Mac punched Sally and attacked Jack Osborne this lead Hunter to later break in The Dog and look for Mac to kill him but is stop by both Prince and Sally who tell Hunter that Neeta would not want him to do it. Huntrr is pleased when Mac has locked in syndrome after being pushed out the window by his very own daughter Ellie Nightingale and is taken away to receive treatment.

2018: Attempt to Move on & Departure[]

2018 comes around and Hunter is still struggling with the last two month of Neeta's death and begins to suffer from panic attacks this goes on for months and after meeting his estranged uncle, Sylver McQueen and talks to Sylver, Hunter is encouraged by Sylver to visit Mac and face his fears and deal with Neeta's death. Later Hunter also discovers the body of Carl Costello which at first no one believes him. Hunter then visits Mac and tells Mac that he forgives him for everything he has out him through but Neeta never loved him this leads Mac to grab Hunter by the arm surprising Hunter who angrily tells him to do it again but is interrupted by Asha Kaur who reveals that shes Neeta's younger sister. This shocks Hunter who actually at first thought Asha was Neeta. And Hunter and Asha become close friends and begin to deal with Neeta's death together. Hunter then goes to stay in Brighton with Asha for some weeks away from the village.

Hunter later returns with Asha in September 2018 and is shocked to discover that Mac is making a full recovery but is in an electrical scooter this angers both Hunter and Asha. Hunter is later spiked by Mac and later on Hunter attempts to kill Mac by throwing off the bridge in the middle of the village but both Prince and Asha talk him round to not doing it unware it's a plan from Mac to make Hunter look bad. Hunter let's Mac go but Asha is left upset by his actions and breaks up with Hunter which devastates him however with the help of Mac's very own grandson Romeo Quinn, Hunter is able to track down Asha and convince her to give him another chance and Hunter is delighted when Asha agree to do so so at the start of October 2018. Both Hunter along with Asha depart Hollyoaks for good to live in Brighton. When Prince departs a year later in August 2019 its said that he had told both Hunter and Asha of Mac's death.

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Attempted Murders[]

  1. Mac Nightingale, 3rd October 2018 - Prepared to push him off a bridge, but was talked down by Asha Kaur and Prince McQueen.

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