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Doctor Honour Chen-Williams (previously Chen) is the wife of Dave Chen-Williams, the mother of Serena and Mason Chen-Williams, the step-mother of Maxine Minniver and Sam Chen-Williams, and the adoptive step-mother of Lizzie Chen-Williams.


2021-: Arrival[]

Honour meets Longmere Prison inmate Warren Fox.

Honour arrived in the village with her Chen-Williams family in December 2021, accepting a job as a psychologist at Longmere Prison. Honour's first job was with Warren Fox, an inmate accused of the murder of Timmy Simons. She convinced Warren to open up, resulting in him insisting that he did not kill Timmy but did murder his best friend. A panicked Warren attempted to backtrack, but Honour agreed to keep quiet. However, matters were complicated by a break-in at 4 Oakdale Drive, in which the session transcriptions were stolen.

In January 2022, Honour was left stunned to learn that Dave's long-lost daughter Maxine Minniver resided in the village. After being confronted by Warren, Honour learned that Dave had interacted with Maxine, but blackmailed Warren over his secret to prevent him from telling her and Dave's children. However, she told Dave that he should secretly get to know Maxine. After Honour's daughter Serena and Dave's daughter Lizzie caught Dave and Maxine together, they confronted Dave and learned the truth about Maxine. Serena's relationship with Honour was put under strain upon Honour's revelation that she already knew.

Honour and Liberty get competitive.

After seeing how hurt Dave was by being rejected by all of his children (aside from Mason), Honour made Lizzie and Serena see things from Dave's point of view. They, in turn, convinced Maxine to give Dave another chance, which she did. Dave and Honour then decided to make more friends within the village, but Honour in particular struggled to get along with couples Grace Black and Saul Reeves, and Damon Kinsella and Liberty Savage.



Address Duration
4 Oakdale Drive Since December 2021

Employment History[]

Job Duration
Forensic Psychologist Since prior to December 2021

Background Information[]

  • In November 2021, it was announced that Vera Chok had been cast as psychologist Honour. Her debut also appeared in the Winter trailer, which was posted several days before the announcement.

Introduction Sequence[]


The renowned Mr. Fox... looks like I've got my work cut out for me.
— First line.

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