Hollyoaks Community College is a college in Hollyoaks Village where teens attend after finishing going Hollyoaks Comprehensive and before going on to the world of work. It is the perennial haunt of many an over-eager fresher, aspiring young professional and full-time student wannabes.

Staff past and presentEdit


Name Role Notes
Carrie Owen Former tutor Left Hollyoaks with family
Kathy Barnes Former girls P.E tutor Also taught P.E. at Hollyoaks High School
Roger Kiddle Former physics lecturer Quit after his affair with Sarah Barnes was exposed
Adrian Kennedy Film studies lecturer Quit after offering sex to Zoe Carpenter
Fernando Fernandez Former Dance Tutor Quit to work with Steph Cunningham

Other StaffEdit

Name Role Notes
Louise Summers Former administrative assistant

SU Bar StaffEdit

Name Role Notes
Justin Burton Former Student Union Bar manager Fled Hollyoaks (2009)
Hannah Ashworth Former Student Union Bar bartender Fired (2009)
Charlotte Lau Part-time Student Union Bar bartender Also a student (2009-present)

Student body repsEdit

Name Role Notes
Hannah Ashworth Former entertainment officer and
Head of HCC entertainment committee
Sarah Barnes Former entertainment officer and Hannah's
Former deputy of HCC entertainment committee
Lee Hunter Former entertainment officer and
Former Head of HCC entertainment committee
Chris Fenwick Former entertainment officer and Lee's
former deputy of HCC entertainment committee

Students past and presentEdit

Current StudentsEdit

Name Duration Course
Hannah Ashworth 2008–2009 n/a
Josh Ashworth 2009– Music
Amy Barnes 2009– GCSE resits
Mike Barnes 2008– English literature
Elliot Bevan 2007– Science & Physics
Archie Carpenter 2008– Sport
Dave Colburn 2009– n/a
Kris Fisher 2006- n/a
Nancy Hayton 2008– n/a
Lydia Hart 2009 Music
Charlotte Lau 2009– Psychology
India Longford 2009– Mathematics
Michaela McQueen 2009– n/a
Hayley Ramsey 2009– n/a
Zak Ramsey 2009– Physical Education
Leila Roy 2008– Art & Philosophy
Sasha Valentine 2009– n/a

Texas longford        2010-        photography 

Past StudentsEdit

Name Duration Course
Sarah Barnes 2008–2009 Dance
Zoë Carpenter 2006–2009 Film Studies
Kris Fisher 2006-2009 n/a
Zak Ramsey 2006–2009 Sports science
John Paul McQueen 2008 Music
Beth Clement 2007–2008 n/a
Katy Fox 2007–2008 Law
Summer Shaw 2007–2008 Drama
Jessica Harris 2005–2008 Marketing & Advertising
Will Hackett 2006–2007 Pure mathematics
Sam Owen 2006 Sport
Sophie Burton 2003–2006 Beauty therapy
Mel Burton 2003–2006 Beauty therapy
Olivia Johnson 2005–2006 History
Joe Spencer 2003–2006 n/a
Dannii Carbone 2004–2006 n/a
Andy Holt 2005–2006 Sports
Jeremy Peterson 2005–2006 Games Design
Cameron Clark 2004–2006 Music
Zara Morgan 2004–2005 Art
Lee Hunter 2004–2005 Beauty therapy
David "Bombhead" Burke 2004–2005 n/a
Freddy Watson 2005–2006 English literature
Chris Fenwick 2005 n/a
Bella Manning 2004–2005 Fashion studies
Chloe Bruce 2000-2004 n/a
Matt Musgrove 2000-2003, 2004 n/a
Kristian Hargreaves 2002-2004 Molecular


Nick O'Connor 2001-2004 n/a
Robbie Flynn 2003-2004 Travel and Tourism
Laura Burns 2000-2002 n/a
Jamie Nash 2001-2002 n/a
Alex Bell 1999-2002 n/a