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This Manual of Style is intended to be a guide as to how to use the Hollyoaks Wiki for users intending to edit and/or comment on pages. If you are new to editing or unsure on how to use the editors, please refer to this page.

Please note: the administrators of this wiki reserve the right to amend these rules or formulate deviations to these rules, including on an exception basis, at any time and without consultation. It is important to note that not every rule may be listed, and in such events common sense should be regarded.

Appealing a Block

If you have been blocked on the Hollyoaks Wiki, a block reason should be given. If you cannot find your block reason, it appears blank, or you disagree with your reason, please contact an administrator.


Unlike Wikipedia, the Hollyoaks Wiki allows actors, producers, writers and directors who have been credited on-screen to create or contribute to their own pages. However, these pages must follow the same layouts as other actor/crew pages. Please message an administrator if you need any assistance.

  • For actor pages:
    • An infobox must be added/left on the page.
    • A headshot can be placed in the infobox; no other images on the page.
    • Page mustn't use any features not normally used, such as creation of tables, changing text style or other forms not commonly used.
    • The page can be as in-depth as one desires - whether it is simply the role played in Hollyoaks and other programmes the subject has appeared in, or a full article on the subject's life.
    • External (off-site) links are disallowed.
  • For crew pages:
    • An image of the subject can be added and must be placed on the right side of the page. This can be done by uploading the file, then adding "[[File:FILENAME.png/.jpg|thumb]]" (substituting FILENAME with the name of your file, and .png/.jpg with the file extension.
    • Page mustn't use any features not normally used, such as creation of tables, changing text style or other forms not commonly used.
    • The page can be as in-depth as one desires - whether it is simply the subject's role within Hollyoaks and other programmes the subject has worked with, or a full article on the subject's life.
    • External (off-site) links are disallowed.


  • This wiki uses the CC-BY-SA licence. You are free to use information on this wiki for any purpose (including commercially), provided that you attribute the source and distribute under the same licence.
  • The rights to any screenshots from episodes, videos (such as trailers and behind-the-scenes videos) or promotional images are owned by Lime Pictures.



  • Edits adding non-canon information will result in a block. This includes (but is not limited to) fake characters, fake relatives to existing characters, fake episodes and fake spin-offs.
  • Plagiarism is disallowed on this wiki. Please do not directly copy and paste information from other websites or media. Some pre-existing pages currently use information copied and pasted from Wikipedia - these are marked with the Wikipedia template and are currently being phased out.
  • Wikipedia is not to be used as a source for this wiki, as it very regularly contains inaccurate information and/or omits important information on Hollyoaks.
    • Pre-existing articles with content from Wikipedia are marked with the {{Wikipedia}} template and are currently being phased out.
    • New articles directly copying information from Wikipedia will be deleted.
    • IMDb is discouraged, especially for cast lists. These cast lists often contain issues, such as fake or background characters, incorrect credits, and misplacement of credits.


  • Images uploaded must be related to the Hollyoaks universe. If you would like to design your user page with non-Hollyoaks related images, please create your user page on a template on Community Central.
    • If you design your page with Hollyoaks images that do not appear on articles, please use the "User Images" category on the file page.
  • Images uploaded must not contain inappropriate content, such as nudity. However, this is on a case-by-case basis - for example, some episode pages contain images of gore. Please contact an administrator if you are uncertain as to whether your image is appropriate.


  • Spoilers are prohibited. If content has not appeared in an episode transmitted on Channel 4 or E4, please refrain from adding to pages until the spoiler content has been transmitted.
  • This wiki uses dates based on the Channel 4 transmission of episodes. The E4 transmission of Hollyoaks is a "first look" at an episode before it has been transmitted. All official documentation on the programme by Lime Pictures also reflects Channel 4 transmission dates.
  • Edit summaries are not required for the wiki. However, it is greatly encouraged that edit summaries are used to cite sources (for example, in which episode did you find a character's date of birth?).
  • Edits to pages should be from a neutral point of view. Articles should be free of opinion and simply state what has appeared on-screen.
  • Edits should not be disruptive. Defacing/destructing a page will result in an immediate block.
    • Page blankings are classed as vandalism. Due to repeated extreme vandalism activity, the Hollyoaks Wiki has an abuse filter enabled to prevent pages from being blanked. If you believe a page should be deleted, please add the "delete template" to the page. You can do so by writing {{delete}} at the top of the article.
  • Please do not engage in edit warring - which is the act of repeatedly reverting another user's edit to remove, replace or re-add information only for the other user to carry out the same act. This will likely result in the page being protected, and potentially user(s) involved receiving a block. If you feel that your edit is being unfairly reverted, please inform an administrator.
  • Sockpuppetry is disallowed outrightly, and may result in permanent editing blocks from all accounts used. If you feel that you have been unfairly blocked, please inform an administrator.
  • Off-site advertising is prohibited. Any off-site advertisements in article pages will result in a block.


  • This wiki does not use talk pages, and instead uses article comments. Article comments can be used to discuss anything from the article itself, to the topic of the article.
  • Please remain civil in conversation.
    • Flame wars may result in blocks being issued.
    • Insults to actors will result in a block, depending on the severity of the insult. Death threats will result in an infinite block.
  • Off-site advertising is prohibited. Any off-site advertising in discussion pages will be deleted and the user (if logged in) will receive a warning via the message wall. If this warning is ignored, then a block will be issued.

Article Editing


  • Please use British English when writing on the wiki. Hollyoaks is filmed and primarily broadcasted in England.
  • Character articles should contain information relating to the character only, and biographies should be written in-universe. Any information such as other roles an actor has played belongs on the actor's page.
  • Page names should be written as titles. Each word (with the obvious exemption of short words such as "in", "the", "of") should be capitalised.
  • Calendar dates are written as, for example, 23rd October 1995. 23/10/95, 10/23/95, 23 October 1995 and October 23, 1995 are not to be used.
  • Most pages should be written in past tense, as these events have already occurred - except in the instance of information that is true to present day (for example: Mercedes McQueen is the landlady of The Dog in the Pond.). An exception is episode pages, which should be written in present tense.
  • Italics should be used when writing the show Hollyoaks, but no italics should be used when writing about the eponymous village.


Character Pages

  • A character page is named with a character's first and last names. These must both be capitalised properly.
    • For a character who goes by a nickname and is credited as such, the character page is named to reflect this. For example, Newt's page is "Newt", and not Barry Newton.
    • For characters who have married, their page will be renamed based on the way they are credited. For example, Ste Hay's surname did not change when he married Harry Thompson so his page was not renamed, however Maxine Minniver took the surname of her husband Damon Kinsella and was credited as "Maxine Kinsella", therefore her page was renamed.
    • A bar for the character profile and associated list of appearances page should be placed at the top of the article - above the infobox.
    • The character profile should contain a photograph from the episode - not a promotional image. This image should feature only the target character. It would be most preferrable for the image to not feature the Channel 4 or E4 logos.
  • Recurring/guest character pages are treated differently to regular characters.
  • Step-family is not to be added to the infobox, however, half-siblings are and (half) should be included after listing the name.
  • Attempted murders should only be added to the infobox if there is intent. An attempted murder cannot be accidental.
    • A recurring/guest character's page should have no duration listed, and the list of appearances should be placed at the bottom of the page before the categories.
  • Trivia sections are not to be created. Any behind-the-scenes information on the character such as an actor leaving, or instances where a known actor auditions for the role but ends up casted in another role, belongs in "background information". Any information relating to the character such as inconsistencies with the date of birth belongs in "other information".

Episode Pages

  • Episodes of Hollyoaks are not titled. An episode page will be titled based on the episode number and Channel 4 transmission date. For example, the page for the first episode of Hollyoaks is titled Episode 1 (23rd October 1995)
    • A redirect page will also be created of the transmission date for ease of access. For example, 30th December 2020 will redirect to Episode 5498 (30th December 2020).
      • In the case that multiple episodes are aired on the same date, a disambiguation page with all episodes airing on that date will be created. For example, three episodes were transmitted on 28th December 1999.
  • Episode pages must use the episode infobox. All sections of the infobox should be filled, however there are exemptions in regards to the producers.
    • Hollyoaks interchangably uses "producer" and "series producer" in crediting their producers, hence why they both exist in infobox. If an episode has a series producer credited, than the producer section is to be left blank.
  • An article page must contain the following sections: synopsis, plot, cast, music. If one or more sections cannot be filled, please use the missing template which can be added by writing {{missing}} on its own line. In the case that there is no guest cast in an episode, please add "None" to the section in italics.
    • The plot section should be broken up into multiple paragraphs. This makes the plot easier to read.
    • If five or more characters are listed in the regular and/or guest cast sections, then the {{col}} and {{col|end}} templates should be used to divide the section into two columns.
    • The cast list should be written in the same order as seen on-screen (with exemptions, such as characters later given a surname such as Rae Wilson, or characters that would later become regular character such as Sid Sumner). Non-speaking background characters should not be credited.
    • Some episode pages contain a "notes" section. This is only to be added if there is a note to be added on the page. Notes can contain items such as first/last appearances of a character, dates for filming, viewing figures, or continuity errors/inconsistencies.