The manual of style poses as a guide as to how to stylise character pages, episode pages and other pages on this wikia. This allows consistency among all pages and keeps them looking neat, tidy and easily readable.

If you believe there should be a change in these rules somewhere, please do not hesitate to message Danielroxheaps, KevinSource or Dionhosseini801.

This page is currently incomplete and will be expanded.

Article titles

Character Pages

  • A character page's title must be the name they were most recently credited with. For example, Brendan Brady was credited as Brendan Brady despite his full name being Brendan Seamus Brady. If a character's name/surname changes, a redirect page should be created (which can be easily done by moving the page). For example, Ruth Osborne was credited as Ruth Benson at one point after marrying. Therefore, Ruth Benson is a redirect page. If you are writing a biography for a character for events in, for example, 1998, Ruth should be listed as Ruth Benson as that was the name she was credited with at the time.
  • If only a character's first name is known, their article name should include a pipelink - for example, Policeman (24th November 2014), Ashley (2003 character) or Doctor (John Wallace).

Page Layouts

Character pages

A character page should always begin with the tabs header. This can be added by adding this code in source editor (changing PAGENAME to the name of the article):


{{Tabs1|PAGENAME|Character Profile}}

{{Tabs2|PAGENAME (List of appearances)|List of appearances}}


The tabs section should be followed by the infobox, which is Infobox character in the menu. The infobox will automatically position itself to the right of the page, with the fields automatically sizing themselves (eg: The image will automatically resize itself). Images should be from episodes and not promotion images.
Nico Blake is preferred over Screenshot 20180428-144954, however if an episode image cannot be added we will allow you to add a promotion image for the time being.


You may be blocked if you are found responsible for submitting any changes which involve:

  • Removing images/content from pages unnecessarily.
  • Vandalism such as opinions, garbage or vulgar language.
  • Disrespect towards actors, crew members of Hollyoaks, other wikia users or administrators.
  • Renaming pages to things like "..." or "empty".

We reserve the right to block any users that disobey these rules, despite their edit count/history (however we may be more lenient with high and well contributed users)

Blocking terms are:

  • 1 week vandalism ban (first warning)
  • 1 month vandalism ban (second warning or major vandalisation)
  • Permanent ban (Creating other account/s to vandalise the site or third warning)
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