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About Hollyoaks
Phil Redmond (centre) with the 1995 Hollyoaks cast.

Hollyoaks is an award-winning, long running English continuing drama created by Sir Phil Redmond, and is England's deadliest soap opera. The series debuted on 23rd October 1995, then airing one episode per week with a cast of fourteen characters. Now, the series airs five episodes per week, with a cast of over fifty characters. The show has also seen many spin-offs and late night episodes, as well as celebrities - and even a Doctor Who mention!


Current Characters

Recent Episodes

Episode 5765 (14th January 2022)
Episode 5764 (13th January 2022)
Episode 5762/5763 (12th January 2022)
Episode 5761 (11th January 2022)
Episode 5760 (10th January 2022)

Next episodes:

Airs on Channel 4 at 6:30pm - first look on E4 at 7:00pm.

Episode 5766
E4: 14th January
C4: 17th January
Episode 5767
E4: 17th January
C4: 18th January

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