Hollyoaks High School is the local comprehensive high school, situated in Hollyoaks. A majority of the high school students residing in the village attend Hollyoaks High School.

In May 2005, Stephen Mackintosh caused an explosion in the chemistry lab. In 2006, teacher Becca Dean's relationship with student Justin Burton was discovered, resulting in her being sent to prison. In 2007, Pete Webster began sexually harassing Tina Reilly, and was fired. In November 2009, local school Abbey Hill was closed, and merged with Hollyoaks High School. In September 2011, the sixth form college was made into a separate school, but this change was reverted in 2013. In October 2017, Mac Nightingale caused an explosion which killed teacher Neeta Kaur. In 2019, Laurie Shelby began sexually harassing Sienna Blake, who reported him. Although the board believed Laurie, Sally St. Claire made clear to Sienna that she believed her. In May 2019, Sid falsely reported Imran Maalik for supposedly making threats of terrorism against the school. An investigation was held by Prevent, who concluded that the report was made maliciously and they had no reason to believe that Imran had any intention to harm anyone. In June 2019, on the school's prom night, Laurie attempted to rape his mother-in-law, Diane Hutchinson, who managed to escape onto the front upper floor balcony. Laurie caught up to her, but Sinead and Sienna did too. Sinead managed to get Laurie off Diane, but unintentionally threw him over the balcony.


Current staffEdit

Name Role
Sally St. Claire Headteacher
Nancy Osborne Deputy headteacher
English teacher
Courtney Campbell Science teacher
Sienna Blake Trainee teacher

Former staffEdit

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Current studentsEdit

Former studentsEdit

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Background informationEdit

  • The set used for the school is the set formerly used in Grange Hill, a drama revolving around a London comprehensive school, also created by Phil Redmond (the creator of Hollyoaks) which ran from 1978 to 2008.
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