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Hollyoaks: The Morning After The Night Before was a spin-off of Hollyoaks that aired between 6th and 31st July 2009. The mini-series, funded by the Home office, focused on the issue of binge drinking.


Josh Ashworth meets Dave Colburn and attends a party with Dave and his friends, where they end up binge drinking and feel the negative effects afterwards.


Episode Air Date Summary
Episode 1 6th July 2009 Josh arrives in Manchester ready to party!
Episode 2 8th July 2009 Josh and Dave get straight back on the booze!
Episode 3 10th July 2009 The Caner Crew welcome their newest member, Gilly!
Episode 4 13th July 2009 Sasha joins the Crew!
Episode 5 15th July 2009 Sasha is upset with the crew for abandoning her in her hour of need, so to make up for this, they plan a "quiet night in".
Episode 6 17th July 2009 The gang start off having fun, but as day turns into night Josh's drunken fighting lands Gilly in big trouble...
Episode 7 20th July 2009 Gilly heads back to Hollyoaks, but Josh continues his wild antics.
Episode 8 22nd July 2009 After his doorman assault, finding a bar in Manchester that will let Josh in proves problematic, so in the end Josh and Sasha settle for a pint in a skanky dive.
Episode 9 24th July 2009 Rhys arrives in Manchester to try and persuade Josh to go back to Hollyoaks.
Episode 10 27th July 2009 Sasha's night out with Dave and Pippa ends in disaster as jealous Pippa ensures that Sasha is hauled away by the police!
Episode 11 29th July 2009 Sasha and Dave leave Pippa alone at a party.
Episode 12 31st July 2009 Sasha decides enough is enough and returns to Hollyoaks to face Josh. Dave learns some home truths.
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