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A to do list of things that need to be done on the wikia in order to remain consistent among all pages and ensure the site is up to its highest quality.

Character/Actor/Crew/Location pages

  1. Some character pages need creating.
  2. Most actor pages are missing.
  3. Most character pages are currently styled incorrectly as according to the Manual of Style.
  4. Most actor pages are styled incorrectly as according to the Manual of Style.
  5. Almost all the crew members have no pages created for them.
  6. Many residences are missing pages.
  7. Many businesses are missing pages.

Production pages

  1. Episode pages need to be created.
  2. Episode pages are missing content such as synopsises, plots, a proper cast list, infobox images, notes or proper categories.
  3. The spin-off pages need expanding and the mini-series need episodes created.


  1. Most big events from episodes (such as main character arrives, departures, deaths) are missing.


  1. Category pages need removing or creating.
  2. Images on Template:MainPage Current Characters need to be converted into icons/better pictures.
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