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Hollyoaks Later was a late-night spin-off series of Hollyoaks that aired between November 2008 and October 2013. The series aired a total of 6 seasons, and a combined total of 30 episodes.

In June 2014, it was announced that both Channel 4 and Lime Pictures had decided against renewing Hollyoaks Later for a seventh season. In January 2020, a one-off late night episode was marketed as "Hollyoaks Later", which set new milestones for E4.


Season 1[]

Season 1 Title Card

Niall Rafferty returns and follows Craig Dean, Steph and Tom Cunningham as they go on holiday to Scotland, with revenge on his mind. Meanwhile, Mercedes McQueen and Malachy Fisher marry. Also, Sarah Barnes and Zoe Carpenter realise their feelings for each other are mutual.

This season ran for a total of five hour long episodes episodes, airing between 24th November and 28th November 2008. It was produced by Lucy Allan, and reached viewing figures between 650,000 and 890,000.

Season 2[]

Season 2 Title Card

Rhys and Hannah Ashworth are tempted by love when they attend a music festival with Josh Ashworth, but their love interests aren't all as they seem. Meanwhile, Jacqui McQueen and Darren Osborne try to convince Tony Hutchinson and Cindy Cunningham not to get married, but Cindy gets a shock when her former best friend arrives. Also, Lydia's jealousy has fatal consequences, whilst Theresa and Michaela McQueen reach out to Theresa's mother for help.

This season ran for a total of five hour long episodes, airing between 28th September and 2nd October 2009. It was produced by Bryan Kirkwood, and reached viewing figures between 421,000 and 519,000 (226,000 and 338,000 on E4 +1).

Season 3[]

Season 3 Title Card

Nathan and Liam McAllister get revenge on Riley, Seth and Carl Costello. Jason Costello is threatened by Fern. Mercedes Fisher sabotages Malachy Fisher and Lynsey Nolan's relationship by claiming to have HIV from Malachy. Mitzeee Minniver decides to give lessons to Nancy Hayton and Theresa McQueen on how to become a WAG.

This season ran for a total of five hour long episodes, airing between 25th October and 29th October 2010. It was produced by Paul Marquess, and reached viewing figures between 309,000 and 553,000.

Season 4[]

Season 4 Title Card

Theresa becomes a target of Silas, but when Rae confides in the wrong person about her relationship problems, she becomes a victim. Riley has a stag do at an outdoor activities retreat with friends Doug, Warren and Animal, but they are involved in a white-water rafting accident. Mercedes and Myra have a hen night with Michaela and Jennifique in Ibiza, where Mercedes bumps into her first love. Ricky accompanies Duncan to a "fat camp" where Duncan plans to lose more than just weight...

This season ran for a total of five hour long episodes, airing between 5th September and 9th September 2011. It was produced by Claire Fryer, Tony Wood and Carolyn Reynolds and achieved viewing figures between 612,000 and 776,000.

Season 5[]

Season 5 Title Card

Brendan and Joel kidnap Joel's abusive step-father, Mick. Mick escapes after attacking Joel and also attacks Theresa, so Joel and Brendan hang Mick off the top of a lighthouse. However, when he falls supposedly to his death, they put him in the boot of the car. Simon ends up killing Mick to frame Brendan, so Brendan cuts Mick's corpse. Brendan visits his terminally ill grandmother, Flo, but when he discovers that she knew of his abuse at the hands of his father, he kills her. Whilst being transported from a psychiatric hospital, Mitzeee is handcuffed to Lauren, who manages to escape and forces Mitzeee to go with her. Bart, Jono and Neil travel to Amsterdam to meet Lola, whom Jono met through the internet.

This season ran for a total of five hour long episodes, airing between 17th September and 21st September 2012. It was produced by Jane Steventon, Tony Wood and Emma Smithwick.

Season 6[]

Season 6 Title Card

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